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    Disclaimer: I have no claim on either of these folks. Unfortunately, someone else does.

    Rating: PG

    Pairing: Wesley/Fred


    It's a lie. It's a lie. She needs to be going. They'll need her in the alley, and there's nothing more she can do for him.

    "Wesley," she says again. "I'm sorry."

    Wesley takes a deep breath, re-creating the knife in the gouge it made between his ribs, and opens his eyes. "Go on," he says. "Don't take any more time. I'll be dead soon enough."

    She looks sad. She looks like mist. He didn't know Illyria could do that. "Oh, Wesley...don't you know by now?"

    "Please, more lies." It should be past time for that by now. Wherever he's going, he should be there.

    "No more lies," she agrees, but nothing changes. "They're good at lying, Wesley. I really honestly thought you'd know."

    "They?" He shouldn't be able to sit up, but he does.

    "The lawyers. Wolfram and Hart? In a way I guess I'm glad. I don't know what I'd be if that doctor had told y'all the truth. Maybe I'd be gone, but...maybe I'd be like Angelus, and I...I..." She hesitates. "He signed for us, Wesley. Did you forget? They didn't want you looking for me." The hand he reaches out to wipe her tears passes through her face. "It's orientation, and...I asked to be the one. Sometimes they let you have small things."

    "I'm...where you are." She nods. Small things. Perhaps that was one.
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