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  • Written Grading System

    This is worth reading - this is the "marking system" the Panel use to judge submissions for the Written. It is not entirely logical, troll or otherwise - response to a fic comes down to how the reader "feels" it, so fics are also graded on a "hotness" rating.

    Trainers are marked as examples.

    All fics are assigned the usual rating PG, PG-13, NC, NC-17 etc

    PEN (1 to 6) = quality of writing

    PLOT (6 to 1) = the more numbers, the more holes in the plotting, say 6, everything is falling apart, no plot to speak of, but '1' is sewn up tighter than Angelus's leather trousers. Plotting is crucial - 4, 5 or 6 and your fic would be very unlikely to go into the Written

    ZOOM = a short, intense piece of emotional and character focus. It may not have the PLOT marking, but is entirely convincing in "emotional plotting"

    MARY SUE = self-indulgence, noticeable for containing a character who is obviously the writer. We all like to "bask" in our fics, but this is a negative mark for the Written

    PRO = turned pro - may be intensely personal but writing with rocks in it as opposed to self-indulgence

    BUFFY = looks, smells and tastes like jossverse - has the authentic josshumor, dialogue and unravelling playful instability. That's really Buffy the Panel will say (hopefully)

    FLUFFY = for the "aw, that's sooo cute" lurking in all of us

    KNICKERS = heavy on unzipping and interlocking bodies. Yes, we may need ice after reading it, but it'll need PLOT/ZOOM and/or a high PEN rating as well

    CLIPBOARD = Challenges sacred cows of jossverse - spoof, slashy goodness, innovative plot/character arcs

    TEAR = major character death.

    BLOOD = above average (for jossverse) violence

    How the fic FEELS
    Grading = COOL, ROOM TEMP, WARM, HOTTIE. How closely does the fic touch us, does it involve us or leave us distanced. How am I feeling this? Gut reaction, feely. This is the wild card - if the fic is a HOTTIE, whatever the markings, it's a Written contender.
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