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A Wolf By Your Bed

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  • A Wolf By Your Bed

    A dream, probably based around the time of Phases.

    A Wolf By Your Bed

    Wake up, Buffy. Please just wake up?


    Everything around me is dark, and the dust is cloying. My arm goes out in front of me, reaching for the wall, letting the thick dust dirty my fingertips. I need to find my place?

    My other hand grips my stake tightly, a woodchip sticking into my hand. I shift it, holding it tighter, knuckles becoming whiter. I'm tense in the dark. I was always afraid of the dark, when I was little, and when I was little I always had that comfort, a safety wall. Now I'm the only safety wall, and everything falls against me? and now my knuckles are white.

    "Buffy? Buffy, come out here. Why are you hiding?"

    Oh, that voice. No, no, that voice? I just want to run to it, I want to show myself. I grip the stake, my other hand searching along the wall in the darkness. My eyes start to adjust, but I can barely see. Why aren't I adjusting? Why am I so scared? No? no, my breathing is becoming more ragged, beads of sweat begin to form? can my breath be heard? Can my? can my fear be felt?

    "Buffy? come out, dear."

    Stop, oh, please, stop.

    "Stop ? " I snap my mouth shut quickly, silencing the rest of my desperate cry. Why did I do that? Oh, I don't know what to do?

    "Buffy? Oh, darling, there you are. I can hear your voice."

    My grip tightens. I sink against the wall, the dust meshing with my hair, with my clothes, with everything in the darkness. Something touches my shoulder, slinking, shuddering, and I jerk away from it. No! A spider. Just a spider?

    What am I doing? Why am I here in the dark? Why do I have the stake?? Do I run? Do I fight? Am I going to kill?? What do I do when I see her?


    I start slightly, shocked out of my panicked questioning by the too-loud call. Oh God? God, she's coming for me. She's coming? I have to move!

    I slink back against the cobwebbed walls, afraid to move too fast or too much. The sharp point of my stake scrapes against the wall, the noise slight but all too noticeable. There has to be a way out. I can't stay here, I can't do this. I shouldn't have to do this, I should never have to do this. Trapped in my place, I scream out in my mind.

    Giles! You can't force me to do this! This is beyond your stupid call of duty, beyond my Slayer destiny! I already lost Angel, Giles, I can't do this anymore!

    The stake clatters to the ground. The sound is too loud. I can't move. No point anymore. It's over. With an animal roar, I hear her leap through the darkness towards me. I can barely make out her face, twisted with vampirical madness. Her beautiful hair is how it has always been, but looks sick framing that awful, ghastly face.

    "Angelus sends his regards, my love," Mom says.

    I scream.

    In my bed? I ? I'm not dead. Where is she? She could be coming for me, she ?

    "Buffy, dear? I heard screa ? "

    Lashing out with all the Slayer reflexes I possess, I reach for the stake next to my bed and jam it into her heart before she can bite me. I won't make that mistake again. I'm sorry? I'm sorry, Mommy. I can't live with you as a vampire.

    I crawl out of the bed to wait for her to dust. Blood pools beneath her as she lies on the floor. Did I? did I miss? Why isn't she dusting?


    She? she's not a vampire. I killed her. No! No? this can't be happening, I can't have done this, I?

    Wake up. Wake up. You must be dreaming, again, you must be dreaming. Wake up. I? no?

    I scream.