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We Are the Lost

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  • We Are the Lost

    Angel fic, set in/around Sacrifice

    We Are the Lost

    "We're lost," he said, forcing his way past Wesley to stand next to me. I turned to face him.

    "Good," I deflected, even though I knew this would bite us in the ass sometime, "the more lost we are, the less likely it is for Jasmine or her people to find us."

    "Yeah," Gunn replied, and I knew there was an argument attached, "or, being lost, we might just run straight into a bunch o' them."

    "Charles is right, you know," Fred stated, raising her little head. She looked so weak ? so fragile, with tear-stains drying from her eyes ? that I had to tell myself that she was brave. That she was still there.

    "Aren't we planning to fight this thing?" Wesley asked me, "wouldn't it be better to have some kind of plan, you know?" God, they were all ganging up on me. I didn't know what to do. I needed some kind of relief.

    "Lorne?" I asked sharply.

    Lorne looked at me and shrugged. "Hey, running suits me." Solid Lorne. Never as brave, and a decent support when you didn't want to be. "But I'd prefer not to run into them." But of course he'd still want to be as safe as he could.

    I looked around the sewer that enclosed us. It arched into a tunnel way, solid concrete and other stones turning black but still solid. The metal ladders and scraps were mostly rusting, depending on how new they were, and there was a fortunate lack of sewer in this area. A rat squeaked and crawled past us, running as fast as it could away from us giants.

    Exactly what I wanted to do.

    "Maybe we should go to Sunnydale," Fred quietly put in, "get Willow, and Buffy."

    "They've got problems of their own," I murmured.

    "As big as this?" Wesley asked, unbelievingly.

    "We'd never make it there, Wes," I parried, "it'd be far too easy for Jasmine to find us on the way."

    "So where do we go?" Gunn asked.

    ?How ?bout the moon?" Lorne retorted incredulously, "or somewhere over the freakin' rainbow?" We all stood silently at Lorne's comment, nothing to add to the conversation. Until Wesley looked at Lorne, then turned to me.

    "What about Pylea?" he asked. Both Fred and Lorne took steps backwards as Lorne shook his head.

    "What?" I asked. Something to take into consideration.

    "We could hide from Jasmine, get their warriors, do something about all this," Wesley said.

    "No!" Lorne burst out, "bad idea. What do you think the warriors of Pylea could do? Fall down and worship Jasmine? Or kill the humans she has going after them?"

    "And we can't be sure if they'll even help us," I said, shutting my eyes for a second. Fred sighed in relief, quietly so I thought that only I could hear it.

    "Well what are we gonna do?" Gunn asked, trying to make something happen. Nothing was going to happen. We couldn't do anything. I squeezed my eyes shut.

    "Angel?" Fred asked me, concerned. I opened my eyes to smile some fake assurance to her.

    "I'm fine," I asserted, "and we all will be. We just have to work something out. Jasmine has to have a weakness."

    "Oh, of course she does," Lorne retorted sarcastically, "she loves worship, comfy couches and is an absolute sucker for the jacket-and-skirt ensemble."

    I turned to him, annoyed. "You catered to her, Lorne, you should be able to help us somehow," I snapped. Lorne shrugged and stepped backward.

    "What about Connor?" Wesley suggested. A distinct feeling of coldness ran up my spine. "Jasmine clearly has some favour for him."

    I started around to stare at Wesley. "That's my son, Wesley," I grated.

    Wesley stood to face me. "You didn't seem to have much trouble beating him to a bloody pulp." I glared and felt my anger begin to rise, when Gunn interrupted us before we could start.

    "Let's keep moving," he said.

    I slouched back down and nodded, beginning to walk. Wesley, Gunn and Lorne began to walk behind me, as Fred caught up, placing a hand on my shoulder.

    "Angel ? something will turn up. Something always does," she said. I brushed her hand off as I walked ahead.

    "I think our luck has just about left us in the dust," I replied bitterly.


    We walked along the sewers for hours, probably going over the same areas countless times. My memory, and sense of direction, would easily have told me, but I didn't care. It didn't matter if we walked around the same places ? there was nowhere to go.

    However, quite by accident, I found a door. Suddenly, my memory and my sense of direction came in handy as I realised just where I was. Turning to the others, I spoke quickly ?

    "I need to check this out. Wait out here, and try not to go anywhere."

    "What if we see someone?" Fred piped in.

    "Then run."

    "Now that's more like it," said Lorne nervously.

    Turning away from them, I steeled myself and walked inside. Instantly I felt cold hands grasping near my neck, the swift flutter of wings echoing around the cold stone enclosure.

    "Dinza," I called, "I found you."

    A raggedy chuckle came out of the darkness, from all directions at once. "It takes a certain kind of man to find the keeper of lost things? perhaps a man involved with the futile."

    "Is that it, then? Is what we're trying to do futile?"

    "And what are you trying to do, cold one?"

    "I think you know."

    A hiss sounded as her clawed hands tightened around my neck, before, with a burst of noise, she disappeared to another perch.

    "I know that the keeper of the lost has lost things of her own, of late. People? believing themselves to be found."

    "And are they? Have they been ?found', for good?" I asked.

    "What does a dark demi-goddess know of a being of light?"

    "Of light?" I shut my eyes, hoping that Fred's actions ? and my own ? had not been for nothing.

    "I have felt her steps. Whether she is right, whether she is wrong ? a little bird like me does not care to know, vampire. What do you call right? What do you call wrong? All I say is that I understand the lost."

    "Do you understand these people who have been ?found'?" I called out into the darkness. There was no response. Straining my ears, I heard only a light movement of her wing as she sat in the darkness.

    "Can you tell me how to stop her? Jasmine, this being of light?"

    "Why?" came the harsh croak. "Why should I tell you things, any things, whether I know them or not? You are my thing, my lost thing!"

    She paused, before another dark, grating chuckle reached my ears. "But perhaps you will be found soon enough."

    My eyes widened and I whirled, reaching for the exit. I had to find the others, make sure they were safe. We would never be safe around the tunnels, the streets, anywhere where Jasmine might find us. Dinza allowed me to leave, her harsh laughter following me out.

    "My lost thing? I helped you find your girl, and she found the world. You are lost."