Song-fic focussing on an original vampire

Put Your Lights On

Hey now?

There is the smell of blood. It is exciting. It is arousing. There is blood in the next room, she can smell it. Mark has found them.

All you sinners?

Leyanne bursts through the door, growling and snarling as she revels in the sigh she witnesses. The light glares at her sharp eyes but she quickly adjusts, taking in the bodies, and the blood, and the screaming. Mark is in paradise, and Leyanne can feel it coming her way.

Put your lights on?

She grabs a woman by the hair and drags her towards her. The woman sees her and screams, now facing two demonic nightmares before her. Leyanne smiles and slaps her hard across the cheek first, before delicately biting into her wrist.

Put your lights on?

The woman is a whore, and this is a crack den. A victim who, Leyanne smirks, probably should have taken better care of herself and considered the places she frequented. And yet it always gave Leyanne satisfaction to know that her victims walked themselves right to her teeth, and that such a beautiful woman would face such an ugly end. Leyanne tires of the whore's drug-laced blood and snaps her neck.

Hey now?

Leyanne looks over to Mark, the man who's taken her, the one who she's made for her. He is a baby, so young, and so eager for blood and violence that the very sight of him, with his unstained teeth and his just-lost innocence, arouses her in ways that beg for hours of blood and sweet pain.

All you lovers?

There are a man and a woman clinging to one another, screaming and crying and yet being together for each other. They are afraid, they are dirty, they have had blood splattered over them, but the man is handsome, and the woman is beautiful? and Leyanne can feel her cold, still blood boiling as she lunges to rend them from each other.

Put your lights on?

Leyanne grabs the man and tears him forcibly from the arms of his sweet little love, vindictively snaps his wrist and shoves him to the feet of Mark, who grabs him eagerly. Turning with bloodthirsty stare to the man's lover, Leyanne almost dives towards her neck, determined to remove the beauty of the world, starting with one woman.

Put your lights on?

And Leyanne drinks from her blood, drinks the hot blood of another beautiful woman, before letting her drop, to age, decay, and be ruined.

Hey now?

This is destruction? this is chaos? and yet this is perfection, absolute and inarguable. The scene is paradise, the blood, and the death, and the horror are all too wonderful, and yet, amidst corpses who've still somehow bested her, Leyanne doesn't feel perfection. And so, reaching out through the isolation of her own death, Leyanne pulls Mark towards her in a gesture of animalistic lust.

All you killers?

They kiss, and bite, and tear at each other in the middle of the room, surrounded by the dead and the dying and the fearful, those screaming in shock, or still trying to get out. The human condition does not allow comprehension, does not allow basic understanding of what drives Leyanne and Mark, even if it lies at their core and fuels their folly.

Put your lights on?

Leyanne pushes harder, grinding into Mark, trying to feel everything, trying to be everything. She will be his master and she will be his love.

Put your lights on?

The people can only scream and cry and cling to each other once more. They trip over bodies, they try to get the door open, they desperately hug their dead, and some even scramble for more drugs, seeking alternate ways of escape. But the door is jammed, and reality means finality, and the vampires will leave no one.

Hey now?

Mark laughs all through his being as his lips wrestle against Leyanne's, experiencing the world so powerfully and knowing death, feeling that terrible yet uplifting awareness and the ultimate control that means he can take a life, or do whatever he wants. And Leyanne lets him, she pushes it to him and revels in his attention.

All you children?

They feel like gods, in control of their own world, that they know the reaches of and intend to wash with blood just for the sake of blood. And then they are children, playing, experimenting, experiencing, finding their limits and then breaking every one because they will always be children, base and always allowed to play.

Leave your lights on?

They pull apart and experience the revelry once more, dripping in the darkness and wondering why they were ever afraid and why they ever doubted or worried. Leyanne can see with clarity that there is no beauty, there is nothing in this moment, because when everyone is red all that matters is who the food is. And then who eats.

You better leave your lights on?

And yet in their carnal emptiness perhaps they should have felt doubt, perhaps there should have been caution. The carnage is delightful around them and they delight in what they do, but heaven never stays on earth for long. The huge doors, wedged and blocked shut by the vampires, bangs once before it bursts open.

Cause there's a monster living under my bed?

She bursts in, brimming with power they thought they had, filled with the burning light of righteousness that hurts more then any cross and containing everything they are, as well as everything they've lost. Suddenly, Leyanne sees the porcelain beauty that masks completeness, and she is afraid once more.

Whispering in my ear?

The Slayer is grim, determined, and perfect. Leyanne stares, unable to move, as the Slayer kicks the panicking Mark back into the wall. She forcibly moves a shaking victim out of her way as she punches Mark again, who hastily, and clumsily, tries to save himself.

There's an angel, with a hand on my head?

Mark is destroyed, sent to dust, and the completion that Leyanne thought she experienced has been robbed by the Slayer in seconds. The beauty surrounds her once more and it manifests itself in the Slayer's cold, set eyes.

She says I've got nothing to fear?

Leyanne takes a step forward as the Slayer beckons, cocky and gung-ho in her element. Words escape from the Slayer's mouth and echo through Leyanne's ears? "well, you're certainly the ugliest vamp I've seen all day." Leyanne feels the rage again, feels the hate and feels blood. The Slayer is perfection, little and blonde and beautiful, but she won't be after Leyanne is through with her.

We all shine like stars.

Leyanne screams, and claws, and lets her instincts take over as she combats the Slayer, fights against everything that has hurt her over a century of existing, over a century of unchanging appearance, over a century of torment sated only by more and more blood. She didn't need a mirror to know. Until tonight, she had thought that the perfect ones could be beaten, could be overcome. But Leyanne has never truly beaten them? she had let the beautiful control her world.

A growl dies on her lips as Leyanne accepts that the luminous Slayer has destroyed her. She had one almost perfect night, taken away by that which had always been her doom. Leyanne turned into dust, the pain ceasing as she spread around the room amongst the blood and bodies. It wasn't beautiful or picturesque? it was just dust.

We all shine like stars.
Then we fade away.