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    Kendra fic -- set during the climax of Becoming, part I


    They smashed through the windows and shocked the others. Standard tactic. Too easy? Buffy was gone and there always had to be more. More will die no matter what you choose, and Buffy should have listened to her. She spins as Giles yells and runs and she punches the first one to come at her. Vampires should be easy to her, but they surprised her. Fight's just beginning.

    I was something like a little girl. Or maybe a teenage girl, but a smaller, younger girl. They knew what I was at much younger, I don't know how, but the training was from then.

    She shoves the other one to the wall. Looks like a girl, but it's a vampire, she knows. The sound of something smash echoes from beside her, but she has two vampires to deal with. She should be doing better. Louder sound ? Willow is gone. She briefly glances but has to dispatch her own before helping Willow. Standard training. She punches, and the vampire ducks. Xander screams and she ducks under a roundhouse kick ? sloppy form ? from her assailant before blocking two punches.

    My Watcher had his axioms that were instilled in me. "Set your standards." "Concentrate and compensate." His favourite was "a good Slayer is a trained Slayer", but I was never sure why he said it. I was always about training.

    She punches the vampire twice in the face, and Xander yells go. Quick glance ? Giles is unconscious and the other girl is running. Distracted, and she is punched in the face. Recovering well, she ducks and grabs the vampire by the head, jamming the stake into the heart and letting the vampire dust. Standard victory. Where's Mr Pointy now? Well, this does her job in any case.

    Once there was a certain mission. My Watcher sent me after a European vampire, one that he was sure was a famous and dangerous one. I was barely a Slayer but a fully trained fighter, which I have always been proud to know. The vampire was not who my Watcher thought; however, she was still dangerous in her right.

    Look around, there is one going towards Giles. She rushes and pulls the vampire away, shoving it down and punching it as it tries to get up. Now she's tired ? it tries again and she throws it through a window. She is caught by surprise then, tackled and knocked to the ground. A standard surprise and anyone could have anticipated.

    This vampire had gotten me on the ground. She was strong, and hypnotic in her way, but only just enough to distract me. I was ashamed that she had gotten me down, and emotion began to run its course in me.

    She gets up, kicking the vampire away. It punches her and she stumbles but saves herself. As she tries, she is hit by a roundhouse kick, better done but sloppy to have been caught by. She is knocked down, cursing herself inside, and manages to block a kick and trips the vampire down. Getting up, she prepares herself for the other two and the other one stands. About to strike, the sharp clap pierces her ears and more importantly, nerves. No emotion. Show her standards. She shouldn't have this emotion. "Enough" snaps out the voice.

    It was anger. It clouded my judgement and impeded my training, and the vampire had gotten it out of me. I punched and swung and she kicked back, knocking me down. My Watcher was not there but I was sure of what his reaction would be to me, and it made me angrier.

    Open invitation and the other vampires back off. She knows this one is the powerful one, she recognises who it is like. The woman vampire walks, and she kicks, finding herself angry against her will. The vampire blocks that and her two swings as well. She is punched hard in the face, sent down to the floor as the woman vampire giggles quietly.

    I landed a punch and the vampire punched back harder. She said something, a taunt, that I can't remember now, but it was a hindrance to my control. Buffy says that her emotions make her strong, but it never worked with me. Maybe Buffy will always be stronger then me for that.

    Get up and kick, but the woman vampire ducks and grabs her arms. No. Compensate. She swings around and shoves the vampire away. Lands a kick to the gut ? it is looking better for her. Concentrate, and lunge. She is grabbed, a tight hand around her throat, forcing her backwards until the hard bench behind her stops more movement. The eyes command, and she doesn't hear the vampire's voice, but she feels it.

    I grabbed my stake and tried to drive it through her chest, but she slapped it away and punched me in the face. I kicked and moved away, circling, before I again lunged with the stake. She slapped it to the floor and grabbed me in strong hands. Anger and the angry attack are my mistakes. She bit her fangs deep into my neck.

    Sharp pointed fingers extend in front of her, the eyes and nails swaying her eyes, putting her body in time. Inside the eyes, and the hands let go. Move, move. Concentrate and compensate, or just sway as the eyes do. The vampire drops her hand and for a brief second she looks down at the nails.

    As I felt her drink, the anger poured out of me. Concentrate and compensate, I thought. Focussing the words in my mind, I tried to embed them deep into myself.
    "Concentrate," the vampire breathed mockingly, before continuing her bite. Flicking the stake up with my feet, I grasped it in my hand and drove it into her back, bringing her closer to me as she dusted into nothing.
    "Concentrate on
    that," I said, or maybe it was just what Buffy would have said were it her.

    She can beat this. She can beat this. She can kill any vampire that manages to bite into her neck. The eyes grab her again and keep her swaying. Standard. Standard. Everything she does is standard. Nothing is standard, and she wishes Buffy were here. A finger extends, a long and sharp nail glistening. She can kill any vampire that bites her neck. Concentrate, and compensate. Concentrate, and compensate. You are the trained Slayer.
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