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  • Serpent

    R Rating
    Summary: pre-season 1 Jenny in Sunnydale for the first time.

    Jana walked into the bar with a flamboyant swish in her hips that she hoped exuded the confidence she needed. Her showy leather was tight around her hips and breasts, but she kept her cool exterior with one thing on her mind ? one drive, one lust. Her anxiety in this bar was evident only to herself, hidden well from the vampires that frequented her surrounding. Waving her hand past a vampire's cheek in a gesture that made her feel like a whore, her face transformed into the animalistic visage of a vampire's.

    Darla noticed the hot brunette immediately. Her initial plan to sit, moping, as one of the only vampires wearing a human face, and drink a few glasses of fine blood before returning to the grim coldness of her vigil with Luke, was instantly abandoned.
    "And it was going so well," Darla murmured to herself, finishing her glass and licking the blood off her lips. Standing, Darla pushed her glass back to Willy and looked over at the anonymous brunette.

    Jana spotted Darla's gaze as soon as it was cast her way, and she turned away, grinning out of sight, before turning back to Darla with what she assumed to be a seductive pose. Everybody knew Darla, and Jana wanted Darla. Stepping towards the bar ? and her petite blonde target ? Jana ran her hand along the counter and forced her vampiric appearance back to her human face.

    "Hi," the brunette purred. She was talking to Darla, and somehow, it made Darla happy. She shouldn't be surprised that this vampire beauty was talking to her ? everybody tried their hand at Darla. She entertained nobody, but Darla had always been pulled by that hair colour. That ? and his pathetic idiocy ? was why William the ?Bloody' had never had her.
    "Good evening," Darla said, smiling at the brunette. "Blood?"
    "Straight tequila tonight," the brunette replied.
    "Of course," Darla lavished.

    Now was not the time for blood ? Jana needed the alcohol in her own veins. She wanted this and she knew she had to loosen.
    "Willy, get her what she wants," Darla snapped to the hapless barkeeper. Willy, sighing, obeyed, and Jana was soon loosening herself from her thoughts and ties as she stared into Darla's eyes.
    "My name is Jana," she said.
    "Ah, Romanian, is it?" Darla said, her eyes dimming with the slightest of suspicions.
    "Yes, it is," Jana replied, hoping not to lose her chance with Darla.
    "How were you sired?" Darla asked, her voice managing to maintain it's flirting quality. Jana smiled.
    "Angelus sired me."

    Darla felt her mouth opening with shock. All her attraction had to be explained through that. Angelus himself, Drusilla, and now this alluring Jana, all torturing her mind. Jana continued on, her voice sounding suddenly disgusted.
    "And now he has a-"
    "Ah ah ah, no," Darla breathed, interrupting Jana, "now is the time for you." Jana smiled and leaned in to kiss Darla, drawing Darla back in to the ecstasy she used to feel as Jana's tongue massaged hers. Darla vamped, letting her animal side take over, as she returned Jana's kiss with passion.

    Jana had taken her moment, and now she was in. Seeing Darla transform into her vampire face, Jana too vamped, trying to combat Darla's passion with as much of her own. A growl in Darla's throat had her reeling, and she pulled back to smile at the dangerous blonde.
    "Is there a more private place?" Jana asked seductively, "just for us?" Darla smiled and nodded slowly, turning to Willy.
    "Willy," Darla snapped, "we're going to use my room. No one else is to be in there." Willy rolled his eyes to himself and nodded as Darla led Jana into another room.

    Darla grinned demonically as she led her soon-to-be lover into her private room. She let Jana take in the chains, knives and various other torture instruments, before grabbing Jana and licking up her neck. Jana gasped and grabbed Darla's hair, before Darla bit into her neck and licked up some of her blood in a moment of passion.
    "You're? warmer?" Darla sighed, continuing to lick neck and blood in long movements. Jana pushed her against the wall and kissed her harshly, pressing up against her body as Darla snarled. She hadn't felt like this since Angelus, and the feeling was not easily replicated.

    "Let's use? the chains," Darla gasped. Jana's face lit up and she pulled back to grin at Darla.
    "You," she hissed, savage and animalistic. Darla nodded shakily before allowing Jana to lift her and lock her wrists and ankles into the manacles on the wall. Jana grinned as she stepped back, taking in the view of the lustful Darla chained to the wall. Grabbing a knife, Jana snarled and cut into Darla's stomach, ripping her dress and drawing blood, causing Darla to moan.
    "You and I will fulfil the Master's works together," Darla sighed, "you'll be with me when the world ends." The words sinking in, Jana stepped back and put the knife down as Darla looked on in impatient confusion.
    "You? ARE a threat?" Jana muttered quietly.

    Confused and quickly becoming incensed, Darla's mouth opened wide as Jana drew a tiny orb from her bust and smashed it on the table. Instantly, Jana's vampire face disappeared and Darla felt the attraction leaving her. She snarled and pulled on the chains.
    "You? why couldn't I smell you?" she raged, "Romanian witchcraft!"
    "My uncle was right to want to watch your order?" Jana said, more to herself.
    "Your family who destroyed Angelus and took away everything from me!" Darla raged, "you're a serpent, Jana! You used and betrayed me just as your uncle used you!" Jana looked away and began to walk away, leaving Darla tied.

    Walking out of the room, Jana felt numb. The spell had done it's work; her Uncle Enyos had gotten what he needed, yet she felt worse then she had ever before. What she had let the spell do to her, what she had done without constraints, sickened her.
    "Let the name Jana be forever a haunting on you, serpent!" Darla yelled from the room behind her. Jana looked back, horrified, unmoving as she stared at the door that separated her and the vampire.
    "Let the word of it curse you with what you've done, like you did to Angelus!" Darla screamed. Jana ? Jenny ? turned away and sped her pace, trying her hardest to turn her back on Darla and her heritage.