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Your Dead Lover's Arms

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  • Your Dead Lover's Arms

    Set mid-season 6 of Buffy

    Your Dead Lover's Arms

    "Want a drink, luv?" Spike asked, smirking slightly as he retracted the bottle out of Buffy's reach, re-thinking. "Let me guess? ?a world of no'."

    Buffy rolled her eyes in derision and grabbed at the bottle in Spike's hand. He smiled and pulled it out of her reach as she grabbed at it again. Buffy laughed as she snatched the bottle and shared a smile with Spike. Quickly realising where she was, Buffy wiped the smile from her face and glared at Spike.

    "Don't do that," she chastised, looking coldly at the vampire.

    Spike let loose a dry, empty chuckle. "That's my girl," he sighed. He stood in uncomfortable silence for a moment as Buffy took a quick sip from the bottle, not trusting herself to go further. Trying to break the barrier between them, Spike opened his mouth again. "What's with the drink?" he asked.

    Buffy shrugged. "Nothing wrong with having a bit," she deflected.

    "Just like there's nothing wrong with doing a soulless vampire, eh?" Spike asked cheekily. Buffy gave him a black look and handed the beer bottle back to Spike. "Okay," Spike repealed, "fair enough."

    Spike took a swig from the bottle and flopped down on the bed, motioning for Buffy. Looking almost reluctant, she sat down next to him, her back leaning against the wall.

    "You know, Dawnie's at home, probably alone," Buffy commented.

    Spike looked over to her. "The Niblet can take care of herself. She shouldn't have to have her big Slayer sister leaning over her shoulder every hour of the day."

    "Are you saying that for her or just to keep me here?" Buffy countered, lifting an eyebrow in Spike's direction.


    The two, one laying down and the other with her back propped up against the wall, stayed in silence, until Spike finally broke the silence. "This isn't looking to be a sex night, is it?" he asked wryly.

    "I'll just go," said Buffy, pushing herself up. Spike reached over quickly and grabbed her arm, stopping her.

    "No. You don't have to go," Spike asserted, but the plea in his voice made Buffy sit back down on the bed. "Thankyou," said Spike softly.

    The word made Buffy look sharply at Spike for a second, before softening to look down into space. "What are we, Spike?" she asked, looking torn, "dating? Lovers? Sex buddies?" Spike looked thrown by the question, but as he opened his mouth to reply Buffy cut him off. "Actually, I don't think I even want to know what the word for us is."

    Spike sighed and looked down at the bed. "You know I think we can have a good time, Buffy," he admitted, "but you don't really want that, do you?" Buffy looked away, refusing eye contact.

    "You know that I spend almost no time with Dawn," Buffy sighed, "or Willow. Or Xander."

    "You want something that you think only I can give you," Spike mused.

    "And it isn't what you want to give me," Buffy understood. She looked at Spike, and their eyes made clear contact before Buffy pulled away. "I think I'll just sleep here."

    Spike smiled faintly as Buffy laid down next to him, turning away from him on her side. Pulling the covers over them both, Spike put his arms around Buffy's form, trying to give her comfort.

    Buffy's eyes opened again as Spike's arms draped over her, strong and comforting. Wondering for a brief second what it would be like to love him, to be open and happy and balanced again, she opened her mouth to cast away such a thought.

    "You can't be my Angel, Spike," Buffy asserted softly, pulling out of his arms.
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