Set post-You're Welcome


We open to the inside of Angel Investigations from Season 1. The room is dark and the faint outline of a WOMAN crying can be made out. The lights are switched on and the WOMAN is revealed to be CORDELIA (appearing as in season 1). CORDELIA, through bloodshot eyes, looks up in shock and sees ANGEL at the door, with his finger on the light switch.

CORDELIA (awkward): Angel.

She wipes her eyes self-consciously and sits up.

ANGEL (gently): Cordy, it's ok to cry. I miss him too.

CORDELIA (hoarsely): Do you cry about it though?

ANGEL moves over and sits next to CORDELIA, putting his arm around her.

ANGEL: I have.

CORDELIA snorts.

ANGEL: You don't have to be in control all the time, Cordy. It's ok to cry.

CORDELIA whirls to face ANGEL, tears dropping down her cheeks.

CORDELIA: In control? You think I'm in control? (she sobs) Losing all my money, and leaving Sunnydale, and now? now he's gone and died and left me?

ANGEL: I'm still here for you. I'll always protect you.

CORDELIA starts to cry harder again and hugs ANGEL tightly. He puts his arms awkwardly around her.

CORDELIA (softly, sobbing): Always be here for me.

ANGEL: I'll always be here for you, Cordy.

FADE TO ANGEL's office. It's dark, but we can see that ANGEL is sitting on his chair. The door opens quietly and SPIKE walks in, flicking on the lights as he does.

ANGEL (exasperated): Thanks, Spike.

SPIKE: Hey, no problem mate.

ANGEL: Could you maybe turn them back off?

SPIKE: No. You gotta get some light.

ANGEL: I always appreciate your perspective on these things, Spike.

SPIKE (cutting through the crap): Look, I didn't know Cordelia very well at all.

ANGEL: No, you didn't know her. At all.

SPIKE: Hey, I met her once or twice. But see, you have to get over it, Angel. She was worth a lot to you. Of course she was. But are petty memories of her worth more then all the lives you can't be saving right now? Worth all the people that are going to die because of a continued sulk in the dark?

ANGEL (aggressively): Aren't you Mr Big Shot Champion now? Shouldn't you be out helping the helpless?

SPIKE: Don't you think that Cordelia herself just proved that you're here to do a lot of right, and that you should be doing it?

ANGEL is silent, his face brooding.

SPIKE: Just my opinion.

ANGEL: That was a question. Not an opinion.

SPIKE (more to himself): Angry, then.

ANGEL: Yeah. Yeah I am. Now since I don't recall assigning, or wanting to assign, you anything to do, I'd appreciate it if you'd leave. Get out, Spike.

SPIKE: Whatever, Angel.

He starts to walk out the door.

SPIKE (muttering): Nancy wanker.

He switches off the lights and closes the door. The camera zooms in to ANGEL's eye in the dark.

FLASH TO ANGEL's old room in the Hyperion Hotel. Angel is sitting in the dark, sketching a picture and quite obviously brooding.


ANGEL turns around as the light is switched on and CORDELIA enters the room.

ANGEL (brooding): What?

CORDELIA: Come on, champ, you've helped me out before. I'm not gonna be lax with my duties.

ANGEL (confused): What?

CORDELIA laughs.

CORDELIA: What are you drawing?

ANGEL sighs and puts the pad down, and CORDELIA moves over to pick it up.

CORDELIA: Yeah. I thought so.

She flashes the pad ANGEL's way to clearly show a sketch of Darla.

CORDELIA: Come on, Mr Broody Pants.

ANGEL: Cordelia, I can draw her if I need to.

CORDELIA: What about Wes and Gunn and I? What about all the innocents that you should be saving?

ANGEL: It's daytime, Cordy.

CORDELIA: What kind of excuse is that, mister? Buck up a bit!

ANGEL looks like he is about to respond when he just shakes his head and leans back again.

CORDELIA: Angel, you're doing exactly what they want you to be doing!

ANGEL looks angrily at CORDELIA, but then sighs and picks up the pad.

ANGEL: I know. And I can't not be doing it.

CORDELIA smiles sadly and grabs ANGEL's hand, squeezing it gently.

FLASH TO a different room in the Hyperion Hotel. ANGEL and CORDELIA are sitting on the bed, ANGEL holding the baby CONNOR and CORDELIA with darker hair now.

CORDELIA (motherly): Hey Connor.

She strokes CONNOR's head and smiles at ANGEL.

CORDELIA: I think he's getting bigger.

ANGEL: He is. He's a growing little boy.

CORDELIA: And he's your growing little boy. I just wish I had a little baby just like him.

ANGEL: Well... he can be like... ours, if you really want. You raise him enough anyway.

CORDELIA (teasing): Angel, are you propositioning me?

ANGEL laughs awkwardly.

CORDELIA (warmly): Of course.

She leans in to stroke CONNOR.

CORDELIA (motherly): Isn't that right, Connor? I'm almost like your mother.

ANGEL leans forward to stare at CORDELIA.

ANGEL: Cordy... what really happened, with you and that coma?

CORDELIA: Well... I got talked to by a demon named Skip-

ANGEL (interrupting): Skip? I know him.

CORDELIA: Oh. Well, he talked to me, and I got given a chance at a different life, and I, uh, I saw, um...

ANGEL looks at her inquiringly.

CORDELIA: Uh, I saw things that just weren't right to me. And I changed my mind. And then he made me part demon.

ANGEL: That was very brave of you.

He smiles at CORDELIA.

CORDELIA: I don't regret it yet. If I start to grow horns and slime I might pretty quick though.

ANGEL: You'd look fine even with horns and slime.

CORDELIA smiles at him.

CORDELIA: You are hitting on me, aren't you?

She leans in and gives him a quick kiss, friendly but still intimate somehow.

CORDELIA: Thankyou.

CUT TO the darkness of ANGEL's office. Leaning forward from his chair, ANGEL yells loudly, almost a roar, and wipes everything off his desk with a large movement. Standing up, he grabs his chair and throws it spinning to the ground, before punching the wall several times. The camera moves out to go through his door as SPIKE walks away from the office. The sounds of the smashing can be heard from inside. HARMONY stares at the door as SPIKE continues walking away, looking grim.

HARMONY: God, what did you do?

SPIKE: Just let him work through it, Harm.