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  • Results: Challenge #4

    Ok- so first off rep points for all who entered. (Sorry I don't have cooler prizes.) I was really excited to have folks give it a try; I know it was a bit different. I enjoyed reading all of them. All of them made me laugh-which of course made the decision-making part really hard. Also, being a preschool teacher means that my natural inclination is to say that everyone wins. I'm trying to be a bit more adult oriented for you all. So here goes:

    1st place- Tuesday by Tangent
    . This was exactly the type of story I was hoping to get in the challenge. Actually this was better than I was hoping for. It's officially one of my all-time favorites. You included nearly every cliche I pointed out and threw in several others (Tara babysitting-Spike's lame excuse for being in the scene-Anya's money talk) AND importantly- you had a PLOT. (Which I did ask for.) I particularly love that you chose such a cliched plot device to explain the many cliches in the story. The false wake-up scene was brilliant and, again, such a cliche.

    2'nd Place-Parental Advisory, Explicit Buffy by Wolfie Gilmore This was a very clever and funny piece. (I mean tears in my eyes funny.) But it was much less plot-based than Tangent's, really more a scene than a story.
    I particularly liked: "Because it relates to plot points over on Angel that the suits at HBO feels wouldn't necessarily be known to our audience. And if I tell you things like "I'm in love with Cordy and have a secret love child with Darla" it won't look very good when I hit on you."

    I've decided to go with an honorable mention for both of the other entries. Both were funny, but they were so different that choosing one over the other has proven impossible. Also since I only had four entries it seemed more appropriate to have only two placings.
    Honorable Mention: Community Service, The Scooby Way by King of Cretins- This was less spoofy than the others. It was a comedy piece, but it didn't really follow the challenge guidelines. Only a couple of cliches are used. On the upside it was a fully developed and funny story. I liked picturing the disaster that would be the Scooby crew trying to build a house. As always, you write Xander well-his voice was spot on as was, I think, Anya's. And I liked that Tara was once again the most grounded of the Scooby gang.

    Honorable Mention:The festival of Jo'ory- confusion ensues... by Veverka- I really liked the premise here and you smoothly used several cliches, but it felt a bit like the beginning of a story (one which I would have kept reading). I found your Anya voice particularly good and fun to read. I also particularly enjoyed your Angel and Anya's reaction to him-attractive but a waste of time thanks to the curse. Really funny.

    Thanks again to everyone who entered. I hope you enjoyed writing them as much as I enjoyed reading them.
    "All I ask is that... that you try to see me."

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    Thanks DK. It was a different challenge but it was such a fun one to write. Really glad you enjoyed the piece and that i managed to make you laugh. Thanks again for the challenge.

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      Congrats Mark and Lou!

      I was just so glad to get something in for the challenge , once I finally had a chance to write a few words I was just thankful to get something in!


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        Congrats Mark and Lou and Vev all on very funny stories Thanks for the challenge, DK
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