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No future for me: a season 8 Faith poem

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  • No future for me: a season 8 Faith poem

    Rating:PG or possibly NC 17, for language

    I skipped school:
    not just days of it
    the whole
    bone-for-the-dog (with no dirty meaning)
    and an-apple-for-the-teacher

    I don't know much about history
    I don't know much about geography
    but I've picked up scraps
    and I know enough to know
    as much as any hick footsoldier
    trudging through muddy history
    I know enough to feel that life's unfair
    I've read enough to know this sucks.

    I am the long arm of the law
    the arm that it tries to keep
    as far away from its body as it can
    to keep the body clean because
    I am a dirty girl
    and all they say
    about bitches and hos?
    Yup, I've done them and been them
    and gone back to do them again -
    I am not a role model
    (tell me something I don't already know).

    I am the shadow that she casts
    I am grey at best
    black when I'm bad,
    or red when I'm worst
    with my hands plunged into life,
    to the elbows.

    I'm sure I ****ed a guy who had a shirt like that:
    A med student?"Our hands in your life"?
    Well, that's my life too
    doing the dirty things
    that no one else can do
    because they have clean hands and nails
    but I'm deja-evil, they think
    I'm no virgin sheet to get bloody
    I'm caked already
    So no new harm done
    Just the same harm done again.

    I've changed, but you wouldn't know it
    if you walked in on my life
    I've still got my hands on Buffy (in violence)
    I'm still sleeping (well, washing) with the enemy
    Without my side of the story
    Yeah, you'd be forgiven for thinking
    I'm the villain in this picture.

    And what does Giles think?
    Perhaps that I've changed a little
    But I'm still mostly a killer, like the first one:
    no friends, no morals, just the kill
    and a quick **** after in an alleyway
    though naturally Giles doesn't think of me that way
    except when he thinks nobody's watching.

    I remember learning something about Sparta
    From a bitch who stabbed me in the back
    It meant not having much
    And somehow that was good
    But it's not enough
    I want to dress in pink and white
    And walk barefoot

    Ok, I don't
    But I want to look like I do
    Just once, I want someone
    to see me and assume
    That I'm just a girl
    and not some monster on a leash.
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    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --