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Dancing at the other end of the ballroom: a season 8 ficlet

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  • Dancing at the other end of the ballroom: a season 8 ficlet

    Rating: PG
    Pairing: Faith/Gigi

    I find myself watching her all the time. Or, whenever she isn't looking, at least. I like to calculate her reactions, to weigh them like some strange precious metal. If I do such and such, what will she do? Or in a training fight, how will she react when I throw such a kick? If I tell her a secret, something that leaves me just a little vulnerable, just a little pale, what will she say? Will she tell me someting of herself? Or will she smile in that perfectly self-controlled way that seems so sad somehow. I feel we are so similar sometimes, and yet she's worlds away from me.

    Her power is stupendous and yet, sometimes I feel that she is holding back. Sometimes I fear that she knows more than she's telling me. But isn't that just the very nub of her charm?

    Nub. That word conjures delicious ideas. Getting to the...nub...of Hope would be quite the victory. I have no idea whether she sees me in that manner. But, since when have I worried what someone else might want? It's what I want that counts, is it not?

    I've never met anyone like her. Compared to all the horse-faced misery guts in last century's latest fashions with arses like sofas that I whose company I usually "enjoy" ?Faith is simply something else.

    Not only is she a dirty, sultry beauty. She's also something I might almost call a friend. Perhaps that's overreaching. After all, I've barely known her for two weeks. But I know that she wants what I her ambitions, at least.

    Is it weak to hope that she shares more than my lust for power? I think it is weak. For all my strength, my breeding, my knowledge that the world shall be at my feet in a matter of months...I find myself looking at her and thinking: if I could have her, the world could go to hell.

    Then again, if I could have both her AND the world, then that would just did she once put it, in such an uncharacteristic and yet somehow poetic phrase...

    Five by five. My five fingers and the other five as well all over her pale little body. Five by five indeed.

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --