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Deathbeds: a quadrabble (or four drabbles in one)

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  • Deathbeds: a quadrabble (or four drabbles in one)

    Giles: Got it the right way around this time. A slayer dies before her Watcher? The universe is out of sorts. Now I'm taking my rightful place and going first.

    But, doesn't make it any easier. Alone, in the dark and?in Croydon. Bloody marvellous! God, you are a ****ing funny bloke. If you are at all. Soon find out?

    Christ. I think that's my blood, warm water all over me. Sticky on my hands. Rather not look too closely. I thought my source was looking shifty. Should've trusted your instincts, old man. Should've done and not done many things. Should?


    Buffy: The earth came up to meet me. Get a new theme, Buffy. Falling, again? Though, not so far this time. Just enough to?yeah. Slayer healing, still not going to cut it.

    Looking up, I see misty faces. Loved ones. I can love. Does it always have to take death to make me realise that?

    I see his face. First time since Sunnydale. Maybe one of those things that was never going to get closure. No neat ending? ?cept this one.

    ?Less we both end up in the same afterlife. Then?SO kicking his ass re Wolfram and Hart. And boinking Darla.


    Xander: I knew it wouldn't be violence. Heroes do it that way. But I left behind that dream and got a new one. Not a hero. Just a man.

    It's coming quietly for me. Yes, I'm ready. With Willow's hand in mine, I can say goodbye.

    Not out loud, Dawn does that spell, in Turkish, with the no tongues. I get my silent goodbye. "You'd better call the baby Xander, or you and Sarah won't be getting an unhaunted night's sleep ever again. That's my sperm, ladies! My last words are about sperm? No, wait?wait?I love you, Will. Dawn. All."


    Willow: I'm dying in bed, surrounded by fat grandchildren. Heh. You're a cliché, Willow Silverman.

    I know I'm dying, because I can see the dead. Buffy. Giles. My mother scowling at me for taking Sarah's name when we married.

    The dead have been here for weeks now. Tonight, Xander's at the foot of my bed, by Sarah. Still-alive Sarah, not dead-Sarah.

    But I think she'll be coming after me soon. We've both been here so long. The magicks kept us here and flourishing. But it's time now. I can feel the magicks leaving me. I'm just Willow one last time.

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --