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  • Results: Challenge #3

    Firstly, a big thank you for everyone who particpated, I had a great time reading all the entries

    I wanted to make prizes, which is why this took so long, coz they sucked... rep points only, I'm afraid!

    Just five entries, so I've only really given first and second place...

    Honourable Mention:

    Wolfie: Dumbledore reveals his methods: You never fail to make me laugh, that's for sure. I'm sorry I didn't get a longer fic too, but I'll take what I can get- this little snippet was fab, and certainly a neat variation on the Willow teaches at Hogwarts!!!

    Pandora's Box: Inside: I can't believe you ventured out of script format land- bonus points for you for doing so! As far as your language is concerned, you're right, it could use a little work. I would just advise you to find someone (lots of friendly faces around the forum) to have a go at editing a little, to get the language a little more exact, because your story just misses the mark because sometimes it's quite confusing, just with a few words in the wrong places, mixed up tenses and so on.

    Tangent: The Teacher: Love the crossover- I enjoy the subtly you have going there- two characters who feature only minimally in each of their series, and the idea that each has their own side, their own story that hasn't yet been explored, without going too deeply into anything that could be construed as especially uncanon.

    Second Place:
    Tangent: Just a girl: I really really liked this one. There was just something soft and sweet about it. I think you do Xander really well, especially and your Cordelia is totally fun too! I love that the freak who is Claire has a place she can fit in with Buffy- the comparisons between Buffy and Claire are of course there, and I just like the way you put them together- without Buffy being in the scene- I think that's what I liked most. Much as I liked your other piece, this one just somehow did it for me!

    King of Cretins: Run and Catch: Way to go Dan! Beyond "I love it", there's little left for me to say. This piece had me sitting at my desk grinning like a madwoman, then looking furtively around to see if anyone noticed I was way too happy to actually be working! I think the idea that even if Drusilla is logical to no-one else, she understands herself and is perfectly happy as such. I also love that it's not somebody good who motivates Sylar, but that he's inspired by someone who is so much more than he can be. Telling him he's all about exhibition and living to tell the tale- fabulous!

    Now, Dorian's Kitten's challenge has opened, let's enjoy it!

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    Woot! second place. Yay me!

    I'd like to thank my family and friends... (sound of record scratching) Sorry not sure what happened there. Seriously chuffed with that though and thanks so much for a very interesting challege Vev. And well done King.

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      Thanks Vev and Tangent

      I really enjoyed writing that one after I finally figured out an idea (see usertitle )

      All the stories were very fun to read, also -- glad we have a small buy loyal community on these challenges. Don't forget to sign up to issue one, people, and enter DK's. And, tip your waiter.
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        Thanks for your advices Veverka and congrats to the winners.