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No more fun and games: a season 8 ficlet

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  • No more fun and games: a season 8 ficlet

    "Your mission is a hard one, slayers," said Xander. He looked sternly out at the assembled throng of girls. "And I'm not just saying that because it has the potential to be taken in a dirty way."

    A titter passed through the audience.

    "And you might be laughing now," Xander continued, fixing a youngish girl in the front row with his steely single eye. She looked away, nervously. "You might laugh?but this mission is one of the most difficult you will face. Many have stumbled, carrying out this task in the past. Many have failed. But it's down to you now. I know you've got it in you all. I know you can do it." He leaned forward on his podium, trying to tread the tone-line between avuncular and leaderish. Then he pointed to the plain white board behind him.

    "You've all got your marker pens. Now, let's see who can come up with an eye-related pun that's actually FUNNY this week."

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --