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Challenge#3: The Teacher

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  • Challenge#3: The Teacher

    Title: The Teacher
    Disclamer:I have no rights whatsoever on anything Joss & co came up with first.
    Setting: some time after 'out of mind, out of sight'
    Description: A crossover featuring a character from Heroes in the Buffyverse

    "Cool!" That was the first word she had said when she had found out what the black suited men really wanted from her. She had seen that she was finally going to have the chance to really show them, all those people that had ignored her for so long, that had treated her like she wasn't there, she would finally prove them all so very wrong. Oh yes, Marcy had thought to herself, now I'm really going to show them all!

    And the really cool thing, the thing that still gave her a little thrill each time the thought about it was that she would be serving her country at the same time. Not that she was all that patriotic. It was just that it gave her so much more freedom. She could see, with the benefit of a little hindsight, that her little acts of revenge at Sunnydale High were perhaps not the most balanced decisions that she had ever taken but now she was being given the chance to address her issues in the right way. Everything she did would be government sanctioned, everyone she killed an enemy of the state; so all of it would be okay really, all legal, all approved. This time nobody would stop her, this time she could have absolutely no doubts she was in the right.

    It really seemed like her life was finally coming together. She would have a chance to be noticed at last, ironically by not being noticed at all. Invisibility, the curse brought about by the stigma of being such a total social outcast would be the key to her making her mark on this world; and make her mark she would. It might be that she would be the only one who knew just exactly what she had done but then she was pretty much used to that being the case now wasn't she? And the actions she took would be noticed, each life taken would send out its own ripples across the world, changing history as it was being made. If that wasn't making a mark then what was?

    Of course she hadn't fully realised just how much work would be involved, but you had to be able to make sacrifices if you wanted to be someone in this life and Marcy wanted that more than anything else. There had been week upon week of relentless training; learning how to access her targets, how to avoid the dogs that could pick up her scent even when they couldn't see her, or the thermal imaging cameras that could see the body heat she emitted and through it track her every move. At first she had thought it would be easy to learn how to defeat such measures, after all surely an invisible assassin already had every possible edge that they needed, but as the weeks passed it didn't take long for her to realise the extent of what she didn't know

    There was one man in particular who had helped her to find this out, a man who had become her mentor, a man she now regarded almost like a father. He had reluctantly taken over the more practical side of the training after the new recruits had finished what she now thought of as their book learning, clearly not wanting to be there. It was through him though that Marcy had learnt the most. It was he had taught her the trade secrets which would one day make her a deadly, silent killer, the skills that would allow her to infiltrate the most closely guarded places and bypass the most sophisticated security systems on earth. In truth though these lessons of stealth and technique were nothing compared to the other things he had shown them.

    He had walked into the classroom on that first day a shabby, unkempt figure all uncombed hair and untidy beard, dressed in drab, dirty looking clothing and there had been muffled laughter and whispered disbelief that a man who looked like he spent his nights living rough could teach anything to the special operatives of tomorrow. He had silenced the laughter with one steely glare, the wave of concentrated unfriendliness that seemed to pulse from every pore of his body silencing the hushed conversation. Then he had spoken and what he had said changed Marcy's world forever.

    Mr Rains, it seemed, was just like them. He too had the ability to become invisible, to disappear from the eyes of the world and become one with the empty air. There was one important difference however, for Mr Rains could control his power, becoming visible as and when he chose to do so. Mr Rains could walk in the world at large and let himself become a part of it, something that Marcy thought she would never do again. The revelation that she could take her lonely curse and learn to control it had stunned Marcy and, as he told the class of his intention to train them to do exactly the same, she had decided there and then to dedicate herself totally to this man and to all he could teach her.

    Once again though, this had proven harder than it first appeared. Mr Rains was not a pleasant man. He taught quickly, he expected his students to keep up and he did not suffer fools gladly. His gruff, aggressive manner had sent many a frantically upset student spiralling over the edge and out of the program, but not Marcy. No, she accepted the fact that Mr Rains would constantly push her. She welcomed his gruff voice with its harsh accent and flat vowels, loving the sound of her name on his lips, relishing each crushing rebuke as if it were the highest praise.

    For as she progressed, as she learnt more about who she was and how she could control the things that truly set her apart from those that had created her, she found that she was changing Marcy was learning about herself, becoming more confident with every day until finally she felt she was ready to take control of her life once more. As she excelled and started to leave her peers behind, she found those piercing blue eyes fixed on her more and more often. The cutting remarks and begrudging encouragement started to come her way with increasing frequency. In fact a wonderful thing was happening to Marcy; a simple thing really but one she had given up all hope of ever happening again.

    Finally, Marcy was being noticed.
    Lonely God
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