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  • Inside.

    Rating: Well, PG-13 I guess.
    Setting: November 4, 2014.
    About the piece: I finally tried a non-script form, even if I don't think I'm ready for it, I didn't use a dictionnary at all so yay for me, but I'm sure it's full of mistakes...C'est la vie. Wrote for Veverka challenge, crossover-like between BtVS and...

    I finally got up, it was one of those dark nights, where the moon seems to hide and the stars doesn't shine like if the sky wanted to be a silent witness of the fight. Around me, everything was flames, dancing around me, almost inviting me to join them in a deadly ballet. In front of me, she was standing, strong, proud, her long red hair floating in the air, she made me think of a knife, a knife covered in blood, cutting the night.

    "I was really hoping you'll get up, I'm not done with you yet." She told smiling.

    So much confidence in her voice, so much power running into her veins, her all body. Almost half mine, which is already huge. Then I laughed, just realising 15 years ago, she was just a rat in a cage, a cute little rat.

    "What makes you laughing exactly?"

    I didn't respond. It wasn't time for words, or only spelly words. Earth, Hecate, blood, roots, holy power, blessed energy, all those words connected to a great power, of course I didn't need those words anymore, I was the power, the power was in me. They were no more rituals, symbols, magic powder, eye of Kratos, living flame. It was the old me. The new me was connected to the divine, whatever that meant, except having white hair of course! Being the most powerful person on earth and having grand ma's hair at 33.

    "So Amy, wanna tell me how you became so powerful in just 2 years?"
    "Maybe the power was already in me? Just like yours."
    "There's nothing like me in you."
    "Ha! Is that right. Well I guess we both still have some of Rack's energy. Can you remember?"

    It wasn't that fresh in my mind, but yeah, I could remember. From the nerdy computer girl to the veiny powerful wicca. Talking about a change! And my old friends, Xander, Buffy, her sister Dawn, Britannia, Lesley, Masha and Kennedy?and Tara?Tara, someone I really loved, almost as much as I loved Judy now. She really was a part of me, a fragm?!

    Of course, how could I not feel it, see it, sense it. I looked at Amy and it was so clear, I could just see the little blond girl, somewhere in that body. Now it was obvious, it wasn't just Amy just standing in front of me. But who? The wind blew to my face like to help me clearing my thought. She probably used some spirit invocation spell, but a powerful one. I needed to know which one. No words, no spell, like I said, I didn't need to think, to speak, to move. I was the power, so I didn't need to use it. So instantly I saw a burning phoenix imbuing Amy.

    "There isn't just Amy and Rack in this body, is it?"
    "What are you talking about?"
    "Let's find out."

    Again in a micro-second, I ended Amy spell, let the phoenix come out. After a whole minute of lightning and fire balls?"Those witches, always with the shiny, the colourful, they just can't use their power without fireworks, so childish." I thought. So, after that endless minute, the phoenix was out. Except it wasn't a phoenix, a demon or even a witch, it was a human, I could feel it.

    "Amy, what's going on?"
    "I don't know." She responded with a little voice, the voice of a little girl, and that's what she was anymore. Well, they were some power in it but it was nothing, just enough to host what was standing here.

    It was a woman, in red clothes and with red hair, pretty much like Amy just a moment ago, but much taller and thinner, like a drop of blood stretching before falling, strechting to the infinite. But I felt that woman wasn't gonna fall. But how could a human be that powerful, for a witch it was already hard to conceive but for a woman!!!

    And then I knew, I was connected to her body, her thoughts, her molecules, her DNA and I knew, she was a human but she was not, a living paradox, a mutant. I've heard some stories about that, a man who could control metal, an other who could go through walls, but I just thought it was regular witches and warlocks, that it was just spells. I was wrong.

    "What's your name?"
    "I am...I am?" She answered but was still looking at the floor, her voice was unsure, weak, she was feeling kinda lost.

    Then I realised she was touching her torso, more accurately this three little holes like she was stabbed by a?by a..., well I had no idea what she could have been stabbed with.

    "Amy, where did you find that spell?"
    "Who's talking about a spell? I didn't do anything, that thing came to me, shared my body and then I was strong...Do you think she knows where she is?"
    "I don't know. Do you know wher?"

    The earth started to shake, everything was falling down, the clouds were torn apart, even my blood was shaking, boiling, screaming. The power was gargantuan. I had to concentrate to keep my feet on the ground. Then I looked at Amy, I thought right, she already was ashes. Too weak, like everyone here, I realised I was the only who could survive, in less than five minutes, everyone on earth would become ashes, including Judy.

    I had to do something, but what? Everything around me was destruction, was death. The angel of death, that's what she was, and me the goddess of life, but only if there's life left, I thought! She really wanted destruction, death itself, or mayb?

    "Logan, of course!" Whatever that guy was she wanted Logan, I could see him in her mind. Was he still alive? "Yep!" I instantly made him appear in front of her. She stopped right away.

    "Jean, is that you?"
    "Is it really you, how?"
    "I don't know, I guess the phoenix never really dies."
    "And me, how did I came here?"
    "Well I guess it's that woman over th?I don't understand, there was a woman?"
    "Who was she?"
    "Just Willow." I thought.