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The Restoration of Three Blondes

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  • The Restoration of Three Blondes

    Verse: Charmed
    Characters: Mitzy, Margo, and Mabel Stillman
    Disclaimer: Didn't create the characters, not making any money from this fic, you know the drill.
    Continuity: Comes after my previous fanfiction entitledThe Sentencing of Three Blondes. As of the beginning of this story, Mitzy and Margo have been released from jail, but their powers are still bound. Mabel is still in jail.
    Author: Ojuice5001

    Chapter One

    An Old Flame

    Mitzy and Margo stood at the front door of a house in Philadelphia. Margo pushed the doorbell button at the same time as Mitzy yelled out, "Hey Mike! Are you home?"

    Mike opened the door. He was a young-looking guy, blond, with a well-trimed full beard. "Mitzy! What are you doing here?"

    "Well, you see," said Mitzy, "we had this little mishap where some enemy witches binded our powers..."

    "The word is 'bound,' Mitzy," said Margo with a sneer.

    "Shut up, Margo! A lot of people make that mistake," said Mitzy. "Anyway, Mike, I remember that you're a really good warlock, and I was thinking that you could, you know, unbind them for us? Okay? For old times' sake, my sweet little marshmallow?" As Mitzy spoke, she was getting closer to Mike and beginning to hug him.

    "Uh, sure," said Mike. "I'll start on it first thing in the morning."

    "Awesome," said Mitzy. "Margo and I will crash here for the night."

    The next day at about eleven, Mike had finished making a device for restoring his old girlfriend's powers.

    "The first thing I'll need is a metal object that belongs to one of you," he said, holding a magical orb in his hand.

    "Let's see..." Mitzy looked through her purse. "All I have is this nail file. It's just a cheap knockoff brand that will bend like a twig if you push it too hard. That's okay, isn't it?"

    "Yeah," said Mike. "In fact, it works better if it matches the personality of the witch it's for."

    "Hey, watch the insults, bub--" said Mitzy.

    "Oh, chill out, Mitzy," said Margo. He's doing us a favor, so let's get this done right away.

    Mike held the orb in his hand, and spoke the words of the spell:

    "Three witches got in a catfight, now their powers are bound
    But they will get them back, for they are loyal, loyal as my faithful hound."

    He crushed the orb, and glowing energy flowed from the orb into Mitzy's nail file.

    Mike began his explanation of how his spell worked. "You lost your powers when you were quarrelling among yourselves. So what you need to do is hold the nail file and sincerely admit that you were wrong about something."

    "All right then, said Margo, holding the nail file. "I was wrong to think that you did sleep with Chris."

    The nail file glowed a bright blue.

    Mitzy took the nail file in her hand. "And I should have been more sensitive about how you were upset. It must have sucked for you, how Mabel and I had the Charmed Ones' powers and you didn't."

    The nail file glowed a bright blue.

    "So now we've got our powers back, right? said Mitzy, her wide eyes and broad grin revealing her eagerness to get her powers back.

    "Not quite," said Mike. It won't take effect until the other sister admits she was wrong about something. What's she up to these days, anyway?"

    Mitzy and Margo exchanged a look. They were both thinking the same thing: This is going to be tougher than we thought.

    "Well," said Margo, "we'd better get back to San Francisco. Mike, can you teleport us there so we don't have to worry about a car?"

    Mitzy was smiling at Mike as she said, "Margo, I think a complicated spell like that will have to wait until tomorrow."

    "What? How is it complicated? Even we used to be able to use those bottles of perfume to--"

    Margo broke off when she saw that Mitzy wasn't listening to her, but was focused on making out with her old boyfriend.

    "It's late enough that we might as well spend the night, sweetie," said Mitzy. "We can wait until tomorrow."

    "But it's only eleven AM," said Margo, exasperated.
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    A Cold Refusal

    Mitzy and Margo stood in the hall of a jail building. Mitzy was carrying a box of cupcakes.

    "Okay, Margo, I know you aren't looking forward to meeting that bitch again," said Mitzy. "Neither am I. But it's the only way to get our powers back, so just let me do the talking, okay?"

    They walked down the hall until they got to Mabel's cell.

    "Knock knock! You've got visitors!" warbled Mitzy, faking the cheerful tone of voice that usually came naturally to her.

    Mabel opened her door, and a look of rage came across her face when she saw who it was. "I can't believe you two had the nerve to come here after what you did. It was all your fault that Chris figured out who we were! And of course I know that you two testified against me. That I was the one who killed the salesman!"

    "Because you did!" retorted Margo. "I don't remember suggesting--"

    "Stop! Both of you!" said Mitzy. "I don't like having to be the voice of reason here. But listen to me, Mabel. We brought you a present. A cake with a file in it, you might say."

    She held out one of the cupcakes, which had Mike's enchanted nail file sticking out of the top, in the manner of the candle on a birthday cake.

    "Oh, I get it," scoffed Mabel. "A nail file. Real cute."

    "Well, I thought so," muttered Margo.

    "So did I," said Mitzy, intending to reassure Margo before she exploded again. "Now listen to me. This nail file has had a spell cast on--"

    She was cut off by a rather loud buzzing sound that seemed to come from everywhere in the cell at once.

    "Oh, right," said Mabel. "My room is bugged. They know I'm a witch, and whenever anyone talks about magic, their recording devices activate and listen to everything we say. I found out about that last year, when...never mind the details."

    Mitzy realized what a slim hope she had now. She had to get Mabel to admit she was wrong about something, but she couldn't explain why--not without the prison guards finding out about the plan and ruining everything. She had to make one last, desperate try.

    "Okay, let's forget about all that magic stuff then. Just hold the cupcake, like this"--Mitzy placed the cupcake in Mabel's hand--"and now, I want to hear you say that that big disaster two years ago was partly your fault."

    "First of all, it was all your fault," ranted Mabel. "And second, since when are you the boss of me? I don't answer to you, little sis!"

    "But don't you have to admit that you've been wrong sometimes?" pressed Mitzy, desperately.

    "I don't have to do anything," said Mabel. "Now, is there anything else you wanted, before I go back to forgetting about you two?"

    There wasn't. So Mitzy took the cupcake back out of Mabel's hands. The situation was essentially hopeless, but she still wanted to keep that nail file.

    "Oh, real mature, Mitzy," shouted Mabel, as her sisters walked out of her cell. "Taking back my cupcake that you gave me."
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      A Spark Rekindled

      Mitzy and Margo were hanging out at the Gap.

      "Well, we're more of small-time crooks than we ever used to be," said Mitzy. I mean, this shoplifting expedition is the first illegal thing we've done since arriving in California."

      "I know, don't remind me," said Margo. "But look at this T-shirt. Funny, huh?" She grabbed at a T-shirt with the words "I'm not 30. I'm 29.95."

      "Yeah, funny. And in my case, true...Whoa, check out the shirt next to it. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

      "Yeah, it would be better in a yellow color," said Margo.

      "We've gotta get this shirt, the 29.95 one I mean, and then go back to visit Mabel in her jail cell. I've got an idea," said Mitzy.


      Having returned to Mabel's jail, Mitzy held out a bag from the Gap. "Hey, we've got a new present to show we're sorry. Something a little nicer than just a cupcake."

      And of course, the new present was nicer than the cupcake. The only thing they both had in common was that, as with the cupcake, Mitzy had hidden the enchanted nail file inside the new present.

      "Okay, it's a great shade of red," admitted Mabel, looking at the T-shirt and the message it contained. Evidently she was in a better mood than she had been last time.

      "But the message, do you like the message?" pressed Mitzy.

      "Oh, yeah. Very true."

      A display of glowing blue lights took place, as all three Stillman sisters got their powers back.

      Mabel smiled as her power returned. "Wow, I had no idea you guys had this plan. Thanks, girlfriends. I'll be able to just bust out of here anytime I want, now."

      "But the bugging devices, that's not a problem, right?" said Margo.

      "I'm pretty sure not," said Mabel. "That thing only watches what you say, not what you do."

      "Great," said Margo. "Oh, how's about I take your picture holding your new T-shirt?"

      Mabel obliged, holding up the shirt. The message on the shirt, the one that had allowed her to get her powers back, was this:

      "I was wrong once. I thought I made a mistake.
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