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Demon Slayer: 1.01 "Generation Boy"/ Extended

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  • Demon Slayer: 1.01 "Generation Boy"/ Extended

    The Demon Slayer
    Episode: 1.01/Pilot "Generation Boy" Extended

    Re - Released
    This Episode has been re-edited and changes have been made.


    CUT TO:


    Caption: September 2003 - three months after Chosen

    A young man, looking about 17, wearing a blue hood, blue jeans, and tennis shoes is sprinting through the dark infested forest. On the bottom of the screen, it says “September 2003 – Three Months After ‘Chosen’. As he looks franticly behind him, two Bringers are chasing him down with sharp, shiny knives. Jumping and leaping over large branches, the Young Man struggles to keep his speed. He looks behind him once more, they were gone. He slows his feet as he came to a stop; turns and looks around franticly. There isn’t a sound.

    YOUNG MAN: (beat) Come on bitches, come out where ever the hell you are!

    Behind the Young Man, a dark figure ran. He swiftly turns around and there’s nothing there.

    YOUNG MAN: (shaky) Tricky, you little bastards. I hope you know you’re gonna have to take me dead.

    He hears a tussle in the trees. He turns to run but a Bringer is blocking his way. He jumps back in surprise. Then he turns the opposite direction. A Bringer falls out of a tree landing on his feet, blocking the teen’s path. He goes into a fighting position, the Bringer’s charge at him. He throws a punch missing Bringer #1. With no problem, Bringer #1 grabs the Young Man by his arms and pulls his arms behind his back as Bringer #2 approaches him. The Man’s lips tightened in anger.

    YOUNG MAN: (yelling) Let me go!

    Bringer #2 pulls out his knife that is hidden in his long robe. The long blade shines beautifully in the moon light. His eyes grows wide with fear as he tries to pull away from Bringer #1’s grasp, but he couldn’t get loose.

    YOUNG MAN: (screaming, frantic) Let me go! Please! Some one help!

    The Bringer lifts the knife over his head and swings it down swiftly, impaling the Young Man’s chest. The Young Man gasps for air and begins wheezing as blood pours from his mouth. He looks up at the full moon as his last breath slips from his body.

    CUT TO:


    The Bringers stand in the middle of a pentagram. They lie the teen’s body in the middle of it. The Bringers go to their knees and begin to chant. Suddenly, the ground opens up beneath the teen’s body. Within a second, he disappears into the darkness below. The ground closes and the two Bringers get to their feet and disappears into the woods.



    Theme Song: “Helena” by My Chemical Romance

    Ryan Merriman - Steven Grohtes
    Sean Faris - Noah King
    Danneel Harris - Stacie King
    Alexis Bledel- Casey Odelia
    And Morgan Freeman as Fredeth Jackson

    Katie Cassidy - Minxie Reuben
    Lyari Limon - Kennedy Walson
    Dave Annable- Chance Brewing
    Kaley Cuoco- Jennifer Long
    Cameron Richardson - Young Woman
    And Sarah Hagan as The First

    Alyson Hannigan - Willow Rosenberg








    DISCLAIMER: This is a spin-off of the Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy televisions series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I do not make any money off of this Fan -Fic, its for fun. Some of the characters in my episode belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. The other characters are MINE. So back off. DS is also affiliated with Riley The Series by BlasterBoy (Ben) and Produced by Different Dimensions INC.
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    ACT I

    OPEN TO:


    A young man in about his early twenties is standing over a dead corpse with his white lab coat on, cleaning off the body with a water hose. The young man hears the door open and he looks up. He sees a male enter.

    YOUNG MAN: (joking) Top of the morning to you, lad.

    MALE: (slurred) Good morning to you too, Steven.

    The male puts his coffee mug down on a desk and heads over to the coat rack and puts on his lab coat.

    STEVEN: (putting down the hose and picks scalpel up) Look tired, Chance.

    Chance chuckles as he approaches Steven.

    CHANCE: (smug) Yeah, had a long night.

    STEVEN: (curious) With who?

    Steven makes an incision in the corpse's chest and pulls the scalpel it down to it's grown.

    CHANCE: (putting on sterol gloves) With my computer.

    Both brake out in laughter.

    STEVEN: (recovering from laughter) Fun times, I suppose. You, your computer, and internet porn. Chance, you need a social life.

    CHANCE: Whatever you say. You're just jealous.

    STEVEN: No jealousy here. I have a girlfriend.

    Steven cracks open the dead man's chest cavity with rib crackers.

    CHANCE: How is your bitchy girlfriend anyway?

    VOICE: (V/O) I'm fine, and you?

    Chance's eyes open with fear as he looks up at Steven who is standing across from him with a big smile on his face.

    CHANCE: (shaky) Hey Jennifer!

    Jennifer approaches the examining table that the guys stand at as her stiletto hills click against the floor. Chance bites down on his bottom lip. Jennifer comes around on Steven's side and stands by him as she peers into Chance's eyes from across the examining table.

    JENNIFER: Chance.

    CHANCE: (gulp) Jennifer.

    She puts her finger through her blonde hair and smiles.

    JENNIFER: Chance.

    CHANCE: (nervous) Yes?

    JENNIFER: Next time my name comes out of that ugly little mouth of yours I will rip your tongue out and imbed my very expensive stiletto hill in it. Then I'll pick it up and shove it so far up you're ass -

    Steven kisses Jennifer on the lips to shut her up. Jennifer raps her arms around his neck. They break away.

    STEVEN: How are you doing baby?

    JENNIFER: (smiling; pleasured) I'm good and that kiss was too.

    She leans in once more and kisses him again.

    JENNIFER: (break apart) After your done here, (looks around the room with disgust) want to go out for lunch?

    STEVEN: Sure, but I have one more class today, then I'm all yours.

    JENNIFER: (whinnying) That's too long! Can you leave now? Please?

    STEVEN: Jennifer, I see you everyday.

    Jennifer sighs and rolls her eyes.

    JENNIFER: (referring to work) Let this ass do it.

    She looks over at Chance and back at Steven. Chance's jaw clinches in anger and he gripes the scalpel tight, and then mouths the word "bitch".

    JENNIFER: (whinnying) Steven, come on!

    Jennifer grabs his shirt and pulls him close, giving him a kiss on the lips. Steven gently pulls away from Jennifer.

    STEVEN: This body is my grade, (he points to the body on the table) Jennifer. I can't just get up and leave.

    JENNIFER: (yelling) Oh my god! You're an idiot!

    Steven lets go. She grabs his upper arm and begins to pull him away from the table.

    JENNIFER: (yelling) Lets go!

    Steven looks up at Chance with a uneasy smile. He puts his surgical tools down and takes his latex gloves off.

    STEVEN: Jennifer, I'm coming. I'll meet you in the car.

    JENNIFER: (perks up) Okay, I'll meet you in the car.

    She turns and struts out the lab.

    STEVEN: Chance, I'm really sorry.

    CHANCE: (cert) Steven, go.

    STEVEN: Chance.

    CHANCE: (raising voice) Steven, just go! I'll cover for you!

    Steven takes off his lab coat and slowly walks out the room in shame.

    CUT TO:


    We see Willow standing at the head of a long table that is filled with watchers sitting around it.

    WILLOW: Hello everybody. Well, we all know why this meeting was called. We have a problem. Many of you may know that we discovered a new bread of slayers, males. Do you know what that means for us watchers? More work. So this is what I need from you guys. Outside of these walls, there are thousands of young boys out there, alone, and they have no idea what's happening to them. Many are missing and we don't know where they are but we do know that the bringers are coming in and that means that The First is close by. I have put all watchers and slayers on alert. If you come by a potential demon slayer, take them in, house them then bring them in so they can begin their training.

    A watcher raises her hand from the table.

    WILLOW: Yes?

    WATCHER#1: (English accent) Do you have something else to tell us?

    WILLOW: (confused) What do you mean?

    WATCHER#1: You said that those bloody bringers were back. That only means one thing. The First is back and it's repeating what happened back at Sunnydale.

    WILLOW: Exactly! That's why we need to find as many potentials as we can and they need to be ready and trained as soon as possible.

    WATCHER#1: Ready and trained? If we do get them prepared, during the big battle they'll be weak. They wont be able to fight they have no slayer strength. This is putting us up for failure.

    WILLOW: Yes they will.

    Confusing faces grow across the table.

    WILLOW: (confident) I'm awakening their power.

    There is dead silence.

    WILLOW: The Sickle that I discovered last month...I'm using it to conger they're power. I'm waiting for a call from The Coven. They're going to direct me to the hot spot. The most active hell mouth...they believe that's were The First migrated too. I'm traveling there and that's where I'm going to awaken the power of the Demon Slayer.

    An older male Watcher stands to his feet.

    WATCHER#2: (English accent, concerned) Miss Rosenberg, are you sure your willing to do this? This is serious business.

    WILLOW: Thanks for your concern, but I think I can handle it. Nervous? Hell yes. But I think I can do it. I did it before.

    The door opens to the meeting room and a young blonde, about in her early twenties, walks in.

    YOUNG GIRL: (concerned) Willow.

    WILLOW: Yes, Minxie?

    MINXIE: Phone. Your office, Its Althenea.

    WILLOW: Okay, thanks Minxie.

    Willow turns back to the long table.

    WILLOW: Well, okey dokey everybody. Thanks you for your time but duty calls. I'll fill you guys in before I leave.

    Willow turns and heads out the room and walks past Minxie. Minxie follows behind her.

    MINXIE: Are you okay?

    WILLOW: Oh I'm fine, Minxie, just a small annoying headache. Can you do me a favor? Can you get me some aspirin?

    Minxie huffs and rolls her eyes and comes to a stop while Willow keeps walking ahead.

    MINXIE: (annoyed) Minxie do this, Minxie do that. What the hell am I? A freakin' slave!?

    Willow disappears into her office as Minxie turns the opposite way and heads for the aspirin.

    MINXIE: I'm a damn intern.

    CUT TO:


    Willow heads over to her chair and sits down at her desk. She picks up the phone.

    WILLOW: (excited) Hey. Althenea! How's it going?


    WILLOW: It's going good, still going through the motions with Kennedy's death and all. But I'm all good. (holding back tears; pause) Any who. (clears throat) Let's get all to business. So did you find out where the hot spot is?


    WILLOW: East Wick, Ohio?

    PHONE: Great, thanks. Can you do me a favor and give the Watcher at that location a phone call to fill him in on my arriving?

    WILLOW: Thanks, Althenea. Oh! Can you do me one more favor? It's about the potentials. If you come across any, can you fill them in, and then lead them to the closest watcher around your location?


    WILLOW: Thanks so much.

    Minxie walks in, holding a large, blue, beautiful sickle that is etched in silver. It shimmers in the light. Willow's eyes are fixed on it and her mouth drops.

    WILLOW: (utter shock) Althenea, I'll call you back.

    Willow hangs up the phone.

    WILLOW: Minxie, why do you have that?

    MINXIE: Because it looks so cool and it's beautiful. I'd totally wear this around my neck.

    Willow rises to her feet and walks over to Minxie without taking her eyes off the weapon. She takes the weapon out of Minxie's hands.

    WILLOW: It is beautiful; it took me and Kennedy days to get this thing out of the rock it was imbedded in. We had to finally use explosives.

    Minxie chuckles.

    WILLOW: It's a traditional demon slayers weapon. It's the opposite of the scythe.

    MINXIE: (unsure) That big red axe?

    WILLOW: Yes Minxie, the big red axe.

    Willow studies the weapon closely and moves her index finger up and down the blade. Minxie walks over to a chair that is on the opposite side of Willow's desk and sits down, crossing her legs. Willow gently places the sickle down on her desk. She turns to Minxie.

    WILLOW: When I went to Rome last month to get some answers about the boys going missing, me and Kennedy found something.


    CUT TO:


    Willow and Kennedy are making their way down a narrow cave, holding flashlights.

    KENNEDY: (whispering) Will, are you sure us breaking apart from the party was such a good idea?

    WILLOW: (whispering) Kennedy, we're fine. I just know something is down here. I can feel it.

    KENNEDY: I kind of hope something is down here. I'm ready to beat something's ass

    They keep going on as the ground crunches beneath their feet.

    KENNEDY: (whispering, pointing) Willow, look!

    At the end of the cave is a yellowish light.

    WILLOW: Let's go.

    They head towards the light. Finally, they come to the light and enter a huge alter room. It's filled with candles where three bringers are praying.

    KENNEDY: Like I said Will, there's an ass and I'm about to kick it.

    The bringers turn around and rush the girls. Kennedy hands her flashlight to Willow. Bringer#1 pulls his knife out, swinging it at Kennedy. Kennedy grabs his arm and breaks it. The knife falls to the ground. Willow stands against the cave wall, out of the scuffle. She takes two steps. Suddenly the ground beneath her starts to break way and she falls several feet down into the whole.

    KENNEDY: (screaming) Willow!

    Kennedy attempts to run where Willow has fallen but a bringer pulls her back, throwing her against the cave wall. Kennedy slides down the wall to her knees. The bringers charge at her and begin to kick and punch her repeatedly. Kennedy jumps to her feet, pushing the bringers away. Kennedy looks around franticly and sees the knife that she knocked out the bringer's hand. Kennedy tumbles to the ground and snatches the knife up. She hops to her feet as Bringer#1 charges at her. She plunges the knife into his gut.

    CUT TO:


    Willow lies on a cold surface, she slowly awakes. She pushes herself up to her knees then to her feet. She coughs a couple of times and turns her flashlight on. She looks around and realizes she is in a church. She walks pass the pews and up to the alter where an old vintage book is lying on a podium. She walks behind the podium and picks up the book. She opens the first page and begins to read it.

    WILLOW: (to self, whisper) Oh my god.

    Kennedy drops from the hole, landing on her feet. She looks around and also realizes what it is. She spots Willow on the alter and she runs over to Willow. Kennedy grabs Willow's face and gazes in her eyes.

    KENNEDY: (worried) You okay!?

    WILLOW: Baby, I'm fine. Look at this.

    KENNEDY: Those bringers. History. (scopes place out) What the hell is a church doing under here?

    Willow hands Kennedy the book. Kennedy scans the page then looks back up at Willow.

    KENNEDY: (baffled) A demon slayer! What is that?

    WILLOW: Kennedy, this is a lost text from the monks that created the first vampire slayer.

    KENNEDY: And?

    WILLOW: (excited) This book states they created a demon slayer, a male version of a vampire slayer.

    KENNEDY: Wait, they have male slayers.

    WILLOW: Yeah. That's what it says in here.

    KENNEDY: Why haven't we come across any of them? If demon slayers existed then we would have seen some by know.

    Willow thinks for a moment.

    WILLOW: Unless their power doesn't exist. It all makes sense. The boys going missing across the world. They're potentials.

    KENNEDY: If they where potentials wouldn't they have became slayers when we became slayers?

    WILLOW: Not necessarily. They say after the monks released the power to the first slayer they where murdered by The First. What if the monks never got a chance to release their power to the first demon slayer? That means that male never received his powers but the female did.

    KENNEDY: But when you used the scythe to give us our power that should have worked for them also. The scythe is the traditional slayer's weapon.

    Kennedy's eyes wonders off to the left. Imbedded in a rock was a beautiful blue sickle with silver etched around it.

    KENNEDY: Unless they have one of their own.

    Both of them turn and heads over to the rock. Amazement grows over Willow's face. Kennedy approaches the rock and puts her hand around the sickle's handle and pulls. Nothing happens.

    KENNEDY: Can you say demon slayer traditional weapon for five hundred please.

    WILLOW: Bringers, they were here. Why?

    KENNEDY: The First. They might have been protecting this so no one would find it and find out demon slayer's exist. What if The First is taking the potential demon slayers? You say they're going missing. Obviously, he needs them, because the potential vampire slayers were turning up dead, not missing.

    WILLOW: Baby, I think your right.


    CUT TO:


    WILLOW: Minxie, do me a favor!

    MINXIE: Another one? Oh, and your aspirin. And what's the favor?

    Minxie sits the bottle of aspirin on Willow's desk.

    WILLOW: Thanks so much, Minxie. What could I do with out you? You're like my little side kick. Any who, since we're leaving to the states in about two hours, I need to do some research and you need to go home, pack, and stop by the dry cleaners to pick up my clothes. I forgot to yesterday. Thanks.

    Minxie mouth drops as she stands to her feet. Willow sits down at her desk and opens her lap - top.

    MINXIE: (snarled; under breath) Dry cleaners. What the hell!

    She walks out the office.



    Steven and Jennifer are sitting across from each other as they look through their menus.

    JENNIFER: I think I'm getting the salmon. What about you?

    She closes the menu, then places it on the table.

    STEVEN: (looking through the menu) Don't know. I think the steak.

    JENNIFER: (disgust) Yuck! No! Don't get that. All that grease and the red meat. Your pores are already clogged enough. That steak won't help. Get the salmon like me.

    Steven rolls his eyes and sighs as he hides behind his menu.

    STEVEN: (give up) Sure, whatever.

    JENNIFER: (excited) Yes! The healthy way is the best way, baby. Watch, you'll see in the near future. That's why I look so young.

    Steven closes his menu and sits it on the table. A waiter comes by and picks the menus up.

    STEVEN: That's because you're twenty one.

    Then Jennifer starts digging in her purse. She pulls out a magazine. She opens it to a page with a book mark in it.

    JENNIFER: Look at this, Steven.

    She hands the magazine to Steven.

    JENNIFER: (excited) Look down to the left. Our new apartment. I've already talked to the land lord and he's giving us a great deal. Five hundred a month, that's it.

    He is glaring into the magazine.

    STEVEN: (bland) Great. Looks nice.

    JENNIFER: Look where it's at. Downtown, walking distance from all the markets. Do you like or what?

    She looks up at him with an eager smile.

    JENNIFER: You're excited. Right!?

    STEVEN: (not convincing) Sure.

    Jennifer sits back in her seat and crosses her arms across her chest and pouts.

    JENNIFER: What's wrong? You don't want to move in with me?

    STEVEN: No Jennifer, not that. It's just - you have our life all planned out and I have really no say.

    Jennifer rolls her eyes.

    JENNIFER: (annoyed) Do you like the place or not?

    STEVEN: Yes!

    Jennifer perks back up.

    JENNIFER: Then it's nothing to talk about. We're getting the place.

    Steven sighs in frustration and gives the magazine to Jennifer.

    STEVEN: (giving up) Whatever you say.

    Jennifer grabs the magazine, closes it and stuffs it back in her purse.

    JENNIFER: Ready to eat!?

    CUT TO:


    Steven and Chance are strolling through campus, heading to their classes.

    CHANCE: How was lunch? I hope it was good because you left your friend hanging for it.

    STEVEN: (guilty; sympathetic) Chance, man I'm sorry. I -- I---

    CHANCE: You what? Ditched me for a pretty face?

    STEVEN: No. No, Chance, that has nothing to do with it. I-- I--

    CHANCE: You couldn't say no. Right?

    Steven hesitates.

    STEVEN: (ashamed) Right.

    CHANCE: Steven, do you know what you need?

    STEVEN: (rolling eyes) I know Chance. A back bone.

    CHANCE: Why in the hell do you let her run over you like that? Why do you let anyone run over you? You always do stuff to make other people happy.

    Steven stops and the two men face.

    STEVEN: (defensive) No, I don't! Chance, you don't know what the hell you're talking about!

    CHANCE: Steven, yes you do. Why are you getting so mad? Because you know it's the truth!

    STEVEN: (raising voice) You always bring this up and it pisses me off. You're mad because I have a beautiful girlfriend that loves me. Do you? No, you don't!

    CHANCE: (yelling) This has nothing to do with Jennifer. It has everything to do with you! You just admitted to me that you went with her because you couldn't say no! Steven, you're pathetic. You have no voice of your own! You're a sorry excuse for a friend.

    STEVEN: (yelling) Shut the hell up! You don't know what the hell are you talking about!

    CHANCE: And you don't like hearing the truth. Steven, look the hell around! You're twenty two years old and you're living your life as a lie. You have a girlfriend that tells you what to do. She even picks out your clothes. For Christ sakes, you didn't even want to come to this University! Your mom made you because it was close to home. I have one thing to say to you. Steven, think of your self for once and nobody else. Do something for you. You're going to be graduating in two days and your going to be in the same place.

    STEVEN: (snap) Mr. Know it all! What the hell are you doing after graduation?

    Chance takes in a deep breath.

    CHANCE: Moving to Europe.

    There is silence.

    STEVEN: (baffled) Your what?

    CHANCE: Moving to Europe. Meant to tell you. I have an internship there at a hospital.

    Steven stands there with out moving a muscle; his eyes are wide open with shock.

    CHANCE: Man, I'm sorry. I should have told you earlier. That's why I want you to move on and get a life of your own. Do something for you for once, not for Jennifer, your parents, or even me. Explore the world and breathe in new air. Do something exciting that know one would ever know you could do.

    Chance looks up at the clock tower that is behind Steven; then he looks back at Steven.

    CHANCE: I gotta go. You ok?

    With no emotion Steven shakes his head. Chance runs off to his class.
    The camera pulls back and we see Steven standing alone.


    East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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      ACT II

      CUT TO:


      Willow is sitting at her desk, typing away on her computer. You see the computer screen and it shows that Willow is looking at the profiles for all the slayers across the world. The one she's on says:

      NAME: Casey Odelia

      HOMETOWN: Albany, New York

      LOCATION: East Wick, Ohio

      CONDITION: Working With Fredeth Jackson

      WILLOW: Casey, we meet again.

      Willow sighs and Minxie bursts in holding a bunch of clothes.

      MINXIE: Okay. How the hell does this have anything to do with the watcher's council?

      WILLOW: I need to wear clothes in it.

      Minxie drops all the clothes onto Willow's desk.

      MINXIE: You say this is your damn schedule?

      Minxie holds up a piece of paper.

      MINXIE: It should be changed to ?sit around, sulk, mope, then cry,' for gods sake!

      Willow frowns a little and Minxie notices.

      MINXIE: Will, I'm sorry.

      WILLOW: No, it's fine.

      Willow continues to type on her computer.

      MINXIE: Willow, what happened? Why are you like this? Tell me, please.

      WILLOW: It all started with her.

      Minxie goes to stand behind Willow and sees the computer screen. They are staring at the profile of Kennedy.

      MINXIE: What happened?

      WILLOW: She was my lover.


      CUT TO:


      WILLOW: (V/O) It was just a normal night. She went out, patrolling.

      Kennedy is walking through the graveyard. She has a crossbow in her left hand. She sees four Bringers chasing a girl. Kennedy starts chasing them.

      KENNEDY: Get the hell away from her!

      The Bringers see Kennedy running. Bringer #1 now has the girl in a bear hug. The girl is trying to get loose.

      GIRL: Help me! Please, oh god! Help me!

      Bringer #2 takes his knife out and raises it high in the air. The girl's eyes widen as she continues to struggle. Kennedy raises her crossbow and shouts. It hits Bringer #2's hand. He drops the knife and holds his hand tightly. The girl elbows Bringer #1 and she gets loose. She punches Bringer #3 as he runs towards her. Bringer #4 spins around and scratches the girl in the arm with his knife. Bringer #2 then knees her in the stomach and then punches her down to the ground. Bringer #3 kneels down next to the girl and grabs her face. He takes his knife down and fiercely slides the knife down the side of her face. Blood from her cheeks come gushing out and the girl begins to sob. Kennedy gets to the girl. Kennedy helps her up and kicks Bringer #3 away from her. They start running, Kennedy holding the girl by her arm. Kennedy stops.

      KENNEDY: Keep running and no matter what, don't stop!

      GIRL: But, -

      KENNEDY: Run!

      GIRL: If we meet again, I'm Casey. Casey Odelia.

      KENNEDY: (not caring) That's nice, now run!

      Casey begins running across the graveyard. Kennedy turns around and Bringer #4 punches her in the face. Kennedy falls to the ground.


      CUT TO:


      The screen turns from black to showing the inside of a warehouse. You are seeing from Kennedy's point of view. The four Bringers are there. Blood is still dripping from Bringer #1's hand. Kennedy is shown, chained to a wall.

      AMANDA/THE FIRST: (V/O) Hello, Kennedy.

      Kennedy looks over to the corner of the warehouse to see The First in the shape of Amanda. The First begins to walk towards Kennedy.

      THE FIRST: How are you? Comfortable?

      KENNEDY: No, not really.

      THE FIRST: Good.

      CUT TO:


      Willow is on her computer when a man dressed in a suit walks in.

      MAN: Ms. Rosenberg, we located Kennedy Walson.

      Willow's eyes widen.

      CUT TO:


      The First is still in the shape of Amanda.

      THE FIRST: So, how does it feel to be a hostage? How does it feel to be helpless?

      KENNEDY: Don't like it that much.

      THE FIRST: Yes, I figured.

      KENNEDY: You don't scare me, bitch.

      THE FIRST: Oh, I don't?

      CUT TO:

      INT ? CAR ? NIGHT

      Willow is driving in her car.

      WILLOW: (yells) Move faster!

      CUT TO:


      The First is still in the shape of Amanda.

      THE FIRST: So, I don't scare you?

      KENNEDY: Nope.

      The First slaps Kennedy but the hand just goes through Kenney?s face. The First laughs.

      THE FIRST: You flinched.

      Kennedy doesn't respond.

      THE FIRST: Well, I bet these guys scare you.

      The First takes a few steps back as Bringer #1 kneels down next to Kennedy. Bringer #1 is the one that Kennedy shot.

      THE FIRST: Let's see how you like this. Now, any last words?

      Kennedy stares at Bringer #1 and then spits on him. Bringer #1 slashes Kennedy at the neck. Blood pours from her neck and then The First smiles.

      THE FIRST: That's how I like it.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? CAR ? NIGHT

      Willow jumps out of her car.

      CUT TO:


      Willow runs inside and sees Kennedy is sprawled on the pavement. The Bringers and The First have left. Willow's eyes widen.

      WILLOW: (while beginning to sob) No.

      Willow runs to Kennedy and holds her.

      WILLOW: Baby. Wake up, baby.

      The blood from Kennedy starts to get all over Willow. The camera zooms out to show Willow holding Kennedy from a distance.

      WILLOW: (V/O) She was dead.


      CUT TO:


      WILLOW: That's what happened.

      MINXIE: (remorseful) Wow, depressing. Sorry.

      WILLOW: (changing subject) Okay then, looks like we're heading to East Wick, Ohio.

      Willow turns to Minxie

      WILLOW: Is the car ready?

      MINXIE: Yep.

      CUT TO:


      You see a man fighting a vampire, Vampire #1. The man is muscular with dark hair and a goatee. Then the camera moves out some more to reveal another girl fighting two more vampires, Vampire #2 and #3. It's Casey Odelia from the flashback earlier. Vampire #1 has a sword.

      MAN: Casey, why do you get two?

      CASEY: Because I'm a slayer, and you might get hurt.

      Casey does a back flip, in the process, kicking a vamp. Casey spins and punches the other vampire.

      MAN: Shut up. I'm strong too.

      The Man punches his vamp but he blocks and punches the Man to the ground. Casey does a jumping kick on Vampire #2, sending him backwards and then she does a Russian Split which kicks them both. The Man slowly gets up. Vampire #1 raises his sword, it's shining in the moonlight and swings it straight down to the Man.

      CASEY: Noah!

      Casey punches Noah away so the sword misses Noah.

      CASEY: (yelling) Sorry!

      Casey kicks Vampire #1 onto the ground.

      VAMPIRE #1: Die!

      Vampire #1 jumps up and punches Casey so she stumbles back a little. She turns back to him and gives him an evil glare.

      CASEY: Go to hell, you son of a bitch!

      Casey punches Vampire #1 and then does a spinning kick, kicking the sword out of his hand. Casey grabs the sword, spins and decapitates Vampire #1. He dusts. Noah, on the ground, just stares at her, shocked at what she said.

      CASEY: Sorry for my language.

      Vampire #2 and #3 get up and attack Casey. Vampire #2 jumps on Casey, making her go to the ground, so Noah gets up. Noah takes the sword from Casey's hand and decapitates Vampire #2, who was on Casey. He dusts. Vampire #3 does a jumping kick, getting him in the chest. Noah, falls back. Vampire #3 lifts his sword and Casey kicks it out of his hands. It goes into the air. As it comes down, she punches Vampire #3 twice and when the sword is down, she grabs it and stabs him in the heart. Vampire #3 dusts and Casey looks proud.

      CASEY: There we go.

      Noah gets up.

      NOAH: Those were some nasty pieces of crap.

      A girl in a black leather jacket over a white fitted shirt and in dark blue jeans stands up. She has dark red long hair and is quite beautiful. She dusts herself off.

      GIRL: You can say that again.

      NOAH: Those were some nasty pieces of crap.

      GIRL: Shut up!

      CASEY: Stacie, you weren't even fighting.

      STACIE: Hey! I tried! You can give me some credit for that.

      NOAH: But I was awesome!

      STACIE: Casey did most of the work, bro.

      NOAH: Yeah, right.

      CASEY: No, Noah helped loads.

      STACIE: You saved his ass.

      CASEY: He would've done the same for me.

      NOAH: Why are these vamps getting tougher lately?

      STACIE: Maybe they have been sleeping more.

      NOAH: I don't think so.

      CASEY: I have no idea. I just know that there are more and they're a lot tougher.

      NOAH: True.

      STACIE: I'm hungry. (sarcastically) Stew anyone?

      CASEY: Oh, me!

      STACIE: (laughs) Yeah, right. Pizza is our food.

      NOAH: You can count me in.

      They start walking away.

      CUT TO:


      Steven is sitting in a lecture hall, taping his pencil. A Professor walks into the room with a long trench coat. He walks to the middle of the room. He takes off his trench coat and throws it onto an empty chair.

      PROFESSOR: Shall we begin class?

      Steven stops taping his pencil and looks towards the Professor.

      PROFESSER: So, changes. Good or bad? Helpful or useless? It's the question we all ask ourselves. Children whine about it. (imitating a small child) I love this shirt, though! It's not too small!

      Students laugh.

      PROFRESSOR: It's not funny, not at all. We latch onto things. We grow accustomed to them. When they change, do we like it? Not at all, but it has to be. If your father loses his job and you have to move to get a job somewhere have to move. Or would you rather starve? I for one choose moving, not sure about you guys though. You all look rather anorexic.

      Students laugh in their seats but Steven seems to be stuck in this lecture.

      CUT TO:


      Steven is grabbing clothes and putting them in his suitcase.

      PROFRESSOR: (V/O) Whatever the change is, it has to happen. Whether it being for the sake of humankind or the sake of your family, or self or all three. These changes have to be made and they're all made by everyday people like you and me. It's all just a part of living and even if you don't like it, suck it up.

      Steven finished getting his clothes in a suitcase and he stares out the window that looks over the campus. The sun is setting.

      PROFESSOR: (V/O) Is that clear, class?

      Steven continues to stare.

      STEVEN: (whispering; V/O) Yes.

      Steven slams his suitcase shut. Chance walks in, he places his books on the desk. He looks up at Steven, who is still staring out the window.

      CHANCE: (curious) Steven, what are you doing?

      Chance makes his way over to Steven's side of the room. He sees that Steven's suitcase is packed.

      CHANCE: And why is your suit case packed?

      Steven takes a deep breath. He pulls the suitcase off the bed, to the floor, and then turns to Chance.

      STEVEN: Taking your advice.

      CHANCE: (surprised) Your leaving?

      STEVEN: Yep.

      CHANCE: (disbelief ) Are you serious? Man, what I said before...I was jus -

      STEVEN: Chance! It's fine. You have nothing to do with me leaving. We're cool, no hostility over here.

      Chance sits down on Steven's bed to take everything in.

      STEVEN: I'm finally doing something for me, for once. I just have to go...somewhere far. You know, do a little bit of soul searching.

      CHANCE: (looking up at Steven) What about graduation?

      STEVEN: Talked to the Dean.

      He sits next to Chance on the bed.

      STEVEN: I've passed all my finals and he just let me go. They're sending my degree in the mail.

      CHANCE: So where you going?

      STEVEN: East Wick. A small town I grew up in back in Ohio. When me and my mom moved here, she never put the house up for sale back in East Wick, so I'm staying there.

      CHANCE: And you're leaving now?

      STEVEN: Yep, pulling out in a few. I'm gonna stop by Jennifer's and tell her.

      CHANCE: (smirk) That should be a hell of a ride.

      They laugh.

      STEVEN: (laughing) I'm a little scared for my life.

      CHANCE: Well, I hope that goes well.

      Chance stands to his feet and he extends his hand to Steven.

      CHANCE: I'm gonna miss you man.

      Steven grabs his hand and Chance pulls Steven to his feet. They hug.

      STEVEN: (breaking apart) Well, I got to hit the road.

      CHANCE: Okay.

      Steven picks up his suitcase and he heads to the door. He opens it and looks back at Chance.

      STEVEN: (holding back tears) See ya Chance.

      CHANCE: See ya.

      Steven exit's the room. The door closes. There is silence.

      Camera pans back. We see Chance standing in the middle of the room.

      CUT TO:


      He sits back in the seat and sighs as tears stroll down his face. He takes in a deep breath and then wipes his tears. He starts the car as Move Along By: All American Rejects begin to play.

      Speak to me, when all you got to keep is strong
      Move along, move along like I know you do
      And even when your hope is gone
      Move along, move along just to make it through
      Move along
      Move along


      The car pulls out of the parking lot. It exits the campus.

      When all you got to keep is strong
      Move along, move along like I know you do
      And even when your hope is gone
      Move along, move along just to make it through.

      The slowly fades.

      CUT TO:


      An African American man, in his mid fifties with glasses, is sitting on his couch, reading some sort of old, ancient book. Suddenly, the front door bursts open. Casey, Noah, and Stacie enter. The man looks up from the top of his glasses.

      NOAH: What's up, old man?

      Noah flops down on the love seat that is in the corner.

      MAN: How was patrolling?

      CASEY: It was bad, Fredeth. Noah was almost was killed.

      NOAH: (defensive) What?! No, I wasn't. She's lying.

      Fredeth chuckles as he continues to read the book.

      STACIE: Yes, you were!

      Stacie runs over to the couch and plops down right next to Fredeth. She lays her head on his shoulder.

      NOAH: Stacie, shut up. (to Fredeth) But seriously, Fredeth, something's up with the vamps. The First is spiking their blood or something. They were freakin' vicious.

      Casey places the sword that the vamp had, on the coffee table in front of Fredeth.

      CASEY: And they had this.

      Fredeth looks up from his book. He closes the book and stands to his feet. He picks up the sword and studies it.

      FREDETH: The vampire had this?

      Casey shakes her head.

      CASEY: You've should have seen their faces at the pizza parlor when I carried this in.

      FREDETH: Looks like a regular sword to me. But the question is, why does a vampire have a freshly made sword?

      STACIE: Freshly made sword?

      FREDETH: (studying the sword closely) Yes. This sword was recently structured. You can tell by the extremely sharp edges and the scratches at the end.

      NOAH: Can you say bringers?

      CASEY: So, it's really happening. The First is here in little old East Wick. As we speak, it's building it army right beneath us.

      Stacie looks at the floor in a frightened manor. She puts her feet up on the couch.

      STACIE: Why the hell did The First have to make East Wick it's home?

      CASEY: (to Fredeth) So, what are we supposed to do? Have you spoken to the watcher's council? I mean, The First is here. What are we supposed to do?

      FREDETH: Yes. I've had a few words with the watcher's council. They just told me to stay on alert for any potential demon slayers coming this way. They also told me since East Wick is the most active hell mouth, they will send us more weapons.

      CASEY: They need to send us more slayers. These vamps are getting worse everyday. They're getting harder to fight. If we have the most active hell mouth and The First deciding to come visit us, shouldn't they have hundreds of vampire slayers here helping?

      Casey walks over to the couch and sits down by Stacie. Fredeth places the sword back on the coffee table. He begins to pace back and forth.

      FREDETH: Casey, I don't really know. The Watcher's Council is working on helping us, which ever way they can. They didn't give me any straight answers. I wish they would have, but they didn't.

      CASEY: To be honest, I'm scared. I've seen what The First did to Sunnydale. It's not standing anymore. Fredeth, if the Watcher's Council really cared, we would have an army here getting ready for the battle.

      FREDETH: That's why they are bringing the demon slayer to power.

      NOAH: (curious) To power? What do you mean, to power?

      Fredeth stops pacing and he turns to the others.

      FREDETH: We're having a visitor.

      STACIE: Who?

      FREDETH: Ms. Willow Rosenberg

      CASEY: Willow. That sounds familiar. Who is she?

      FREDETH: Head of the watcher's council. She is the one responsible for discovering that demon slayers exist. She found the old text and the sickle.

      CASEY: She gave us our power, right?

      FREDETH: Yes, she did.

      NOAH: And I bet she's coming here to release the power to all the demon slayers. So, that means we'll have a new guest, aka, a demon slayer guest. (pauses; irritated) Why do we have to house a demon slayer?

      Noah sighs and rolls his eyes. He gets up to his feet.

      NOAH: Beer time.

      He exits the room to the kitchen.

      STACIE: (excited) We're getting a new guest! A boy guest! How exciting!

      Casey looks over at Stacie and rolls her eyes in disgust. Then she looks back up a Fredeth.

      CASEY: When is Willow arriving?

      CUT TO:


      We see Steven's car moving along the disserted road.


      Steven is tapping his thumbs against the steering wheel to the rhythm of the song he is listening to. He has a scratch on his bottom lip. Steven touches it and recoils in pain.

      STEVEN: (to self) A hair dryer. She threw a hair dryer at me.

      As he stares at the road his eyes are growing heavy. He quickly shoots opens his eyes and rubs them rapidly.

      STEVEN: (yawning) Stay awake.

      He looks down at his radio and turns it up to max, hoping it will keep him awake. He looks to the left at a green sign that reads ?East Wick 10 miles' He sighs like he is annoyed.

      STEVEN: (slurred) Steven stay awake. Ten more miles to go. You'll be fine.

      He takes in a breath, and then he rolls down the window. Cool October air hits his face. Suddenly a dark figure runs across the road.

      STEVEN: (sudden shock) What the -

      He slams down on the breaks and the car slides violently off the road into the woods. He grips the stirring wheel in fear as the car is heading on towards a tree.

      STEVEN: (yells) Oh, shit!

      The car impacts against the tree and you hear a huge smash! The screen goes black and there is dead silence.

      East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

      Banner By: Pandora's Box


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        ACT III

        EXT - WOODS - NIGHT

        We see a red mustang. The front end is smashed against a tree. The camera pans back and we see two bringers run quickly across the screen.

        CUT TO:

        INT - CAR - NIGHT

        Steven is slumped over onto the passenger seat, unconscious. Shattered glass is spread everywhere in the car. Steven slowly comes to and sits up. He looks around his surroundings. He looks bewildered and confused. He forces the driver door open and pulls himself out of the wrecked car.

        EXT - WOODS - NIGHT

        Steven struggles to stay on his feet. Behind him, a bringer swiftly runs.

        STEVEN: (mumbled) What the hell?

        A bringer runs behind him. Steven swiftly turns around as a gust of wind hits him in his face. There is nothing there. He now feels unsafe.

        STEVEN: (eyes widen with fear) Hello? Anybody?

        He hears leaves crunching around him and heavy panting, like some one is running. He looks around, franticly.

        STEVEN: (fear; shaky) Stay the hell away from me! I don't know who you are, or what you are!

        Steven stops talking and realizes he feels a presence behind him. Steven slowly turns as he sees a figure in a black long hooded robe staring back at him. Shock over comes Steven's face. He stares at the figure without moving a muscle.

        STEVEN: (whisper) Oh my god.

        The figure breaks out in a run towards Steven. Steven breaks into a sprint running away from the figure.

        STEVEN: (yells) Help! Someone help!

        Steven's tennis shoes slap against the forest floor as the bringer approaches closer to Steven. He looks behind him and sees the figure pulling out a long, sharp knife from its robe.

        STEVEN: (scream; crying) Please, someone help! Oh my god! Help!

        Steven runs quickly through the dark woods jumping over branches and pushing bushes out of his way. Steven repeatedly looks behind him as he keeps his speed up, but the figure is gaining on him.

        STEVEN: (worried) Oh, god!

        Suddenly a hand violently grips Steven's hair. The figure has caught up with Steven. He throws Steven to the ground. He tumbles on the ground and quickly jumps to his feet. The robbed figure's face comes to view from the moon light.

        STEVEN: (sudden horror) Oh my god. What the hell's up with your eyes?! You don't have any eyes!

        With no hesitation, the bringer whips the knife at Steven's head. Steven goes into a trance like state and catches the knife before it impaled him in the face. Still in the trance, Steven whips the knife back at the bringer impaling him directly in the chest. The bringer falls to the ground, dead. Steven blinks and he realizes what he just did.

        STEVEN: (awe; to self) Did I do that!?

        Steven looks around him, franticly, to make sure nothing else is coming for him. He spots another bringer behind a bush, watching him. Steven turns to run and another robed man is stares back at him.

        STEVEN: Holy shi -

        The Bringer extends his arm punching Steven in the face.

        CUT TO:


        Casey pulls her long, brown, silky hair into a ponytail. Now she is wearing a fitted tank top and loose sweat pants. Casey is looking at something across the room with a smirk on her face. The camera reveals Noah at the other end of the room. shirtless with a cocky smile.

        NOAH: Ready to get your ass kicked?

        CASEY: (shocked; snaps) Language!

        NOAH: (laughing) Sorry.

        Both of them walk to the middle of the room and they tap fists. Casey throws him a sweet smile.

        NOAH: You nasty little girl you.

        Casey extends her arm, punching Noah square in the nose. Noah stumbles back.

        CASEY: (disgust) Nasty little girl? That's really gross.

        She jumps in the air, kicking him in the chest. Noah falls to his butt.

        CASEY: You're pathetic.

        Noah throws her another cocky smile, and then he hops to his feet. Both of them get into their fighting stances and circle each other.

        NOAH: You hit like a girl.

        CASEY: I am a girl. Now you on the other hand...

        Noah swings his body into a tornado kick. His foot whips Casey across the face. She stumbles back but recovers quickly. She throws two punches straight to his face. She goes to throw another but Noah grabs her and pulls her arm down, leaving him an open target. He throws his arm out to punch her. Swiftly, Casey catches his fist. She pulls away from his grasp. getting free. Noah charges at her. He is now angry. Casey leaps in the air doing a split. Noah runs under her, and then smashes against the wall. Casey lands on her feet and turns to him.

        CASEY: (evil grin) Come on! I'm getting bored.

        Noah turns from the wall and faces Casey. Noah's face is red and he is breathing heavily in anger.

        NOAH: (mumbles) Bitch.

        Noah charges again. Casey plants her feet getting ready for his blow. Noah goes low and tackles Casey at the legs. He lifts her off the ground and they crash into the wall.

        CUT TO:


        A picture on the wall falls to the ground. The camera pans back and we see Fredeth at his desk, flipping through a book and Stacie is sitting in the middle of the floor, sitting Indian style with several books surrounding her and one in her hand reading it.

        STACIE: (not looking up from book) Why don't they just have sex?

        The camera goes back at Fredeth. He shrugs his shoulders. The camera moves back to Stacie.

        STACIE: So, what in the world are we looking for, exactly?

        FREDETH: Anything you can find on our new enemy, The First.

        Stacie flips thought the pages.

        STACIE: (sighs) What is there to know? It's the first evil. It's greater than any evil...ever.

        FREDETH: (looks up from his book and into Stacie's eyes) We need to know how to stop it, Stacie. You don't understand the realness to this situation. We are in a war now. There is no playing, lacking, or goofing around. The First is coming back and it's not gonna back down. It's going to rise with full force and when it comes, we have to be ready to fight and if we fail, that's it for the world.

        Stacie now looks uncomfortable and frightened.

        STACIE: I thought Buffy stopped it?

        Fredeth places the book down on his desk, and then sits back comfortably in his chair and crosses his arms over his chest.

        FREDETH: She never stopped it. You can't stop evil. But she slowed it down. She put it on hiatus. Then, The First moved along the coast and it creped up to the most active and largest hell mouth.

        STACIE: (worried) Us.

        FREDETH: To be frank with you, The First will run though East Wick like its nobodies business and it will kill anyone that gets in its path. This is serious...people will die...innocent people. We may not be able to stop The First but we can prevent it from rising and turning earth into pure hell.

        Stacie stands to her feet.

        STACIE: Then we shouldn't be looking at books! We should be gathering an army to help us. Because me, you, my brother, and Casey? That's not an army! If we're the ones that have to fight this thing then everybody is screwed.

        FREDETH: (raises voice) Don't you think I already know that!?

        He takes in a breath.

        FREDETH: I'm sorry Stacie, but the council said they will do everything in their power to help us. What else am I suppose to do?

        STACIE: I'm scared Fredeth, and somebody that I look up to is backing up against the wall! The watcher council isn't always going to be there but we are. You can't worry about people that are halfway across the damn world! I know what happened to Lily sucked but going strictly by the rules thing isn't working.

        FREDETH: (holding back built anger) Stacie, please leave my office.

        STACIE: (sympathetic) Fredeth I'm sor -

        FREDETH: (cert) Get out!

        Stacie slowly exits the office and shuts the door behind her.

        FREDETH: (yells) Damn it!

        He throws the book across the room and it smashes against a mirror on the wall, shattering it.

        CUT TO:


        Noah slams to the floor. He looks up at Casey with a smile. He painfully stands to his feet. They are both out of breath.

        NOAH: You got me on that one.

        CASEY: I know.

        Casey turns on her heel swinging her leg around to Noah's face. Noah catches her leg. He twists her ankle, spinning her in mid-air. She lands back on her feet. She runs over to the weapons closet and pulls down a sword. Noah runs over to the opposite wall and pulls down an axe. They turn to each other.

        CASEY: (smiling) Let's go.

        Noah swings the axe down. Casey blocks it with her sword. She pushes Noah back, and then swings the sword at Noah's head. Noah jumps back as the sword comes inches from his face. She swings again but this time the sword slashes him across the face. Casey quickly drops her sword and her face grows with fear. Noah holds his hand over his bloody wound. Casey makes her way over to him. Noah drops the axe. Casey examines the cut. She moves his hand.

        CASEY: (sympathetic) Oh my god! Noah, are you okay?

        Casey presses her hand against Noah's wound, giving it pressure. Noah flinches in pain. He gives Casey a half smile.

        NOAH: I'm okay.

        CASEY: (worried) No, you're not! You're bleeding too much! Oh my god! You're gonna die!

        NOAH: (snickers) No, I'm not Casey. I'll be fine.

        They look into each other's eyes and Noah's smile fades slowly and they lean in closer. Noah closes his eyes, ready to kiss. Casey backs up and pushes Noah away.

        CASEY: (shy) Ill go get you some towels and warm water.

        Noah sighs in annoyance and places his hand back on his face as Casey quickly exits the room.

        NOAH: Why would you even try?

        CUT TO:


        Stacie is standing outside, smoking a cigarette. She is humming a nursery rhyme. Stacie looks up and down the empty, dark street. Down the street, to the left of her, she hears lowed foot steps. A curious look comes over her face and she moves towards the street to look. She sees three bringers running down the street with knives in hand!

        STACIE: (whispering) And where are you guys going in such a hurry?

        Stacie drops the cigarette onto the pavement, and then puts it out with the toe of her black stiletto heel. She looks up at the dark green Jeep wrangler, Noah's car, which is parked in the drive way. She heads over to it.

        CUT TO:

        EXT - WOODS - NIGHT

        The camera is above Steven, who is tied with rope at the hands and feet. He is also unconscious. Under him is a pentagram made in yellow sand. Two bringers are standing above him, chanting. The camera pans down to Steven's face, who is coming to.

        STEVEN: (mumbling) What the hell?

        Steven slowly looks up at the robed men and notices the shiny knives in their hands. He begins to pull at the rope franticly that is rapped tightly around his wrist.

        STEVEN: (yelling) What do you guys want!? Let me go!

        The bringers come down to their knees, raises their hands up in the air then begin to chant loudly in another language. Suddenly, the soil beneath him starts to move and shift.

        STEVEN: Holy mother of cheese! Oh my god! Help!

        The camera moves above Steven. We see the pentagram beneath Steven opening into the hell mouth. He slowly begins to slide into the darkness below.

        STEVEN: (yell) No!

        Out of nowhere, a forest green Jeep comes crashing through the ritual, sliding to a stop as it hits Bringer#1 dead on, sending it back into a tree. Bringer #2 rushes at the driver's door. The door flings open swiftly, hitting Bringer #2 in the face. He staggers back and falls onto his butt. The mystery driver steps out of the car and the moon light reveals Stacie, who is gripping a battle axe in her right hand.

        STACIE: (disbelief) I can't believe I just did that.

        Stacie quickly rushes at Bringer#2 that is on the ground. She brings her axe up over her head and swings it down into Bringer#2's neck. She forcefully pulls out the axe. She looks over to the frantic guy who is wiggling, trying to escape the engulfing ground. Stacie runs over to the magical circle and kicks the sand that makes the circle. Suddenly, the ground comes to a stop and it is still. Stacie runs over to him and unties his hands and feet. Stacie helps Steven to his feet as she still was gripping the axe.

        STEVEN: And you are?

        STACIE: A hot chick who just saved your pale ass!

        Bringer#1 grabs Stacie by the arm and snatches her away from Steven, and then throwing her violently to the ground. The battle axe slides across the leaves, several feet away from her. The bringer stands over her, griping his knife, getting ready to stab. Stacie rolls over onto her back as she is looking up at the robed person with fear in her eyes. She begins to crawl backwards, helplessly, as the bringer approaches her.

        STACIE: Ah!

        The knife swings down, swiftly. Stacie screams and puts her arm up to protect her.

        There is silence and then a thump.

        Stacie slowly lowers her arm and Steven is standing over her, out of breath with his hand out towards her. She looks to the ground near her feet. The bringer is lying face down with the axe in his back. Steven helps her to her feet. She combs her fingers through her long red hair.

        STACIE: (relieved) That was close.

        STEVEN: I'm the hot guy who just saved your life.

        STACIE: (smiling) I didn't ask.

        Then they hear movement in the bushes. They both look around franticly.

        STACIE: We got to go! Now!

        She takes off running towards the car as Steven follows behind her. They hop in the jeep and quickly back out onto the road and head back into East Wick.

        CUT TO:


        The jeep pulls into the drive way. The doors open and Stacie and Steven hop out. As they run for the door, several bringers come out of nowhere, attacking the two of them. Bringer#1 rushes up to Stacie with a large wooden fighting stick and begins to hit her repeatedly. She put her hands up to block the blows. Steven runs to Stacie to help her but Bringer#2 jumps in the air, windmill kicking Steven across the face. Steven falls to the ground. Stacie breaks away from the Bringer#1 with the stick. She runs for the front door.

        STACIE: (yell) Noah!

        Bringer#1 swings the wooden stick breaking it across her head. Her body goes limp and she falls to the ground, unconscious. Noah, Casey, and Fredeth come rushing out the building with weapons in their hands. Fredeth lifts Stacie's limp body off the ground, and then he turns to Steven in a panic.

        FREDETH: You! In the house. Now!

        Steven pushes a bringer away from him as he follows behind Fredeth into the building in a hurry. Casey plunges a sword into Bringer#1's chest. Another comes charging at her, she pulls the sword out Bringer#1's chest, and then spins around and decapitates Bringer#2.

        CASEY: Bye, bye.

        Noah punches Bringer#3 across the face several times. Bringer#3 falls to the ground, and then Noah stands over him and with no problem, snaps Bringer#3's neck. Noah looks up and spots two bringers running into the apartment building. Noah turns to Casey.

        NOAH: Casey, can you handle this?!

        CASEY: Yeah, go!

        Noah sprints after them. Casey is taking on the last two bringers. They are getting the best of her. Bringer#4 kicks the sword out of Casey's hand. Bringer#5 extends his leg, kicking Casey in the abdomen, knocking the wind out of her. Casey staggers back, and then she recovers quickly and comes back with a back hand punch to Bringer#5's face. She thrusts her elbow back into Bringer#4's face. Bringer#5 pulls out a knife from his robe and brings down the knife. Casey catches his hand before the knife met her head. Casey swiftly twists the bringer's wrist, taking the knife out of his possession. Then, she plunges the knife in his gut. She pulls it out, and then throws it at Bringer#4's head, killing it.

        CUT TO:


        Fredeth burst into the living room, carrying Stacie's unconscious body. He lies her body softly down on the couch. Steven comes stumbling in, all baffled and confused. He slams the door behind him.

        STEVEN: (yell) What the hell is going on!?

        Fredeth is rushing franticly around the living room, looking for something.

        STEVEN: What are you doing?

        FREDETH: Weapons! Noah, where'd you put my weapons!?

        Suddenly, the front door bursts open and two bringers come charging in. Bringer#1 comes charging at Steven with a knife in hand. Steven turns and runs the opposite way as the bringer chases him. Bringer#2 tackles Fredeth to the ground and they brake into a scuffle.

        CUT TO:


        Steven tumbles into the kitchen. He quickly gets to his feet as Bringer#1 punches him across the face. Steven stumbles back into the fridge. Steven looks around for a weapon. The bringer jumps up in the air, kicking Steven in the face. He stumbles over to the sink and grabs the counter top for support. He notices a butcher knife in the sink and with no hesitation; he grabs the knife, turns around, and plunges it into the bringer's chest. Noah comes bursting in, gripping a battle axe in one of his hands. He stops and realizes the bringer is dead.

        NOAH: You okay?

        Steven nods his head.

        STEVEN: (breathing heavily) Can I ask you a question?!

        NOAH: What?

        STEVEN: (breathing heavily) What the hell is going on!?

        CUT TO:


        Every one is gathered around the living room. Stacie is balled up on the couch, holding an ice pack to her head. Casey is sitting next to her and Fredeth next to her. Noah is standing in the corner, with his arms across his chest. Steven is pacing back and fourth in the living room.

        Steven: (disbelief) This is very hard to take in. But I kind of get it now. In school, I was always faster than everyone and my hand-eye coordination was great. So that's why. I'm a...what?

        NOAH: (annoyed) Potential demon slayer.

        STEVEN: Yeah, that.

        Then we hear the phone ring. It's coming from Fredeth's office.

        FREDETH: Hold that thought! I got it.

        Fredeth walks quickly to his office. The room goes silent. Steven turns to Stacie.

        STEVEN: Um...Stacie?

        STACIE: Yeah?

        STEVEN: Are you okay?

        STACIE: Peachy. Just a little bump. No big.

        STEVEN: (worried) Are you sure?

        STACIE: Yes, Steven, I'm fine. Don't fret, okay?

        She throws him a half smile. Steven throws one back. Noah rolls his eyes and sighs.

        NOAH: (annoyed) Oh, god. What a pansy.

        Casey shoots Noah a dirty look.

        CASEY: Stop.

        Casey gets up and pulls Noah out of the room.

        STACIE: That's brother.

        CUT TO:


        Casey and Noah are standing face to face.

        CASEY: What's the problem?

        NOAH: Him! He's a pansy and a winy brat! And he's is suppose to be a demon slayer? I don't know how the hell that's going to work! He's pathetic.

        CASEY: Noah, you don't even know him! You can't judge a book by its cover. He could be a really strong person.

        NOH: Yeah, right. You have to be more than a strong person to be a slayer. He's a punk and I don't like him.

        CASEY: Give him a break. He's a potential and he's about to get his powers and he'll still be lost. You can't blame him for being scared. His life has changed. He can never walk away from this. His gift will always be with him and that gift will take him through hell and back. You and the others can always give up and settle down with a family in a nice neighborhood. Me and Steven could never do that. We have so much weight on our shoulders and we don't need people like you wading us down even more.

        Noah stands there with his arms across his arm and his jaw clinching. He had nothing to say. Casey turns and exits the room.

        CUT TO:


        Fredeth enters the living room.

        STACIE: Who was that on the phone?

        FREDETH: Althenea. She's a seer in a coven. She told me Ms. Rosenberg is on her way to East Wick to help us.

        STACIE: Ms. Rosenberg? The lady that is head of the watcher's council?

        FREDETH: Yes, in deed.

        STACIE: Why do we need her? What can she possibly do?

        FREDETH: She's releasing their power.

        STEVEN: What do you mean "releasing"?

        Casey walks in.

        CASEY: You're going to become a demon slayer. Just like she did with us vampire slayers. She's going to use the scythe.

        FREDETH: No, apparently the demon slayer has its own traditional weapon, a sickle.

        STACIE: Why is she releasing it here?

        FREDETH: East Wick is largest and the most active hell mouth and The First is here also.

        STEVEN: (baffled) And that chick that is on her way? She can help me get my powers?

        FREDETH: Do you understand that your normal life is gone now? Gone forever and that your life and everyone else's life around you will be at stake every day of your life.

        Steven draws in a deep breath. He makes his way over to the love seat and plops down.

        STEVEN: (baffled) This is all whacked and nuts.

        Fredeth looks over at Stacie who is now getting up from the couch and begins to head in the kitchen.

        STEVEN: (calling after) Stacie.

        STACIE: Yeah?

        STEVEN: Thanks, again.

        STACIE: No prob. It was my good deed for the day.

        She continues into the kitchen. Casey moseys over to the front window and glares out the window over the town.

        CASEY: So, where you staying?

        STEVEN: Across town, my parents old place.

        CASEY: You've lived here before?

        STEVEN: Yeah, I grew up here. I moved when I was younger because my parents got a divorce.

        CASEY: That's ironic that you used to live here and now you just decided to come back at this point of time.

        FREDETH: Him coming back at this exact moment isn't just ironic. He was meant to.

        Casey spots a black car pulling up in front of the apartment complex and out steps a red head female and a blonde female.

        CASEY: I think Ms. Rosenberg is here.

        Fredeth heads over to the window and looks. Casey's eyes widen because she knew Ms. Rosenberg. The camera pans in on Casey's shocked face.

        CASEY: Oh, god.

        FREDETH: Yes, that is Ms. Rosenberg.

        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV


          Fredeth opens the door. Willow and Minxie enter the apartment. Fredeth and Willow shake hands.

          FREDETH: (smiling) Welcome, Ms. Rosenberg.

          WIILOW: (smiling) Thanks and call me Willow.

          They hug.

          WILLOW: This is my intern, Minxie Reuben.

          Minxie shakes Fredeth's hand. Steven gets up and greets them.

          STEVEN: Hi, I'm Steven.

          WILLOW: Oh, the potential.

          STEVEN: (shaky) Yep.

          WILLOW: Your nervous, huh?

          STEVEN: Very. All this stuff is new to me.

          WILLOW: You'll get use to it...I think.

          STEVEN: Willow.

          WILLOW: Yes?

          STEVEN: I feel sick and I'm about to throw up.

          WILLOW: Steven.

          STEVEN: Yes?

          WILLOW: Bathroom.

          Steven takes off into the back, passing Noah, who is entering the living room. We hear the bathroom door slam. Willow begins to giggle.

          FREDETH: Don't mind him. Well, ready to get started?

          WILLOW: Yeperoony. So, I'll have Minxie set up the ritual and do you have some place we can talk?

          Willow hands Minxie a duffle bag.

          FREDETH: Yes, I do.

          Then, Willow spots Casey across the room, standing in a corner with a worried look on her face.

          WILLOW: Fredeth, can you hold one moment?

          Willow makes her way over to Casey.

          WILLOW: (smile) Hi, Casey.

          CASEY: (nervous) Hi.

          WILLOW: (whispering) Don't be nervous or scared of me. I'm not mad at you. Okay?

          Casey nods her head.

          WILLOW: Now, I'm going to walk away. I know you want to keep this from them, so I just came over to say hi.

          CASEY: I -

          WILLOW: Don't say anything. I know it wasn't your fault and I don't want you to keep blaming your self. You didn't kill her. So, like I said before. Nice meeting you, Casey.

          CASEY: (smile) Nice meeting you too.

          Willow turns and winks at Casey as her and Fredeth head to the office. Casey has a big smile on her face and a tear rolls down her cheek and a sigh of relief exits her.

          CUT TO:


          Fredeth is standing behind his desk as Willow is standing across from him.

          FREDETH: This will work, right?

          WILLOW: It will work. But once I release this power, the whole world will be different and you'll have two slayers to attend. Can you handle that?

          FREDETH: Yes I can. I can handle it. It's just, I'm still confused about this whole demon slayer thing. It's just so weird. Why now? Why would you find it at this point in time? It just seems very strange.

          WILLOW: I've been asking myself that lately. I don't know. I even questioned myself about releasing the power. But in all the text, I've read it says that the demon slayers are a good omen and they were meant to fight beside the vampire slayers. Which seems like that's happening. I'm just glad that we have a lot more help to stop the big bad from bringing the world to an end.

          FREDETH: (confused) Excuse me. Big Bad?

          Willow snickers.

          WILLOW: The First.

          Fredeth shakes his head like he knows what Willow was talking about.

          FREDETH: (not convincing) Oh...yeah, I got it.

          Willow lets out another snicker because she knows he still doesn't get it.

          WILLOW: Anyways, let's get to work. You ready?

          FREDETH: More than ready.

          WILLOW: Wait Fredeth, one thing. If anything goes wrong, get every one out and run.

          Fredeth looks confused

          FREDETH: Okay, I'll do that.

          They exit the office.

          CUT TO:


          Willow is standing in the middle of the living room. Candles are surrounding her in a circle. The group is surrounding the circle. Steven is holding the sickle in his hand, studying it carefully and is intrigued.

          STEVEN: (amazed) This is beautiful.

          STACIE: So, now what do we do with it?

          WILLOW: I start the spell.

          She goes to the floor in an Indian style position. She looks up at Minxie, who is standing to the left of her.

          WILLOW: Minxie, can you do me a favor and hit the light?

          MINXIE: Aright.

          She heads over to the light and turns it off.

          WILLOW: Steven, I need you in the circle.

          Steven steps over the candles and sits to the ground Indian style across from Willow.

          WILLOW: Sickle, please?

          Steven hands the sickle to Willow. Willow set the sickle between the two of them. The others look very intrigued as they watched.

          STEVEN: Now, what?

          WILLOW: Place your hand on the sickle.

          He does so, and then Willow does.

          WILLOW: You ready?

          STEVEN: As ready as I can be.

          Willow lets out a little snicker.

          WILLOW: I know, calm down. Everything will be okay once I release your powers. Okay, here we go.

          Willow takes in a deep breath and closes her eyes.

          There is silence for a moment.

          STACIE: (dry) Nothing is happening.

          Willow's head flings back as black quickly grow across her red hair. Her eyes shoot open and are filled with black. Everyone steps back from the circle.

          MINXIE: Willow, what's wrong!?

          Minxie goes in to touch Willow.

          FREDETH: (yelling) Minxie, no!

          Minxie's hands lands on her shoulder. Suddenly, Minxie goes flying back across the room, smashing on top of the coffee table.

          STACIE: (frightened) Oh my god!

          She runs over to Minxie. Steven takes his hands off the sickle and stand to his feet quickly.

          STEVEN: (scared) Fredeth, what's happening?

          FREDETH: I don't know what's happening. Whatever you do, don't touch her!
          Black veins begin to crawl up her skin.

          Steven: Don't worry about that!

          The apartment begins to shake violently! Books and things are falling to the ground. Casey runs over to Noah. She is trying to keep her balance.

          CASEY: (yelling) What do we do? Fredeth, what's wrong with her!

          FREDETH: To much power! I think we need to stop her before she dies!

          The sickle slowly begins to lift off the ground into mid-air. It reaches to Steven's eye level. Steven stares as fright grows across his face.

          STEVEN: Oh, god!

          NOAH: I can stop it!

          Noah sprints over to the circle, reaches his hand out, wrapping his hand around the sickle.

          FREDETH: (furious; yelling) Noah, no! You damn idiot!

          Fredeth runs over and grabs Noah's shirt. He tries to pull but the sickle lets off a electrical charge shot out the sickle up his hand and arm, sending him and Fredeth flying back into the dining room, crashing into the wooden table, breaking it. Casey takes a couple of steps back as black mist begins to build up around Steven and Willow. Stacie helps Minxie to her feet, who is moaning in pain. Her long blonde hair is draped over half of her face. She also has a cut on her lip.

          MINXIE: Stacie, we have to stop it. The power will kill her. Do something!

          STACIE: (panic) Okay, okay. Here, lie down.

          Stacie helps her over to the couch and lies her down. Then she runs over to the circle, which is now surrounded by a black thick cloud. Wind is now blowing heavily in the room. Stacie's red hair is flying around like crazy.

          STACIE: (yelling) Steven! Grab the damn sickle!

          STEVEN: (shout) No! I'm not touching it. Did you not see what it just did to Noah!? I'm not touching that thing!

          STACIE: (yelling) You're fine, it wont hurt you! Grab the sickle. Hurry!

          STEVEN: (yelling) I can't!

          STACIE: (screaming) Stop being a damn pansy and grab the sickle! Willow could die!

          Willow begins to lift from the ground into mid-air. Her head is still tilted backwards. She is now unconscious and her clothes are now pitch black. Sparks of energy is coming from her body. Then, Casey runs by Stacie.

          CASEY: Steven, please grab it!

          STEVEN: (yelling) Casey, I can't.

          STACIE: Steven, I'm gonna jump through this damn cloud and kick your ass! Now, grab it!

          STEVEN: (annoyed) Okay, I'll grab it.

          Steven grabs the sickle. A red light releases from the weapon and quickly expands, breaking through the black cloud, throwing Casey and Stacie across the room. The red light travels through the apartment and breaking through the windows.

          There is a flash.

          CUT TO:


          We see a nerdy teenage boy is getting picked on in a school hallway. Four jock football players surround him, pushing him against the lockers. The teenage boy falls to the ground in pain. Suddenly he takes in a deep breath and looks up at the jocks with an evil grin as he takes off his eye glasses. Jock#1 throws a punch but the teenage boy grabs the jock's hand and rises to his feet. He extends his arm, punching the jock square in the chest, sending him flying across the hall smashing against some more lockers.

          There is another flash.

          CUT TO:

          INT - MACANIC SHOP - DAY

          An older man is working under a car. The car slips off the jack and quickly falls rapidly ontop of the man. The man shoots his hands out and stops the car from smashing him. He slowly wiggles from under the car and stands to his feet. He then gently sits the car to the ground as amazement grows across his face.

          There is another flash.

          CUT TO:

          INT - SCHOOL GYM - NIGHT

          The gym is crowded and a game is in progress. A teenage boy goes up for a lay-up. He comes back down onto the floor and heads back down the court with the rest of the team. He stops in the middle of the court, he draws in a deep breath and then falls to his knees.

          CUT TO:


          The apartment is pitch black. We here movement and coughing. Then, the lights turn on in the living room. We see Stacie standing by the light switch. She looks over at the circle and Steven is still standing in the same spot, holding the sickle in hand. His chest is out and he looks confused and out of it. He's breathing heavily.

          STACIE: Are you okay? Why are you standing there?

          STEVEN: (disbelief) I don't know? I feel so energized and powerful and unstoppable.

          Stacie looks down by her feet and Willow is sprawled across the floor, still unconscious. Her hair, clothes, and veins remain black.

          STACIE: (fear) Willow!

          Stacie kneels down and checks Willow's pulse.

          STACIE: (worried) I don't feel a pulse.

          STEVEN: What!?

          STACIE: I don't feel a pulse!

          Steven drops the sickle and runs over to her aid. First, he checks her breathing.

          STEVEN: She's breathing but very shallow. Her heart is beating but her pulse is too weak. We got to get her to a hospital fast!

          STEVEN: What are you, a doctor?

          STEVEN: Med Student. Well, I was supposed to be a med student.

          Stacie shakes her head like she was impressed. Fredeth and Noah come stumbling out the dinning room. Fredeth runs over to Steven and Stacie and kneels down by them.

          STACIE: Fredeth, are you okay?

          FREDETH: Yeah Stacie, I'm fine.

          STEVEN: I'll check for any head injuries.

          Steven opens her eye lids. Willow's eyes are a milky white color. Shock comes over all three of their face.

          STEVEN: Okay, that's not in any med books.

          Noah helps Casey off the ground.

          CASEY: Thanks.

          NOAH: Yep.

          They walk over to where the others are. Casey and Noah stand over Stacie, Steven, and Fredeth.

          CASEY: Is she gonna be okay?

          FREDETH: I don't know, but she won't be waking up anytime soon. She's fallen into a magical induced coma.

          CASEY: (disbelief) She's in a coma? Oh my god.

          Steven runs his fingers through Willow's black hair.

          STEVEN: (remorse) I'm so sorry.

          NOAH: Fredeth, should this have put her in coma?

          FREDETH: No, it shouldn't have. This was too much power for her.

          CUT TO:


          The camera moves into the ground. We see caves and canyons.


          The camera pans in on The First, who has the figure of Tara.

          THE FIRST: (looking up) Thank you Willow.

          The camera pans back. We see hundreds of bringers making weapons in a mass space of a cave. We also see a huge pool of blood with candles surrounding it. A figure begins to rise from the pool. The figure comes into view. It's a young woman. She slowly walks up the steps out of the pool. Her naked body is dripping with dark blood; her long hair is slicked back from the blood. She moves her head left to right in a robotic fashion, studying her surroundings. The First/ approaches the young woman with an evil grin on its face.

          The camera cuts to The First's face who looks in the image of Amanda

          THE FIRST: Hello, I'm evil, and you are?

          FADE TO BLACK

          END ACT IV

          END OF EPISODE
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            - I had to re - release this episode because I had to make it better with some problems I had.

            - This episode was very long I say 53 pages. I thought that's good for a season premiere. I would have to say in the future in every season final and premiere the episodes will be this length.

            - I was very nerves bringing Willow into this episode. I wanted to catch her personality right and make sure she seemed like Willow. I hope I did a good job on that.

            - I thought it would be good bringing Sarah Hagan back into the mix as the first. I figured since her and Kennedy were close in the summer house in the 7th season. I figured it would be crazy watching Sarah Hagan/ Amanda aka as The First kill Kennedy

            - I think the storyline with The First is good because at first I was a little nerves about that as the season plot line. But I think it fits.

            I hope you enjoyed this episode and read more. I will be re - releasing the other episode that already exist on the forum

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