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It's alright with me: A Doctor Who/BtVS crossover

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  • It's alright with me: A Doctor Who/BtVS crossover

    RATING: PG-13 (for implied smut)
    Riley/Captain Jack, implied-future-pining-love between Captain Jack/Doctor

    When Riley awoke it took him a few seconds to remember where he was. He opened his eyes to see an unfamiliar metalic ceiling. Oh yes. Spaceship. He was on a spaceship. He sat up in bed - a pull-out kingsize. He remembered being impressed with the way it unfolded from the wall last night.

    Oh God.

    Last night. Best night of his life. But the morning after was proving confusing. Things still seemed unreal to him. Had he really...?

    He glanced down at his naked body. Yes, he'd really. He avoided the more complex questions for now and tried to piece together enough of a cogent thought process to remember where his clothes might be. His arm muscles had that pleasant soreness you get from....well. The kind of press-ups they didn't teach you in boot camp.

    He sat up, bare feet on the surprisingly warm floor. He'd expected cold metal, but this section of the ship was carpetted. The air was pretty warm, too. With only a spread modestly over his lap, he felt perfectly comfortable, physically at least.

    He now forced himself to replay the events of the night before. He'd been in the jungle, just shipped in from Sunnydale the day before. He'd been chasing a Banz'ech demon with his squadron through a cleared area of forest - seemed that a logging company had disturbed the beast from its hibernation in the first place...but he'd gotten separated from the others and ended up face to face with the demon all on his own.

    But, just as he thought he was a goner, there'd been a gunshot from among the trees. The beast had fallen, dead, on the floor at his feet before it could its teeth into him. Riley'd looked up and seen....

    "Morning, soldier," said a voice, disturbing his reverie. "Brought you breakfast-in-bunk."

    Riley felt himself blush as he looked at his saviour. Tall, dark, handsome, and ? Riley felt a stab of disappointment that he tried to ignore ? fully clothed in a shirt, braces and smart slacks. His hair was still wet from a recent shower.

    "Er....thanks," said Riley. "Captain J..."

    "Just Jack's fine. I don't think I need to pull rank now we've slept together. Here." He handed Riley a tray, containing hot coffee and a couple of croissants with jam.

    "Thanks." Riley took the coffee and put the tray on the bed beside him.

    Jack drew up a chair, sitting down opposite Riley, leaning his elbows on his knees and looking at him curiously.

    "So, Riley Finn. How was it for you?"

    Riley didn't answer, he just gave an embarassed little cough.

    "So, from the coyness, I'm guessing that was your first time with a guy?"

    Riley choked a little on his coffee.

    "I'll take that as a yes." Jack smiled. A rogueish smile that made Riley feel uncomfortable but good at the same time. "And don't take that as a comment on your performance which was....well. How can I put this?" Jack leaned closer, so that he was almost whispering in Riley's ear. "You're one super soldier."

    Riley couldn't explain why he felt the need to kiss Jack at that moment, but he did. Maybe because it was easier than talking. Or maybe just because Jack looked and smelled so damn good, with his slicked-wet hair and his cleanly-pressed clothes. The taste of coffee from his own mouth mingled with a minty taste from Jack's lips. He was still holding the coffee cup, but felt Jack's hands taking it away, the clink of the cup being put down on a table, but still, the kissing. The strange but wonderful feeling of large male hands cupping his face. Male. Man.

    Riley pushed Jack away. "I'm sorry. I can't...I'm...."

    Jack nodded. He didn't look angry, not even really hurt. He even smiled. "I know. It's ok."

    "I think I should get dressed," said Riley. "I don't think I'm thinking straight."

    Jack raised one perfect eyebrow.

    "Ok, I walked right into that one," said Riley. He let out a little laugh, which relaxed him. He reached under the bed and pulled out his boxers and his t-shirt. His pants were nowhere to be seen, but he felt more comfortable after he'd pulled on at least a little layer of clothing between him and being naked with another man. "I guess I must've been a little...last night, I must've..." Riley glanced at Jack, trying to gauge the dark haired man's expression. "I just got out of a big relationship. With a girl who..." He shrugged. "Well, I loved her, she didn't love me. I ran away to the jungle to fight demons."

    "Been there, my friend," said Jack. "If I had a dollar for every time that's happened to me...." Jack looked thoughtful. "Though in some cases, it was the demon I loved and the girls I was fighting."

    "Oh. Right." Riley swallowed. "You've....with a demon?" Riley looked at him more closely. "You're not a demon are you?"

    "No. But you sound shocked that I've dated demons." Jack rolled his eyes. "Twentieth century, when are you going to realise that HSTs need some TLC too! Didn't you say last night that your ex dated vampires?"

    Riley took a deep breath. "I guess...hey, but, when you say demons, do you mean....tentacles and horns and a tail, that kinda thing?"

    "Tentacles, horns AND A tail?" Jack sighed, in happy memory. "Ah. Only the once. Olivia the Kodexarr from the Dwarf Galaxy of Tharg. What a GAL! And what things she could do with those tentacles..." Jack noticed Riley was looking horrified. "Sorry. I probably shouldn't be talking about exes on a first date."

    "First...? Listen, last night was...but..."

    Jack laughed. "Relax, kid. I'm only teasing. I knew this was a one-time deal as soon as I met you." Jack stood up and straightened his clothing, then gave Riley a wink. "Well, not one time....but, one night."

    He spotted something and bent down, straightening up with Riley's pants in his hand. He handed them to the younger man. "If you want a shower, I can lend you some other clothes after?"

    "It's ok. I should be getting back to base. The others'll wonder where I am."

    Jack nodded. "Understood. I'll beam you down to the jungle floor."

    Riley pulled his pants on and they stood a little awkwardly. "I'm sorry about kissing you, just now. I wouldn't normally...I mean, I wouldn't normally do any of that with a man."

    "I know," said Jack. He put a hand on Riley's shoulder. It didn't seem a sexual gesture, just friendly. Though Jack's smile had a little hint of something more. "I don't mind being rebound guy. Not when the rebounder's such a perfect specimen of American manhood."

    "Erm...thanks." Riley stepped back and held out his hand for a handshake. Much simpler, less confusing. The two men shook hands.

    "Do you think you'll go back to her? Maybe she did love you after all?"

    Riley shook his head. "She didn't. I'd have felt it if she did."

    "People aren't always that easy to read, you know?" Jack touched his face. "Trust me, I've been misunderstood in at least twenty galaxies, by all kinds of people. I've had the slap-marks to prove it."

    Riley laughed. "Maybe. But...I don't think I'll be going back in a hurry."
    "Ok, Agent Finn. Just...look after yourself, ok?" said Jack. "Now, just stand in the middle of the floor there and I'll get you on your way."

    Riley walked to the middle of the room and waited. Jack smiled gently. "I hope I helped a little."

    "With what?"

    "Getting her out of your system. This girl you ran away from."

    Riley smiled now. "Yeah. I think you did. A little."

    "Good." Jack had his hand on a control panel. "Happy hunting," he said, and pressed a button.

    As Riley dematerialised, Jack stared at the spot where he'd been. He found himself humming a tune.

    "Time for some music, I think," he said out loud. He motioned with a tiny remote control and music flooded the cabin. One of Cole Porter's finest, as sung by the immortal Ella...

    It's the wrong time and the wrong place
    Though your face is charming, it's the wrong face
    It's not his face, but such a charming face
    That it's all right with me...

    "Computer. I know it's early, but?a martini, one olive. Shaken, not stirred. An all night session with a young stud like that gives a man a thirst."

    The computer provided the beverage. Jack took a sip and sat down as the song played.

    You can't know how happy I am that we've met
    I'm strangely attracted to you
    There's someone I'm trying so hard to forget
    Don't you want to forget someone, too?

    He considered his next move. His rumble in the jungle had been fun, and Riley was a nice ? and hot ? kid. But he craved something more. More money, for a start ? keeping this stolen ship in good repair wasn't cheap. But also...more than anything, he wanted to fall in love, and all the way this time. Sure, he'd been with plenty of men and women, aliens and demons. Even the occasional god. But there'd never been anyone he'd wanted to stay with.

    As he began to hatch his next plot ? a con trick in World War II ? he wondered: Will I ever meet someone like that? Someone I want to stay with forever? Someone I'd love so much I'd never leave them, even if I couldn't have all of them? Someone I'd wait around for for as long as it took, just to be with them?

    He considered the idea, then gave a little laugh. "Nah. That's a life for another type of guy." He sipped his martini. "I would take one hell of a creature to change me. I can't imagine who would manage that."
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