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Five go to Hellmouth Island

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  • Five go to Hellmouth Island

    [[thanks to tangent for the idea for this fic?it's Buffy, famous five style?or vice versa?I meant it as a light parody but it seems to be going rather darker and more unpleasant! Though perhaps it will brighten up as I go along?]]]

    "Where are we going on our hols this year, Daddy?" Anne looked at her father eagerly. She didn't like to be too pushy, but she was very excited about the summer holidays.

    "Yes, where?" added her brother Alexander ?a year older than her, at the manly age of 11. He doted on his little sister, and her excitement rubbed off on him.

    Father smiled, but coldly, and continued eating his bacon and eggs.

    "Shh, don't harass Father so," scolded their elder brother Wesley. He frowned and licked his lips.

    Wes is such a goody two shoes worry wort, thought Alex. But he was a little worried about making Father angry himself. When Father was angry, he got the slipper, or worse, though never quite as rough as Wesley got it. He felt sorry for his big brother for that, sometimes. Though sometimes he was so priggish, Alex felt he deserved it.

    "I'm sure he has more important things to do than plan our holidays," Wesley continued. Privately, he hoped that his father would deny this. Instead, Papa merely took another mouthful of sausage.

    After a long pause, Father said, "Actually, I have planned your trip. But I shan't be coming on it - your mother and I aren't going with you this year."

    "Your father's taking me to France," said their mother, blushing in a most unmotherly way. "Just the two of us!"

    "Oh," said Anne. She tried to keep the disappointment from her voice. She was so looking forward to going away with Daddy and Mummy. Though, mostly Daddy.

    Wesley noticed Anne's downcast expression. "Now, sis, don't be fretful. Remember, we're jolly lucky to be having a holiday at all and we should be jolly grateful."

    Alex and Anne gave Welsey an unpleasant glare, but their parents didn't seem to notice. They rarely noticed much about what was going on under their noses.

    "What are we doing instead?" asked Alex. He hoped it was something exciting. Preferably something that Wesley would be even worse at than him, so he could show off to Anne that he was her best brother.

    "I'm sending you to stay with your uncle Rupert, on Hellmouth Island," said Father.

    "He's a widower, poor soul," added Mother. "Your Aunt Jenny died last year, in suspicious circumstances, and he's been looking after your cousin Wilhemina all alone ever since."

    "Most unsuitable," said Father. He put down his knife and fork and dabbed at his small, tight mouth with a napkin.

    "We've got a cousin we've never met?" said Anne. How?" she was about to say "strange", but she thought better of it. "Nice," she finished.

    "Yes. She's your age, Alex. I'm sure you'll all get on like a house on fire. Oh, and she has a dog, called Danny" said mother, smiling at her children. "Won't that be fun for you all?"

    "Very!" said Wesley, trying to muster up enthusiasm he didn't exactly feel. He was terrified of dogs.

    "Apparently he bites and is a bit of a beast," said Father. He got up from the table and cleared his throat gruffly. "But I'm sure they keep him chained up. Most of the time."

    "That's?good," said Wesley, in a small voice.

    As their father left the room, followed by Mother, the children exchanged glances.

    "What do you think? Will this be a jolly holiday?" said Anne. She was certainly curious about her new cousin and her mysterious uncle?though the name "Hellmouth Island" didn't exactly make it sound like an idyllic place.

    "A jolly sight better than going with Father," said Alex, darkly.

    "Don't be ungrateful," snapped Wesley. But secretly, he was thanking his lucky stars for the prospect of four glorious weeks away from Father's strict discipline. And the cupboard?

    Anne looked out of the train window, watching the countryside shoot past. Hellmouth Island was just off the coast of Devon, and Uncle Rupert was to meet them off the train. They would be traveling all together to the Island by boat. Anne was full of energy and couldn't wait to arrive. She was particularly interested to meet cousin Wilhemina. Her brothers were nice and everything, but she longed for a female companion, who might actually understand her.

    "How long will it be now?" she asked. "Are we nearly there."

    Alex was sitting opposite her, munching through his packed lunch, although it was only 11 in the morning. "Nother two hours," he mumbled.

    "Don't talk with your mouth full," said Wesley. He was also eager to arrive. Not so much because he was excited about the destination, but just because he was feeling rather unwell, due to the rocking motion of the train.

    Alex stuck out his tongue, displaying the semi-chewed contents of his mouth.

    "You're repulsive," said Wesley.

    "And you're?." Alex tried to think of a comeback. Then he glanced at Anne, who was watching with interest. "Well, I shan't say what you are in front of a girl."

    "Don't mind me," said Anne. "I've heard Daddy say some pretty awful things to Wesley when he comes home late from the Inn and smelling funny. What IS that smell, by the way? Is it hard liquor?"

    "Shh! Don't ask such questions!" Wesley gave her a stern look.

    "If I don't ask questions, however will I become clever?" Buffy pouted and folded her arms.

    "You don't need to be clever. You're a girl. You just need to be good," said Wesley.

    "And pretty," added Alex, smiling at his sister. "Which you are. Very!" He wanted to make her happy, if he could. Though she was completely baffling to him a lot of the time.

    Buffy's expression softened. She liked being pretty. But sometimes she wondered?was it really enough?

    Wilhemina ? or Will, as she insisted on being called ? waited impatiently at the station with her father.

    "Daddy, is it going to be much longer?" She looked up at her father. She was proud to have such a father. He was so very clever and handsome, even if he did have a Mysterious Past and was often visited by shadowy strangers from that Past, who came mostly at night?.and then, of course, there was her mother's death, which he refused to speak of.

    She fidgeted as her enormous dog strained at his leash. His eyes bulged, as did his burly neck muscles. "Only, I hope the train does come soon, ?cause Danny needs his walk. You know how he gets if he doesn't?"

    Her father nodded. "Oh, yes, quite. We wouldn't want that. But the train is due now, so it shouldn't be long."

    Sure enough, the tracks at the sleepy little Devon station began to rattle, and the train chuffed into sight.

    Will saw a group of three children getting off. A pretty blonde girl with adorable ringlets ? not that Will paid any mind to such petty, silly GIRL things, but they were so soft and silky! ? and two dark-haired boys. One was stocky and a little fat, the other was taller, pale and skinny, with spectacles. He must be Wesley. He looked like a Wesley.

    "Uncle Rupert?" called out the little blonde girl. She ran towards them, eagerly, leaving the boys to bring the bags.

    Uncle Rupert shook Anne's hand. He found her handshake unusually firm for such a young lady. "My pleasure," he said.

    Anne grinned at him then turned to the skinny red-haired girl. She was wearing awful, boyish clothes. Anne made a mental note to lend her some of her own things. "Oh, and you must be Willhemina! I'm Anne!"

    Will found herself suddenly shy ? she wasn't used to the company of people her own age, much less such a shining vision of a girl.

    "Yes. I'm Will, I'm?.er?.yes," she said, not looking the girl in the eye, but she found herself being hugged nonetheless.

    Wesley and Alex puffed up behind, carrying the heavy bags. "What have you got in here, Anne? Lead weights?" asked Alex.

    "Just a few things that girls need," sniffed Anne, looking back at Alex and sticking out her tongue.

    "Wesley. Alexander." Uncle Rupert shook the boys' hands and nodded to each. "How about we go and have some tea on the Island? The housekeeper's set out some delicious things. Lashing and lashings of ginger beer, don't you know!"

    "Spiffing!" cried the children in unison.

    "To the boat!" said Uncle Rupert. And off they all walked, followed by a station porter, pushing all their bags.

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --