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    Title: Stitches in time 3.0 - Spiritus
    Disclamer:I have no rights whatsoever on anything Joss & co came up with first or Russel T Davies & co either for that matter.


    Someone or something is attempting to alter history, seemingly to undermine the slayer by removing the people who save and support her. So far they have meddled in the history of Rupert Giles, trying to bring about his death before he even meets Buffy. They have also tried to influence events so that Jessica Harris moves away from Sunnydale, taking her infant son Xander with her. Thanks to the Doctor and Rose these attempts were unsuccesful.

    Now read on...


    The T.A.R.D.I.S veered suddenly to the left throwing Rose hard against one of the strangely organic supports that reached towards the cavernous roof. She caught herself just in time, almost losing her footing in the process and held on tight as the whole ship shuddered and shook alarmingly.

    “Don’t panic” the Doctor yelled as he worked frantically at the seemingly random collection of dials, switches and handles that made up the crafts main control console. “I’ve got it under control. No need to panic, no need to…”

    Then, just as suddenly as it had started, the shuddering ceased and Rose felt the illusion of stability return. She breathed out releasing the breath she hadn’t realise she had been holding. It was one thing to hurtle headlong through time and space but to feel it was another matter all together.

    “There, told you there was no need to panic.” said the Doctor with a self satisfied smirk. “Sorted!”

    “Excuse me!” Rose objected “But I wasn’t the one running around like a headless chicken shouting at the top of voice. Anyway what exactly was that?”

    “Oh just your average time distortion” the he replied, with deliberate casualness “weeell… maybe not, exactly average… exactly.”

    “More damage to the vortex?”

    “It just means we’re getting close to the point where the timelines diverge, where things begin to change”

    “So we’re too late? She asked, her heart sinking,

    “Ha! Me! Late? I’m never late. It’s the nick of time or nothing for me. No, it just means we’re going to have to move a little quicker on this one. The strength of that distortion tells us that whoever’s it is whose trying to strip the slayer of her friends is pulling out all the stops this time. No need to worry though, we headed them off with ol’ Ripper and we stopped the Harris boy from moving away, it’ll be no different with the witch. Trust me, we might have to move fast but we will save her.”

    Rose smiled. There was something about his self confidence that was infectious. To the Doctor failure just wasn’t an option, there was always a way, always another last chance to fall back on. Rose knew, just knew they would win out, that they would always win out, whatever the odds that faced them. As her thoughts basked in the glow of his confidence, a strange note of discord nagging steadily at her hindbrain. Something she had heard, something he had said…

    “Hang on, did you say something about a witch?”


    It was perhaps an hour later that Rose found herself sitting on the back of a bench in the well groomed grounds of Sunnydale University. They had travelled perhaps a few miles from the Harris house, site of their last visit, but Rose knew that they had in reality travelled much further than mere miles could ever measure. The thought made her turn her head to where they had parked the T.A.R.D.I.S hidden, as usual, in pain site. Totally inconspicuous to any casual passer-by despite it’s incongruity with its surroundings. It was one of those things that always troubled Rose, that reminded her of just how alien this life was. That wasn’t the only thing troubling Rose.

    “A witch?” she said turning back to the Doctor who sat beside her eyes closed enjoying the night air.


    “We’re talking about an actual witch?” She stressed.


    “An actual cat owning, broomstick riding, pointy hatted, turn you into a frog as soon as look at you witch?”

    The doctor turned and opening one eye, gave her an appraising look. “You’re having trouble with this aren’t you?” he asked.

    “Well it’s just the whole… witch thing I mean aren’t witches, evil? Don’t they, like, eat children and curse people and, I don’t know, unleash flying monkeys or something”

    “You shouldn’t believe everything you see in films, you know.” The doctor chided. Witches are people just like everyone else. You get some good ones and you get some bad ones. Of course you generally only hear about the bad ones but that’s only because the inquisition had better marketing.

    “Ri-ight… so, what kind is this one then?” Rose asked.

    The doctor smiled at her “The good kind of course.” He pursed his lips thoughtfully “Well apart from the bit where she goes all evil and tries to destroy the world; on the whole though, looking at the big picture, yeah, definitely one of the good ones.”

    Rose glanced up at the man who had changed her life, the man who had shown her so much of this universe; with whom she had experienced so much wonder, so much excitement and so much danger. No matter what they faced though he had always been there for her, always protected her. Rose knew that she could trust this changeable man who stayed so constant. She could trust him with her life, and she would again.

    “Okay” she said jumping lightly down from her perch “so where do we find this witch then? “She asked

    “Oh we don’t” the Doctor replied “She hasn’t been born yet.”
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    "So hang on" Rose objected "just let me get this straight. What you're saying is that someone has changed time so that this ?Willow''s parents never actually met in the first place?"

    "Exactly!" the Doctor said turning and walking backwards so he could talk to her face. "Honestly Rose, it's not all that difficult. The timelines diverge at this point in history; we know that because this frankly ingenious little device that I managed to knock together" he tapped what looked like a small ornate carriage clock that had been attacked by a pocket calculator and then tied up using an assortment of wires and sticky tape "tells us that they do. We know that Willow Rosenberg is missing from the future because, well, we looked and she wasn't there. Lots of vampires, I'll grant you, but no Willow.

    "Yeah but?"

    "We also know" He continued, ignoring her interruption "that Willow Rosenberg was born in '81 which is, ooh? three whole years in the future. So the only possibly viable conclusion that is left to us is" he paused dramatically "that something or someone happened to her parents." He tapped the side of his head and beamed at her "Logic."

    "And this is where they meet?" Rose asked.

    "Yep; here and now, or at least it was, before some idiot started messing about with the laws of causality. According to the original timeline, Ira and Sheila Rosenberg meet on a blind date arranged by their college friends. Tonight, actually?" he frowned down at the strange looking device "in around about three quarters of an hour."

    Rose stopped dead, her hands on her hips. "Alright then smarty-pants, so you've got it all worked out. We've still got to fix it though don't we? Any bright ideas on exactly how we do that?

    He smiled back at her a glint in his eyes "oh that ones easy," he said "we split up."


    Rose knocked on the door for the second time and waited, feeling more and more uncomfortable as the seconds dragged by. Getting the room numbers from the student records in the admin offic had been a doddle for a pair of intrepid time travellers armed with a sonic screwdriver but as she compared the number on the wrinkled paper she held with the number on the door once more she began to feel less a lot less sure. What if the records were wrong? What if the students had moved around for some reason? What if he was out?

    She was about to give up and find the Doctor again when at last she heard sound of movement from within. The door opened the merest of fractions revealing a worried looking face peering out over the glint of a chain.

    "Yes? Can I help you?" it asked

    "Ira Rosenberg?"

    "I, um, yes, um, that would be me, yes."

    Rose swallowed hard. This was it the point where she would have to explain, to somehow persuade this man to blindly follow her into his future. She opened her mouth to explain and stopped, the prepared story suddenly feeling hollow and shamefully transparent. The Doctor always made this look so easy. The way he talked to people, the way he took control it just seemed so natural but now it was her turn she appreciated just how much skill it took. She took a deep breath and plunged on.

    "I have a message for you, about the date"

    "The blind date? I thought that got, um, cancelled" he said with a slight frown "I got a note asking for a rain check, I, er, think I have it here somewhere."

    Rose flashed him what she hoped was a reassuring smile "well the lady's reconsidered so it's back on okay, now let's get you dressed and shaved and looking? nice."

    "Oh I don't know. I mean I'm beginning to feel like the whole thing might be a, um bad idea. I mean I'm not really sure I'm really blind date material, you know?" Ira replied.

    "Course you are." She insisted her smile now bordering on the manic "C'mon I'll even help you pick out an outfit. What've you got to lose eh?"

    He wavered indecisively for a few seconds and then, unable to deal with this blowlamp of cheerful insistence, he unhooked the chain on the door and opened it wide.

    "Alright but uh, be gentle with me, okay? please."
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      It took Rose perhaps twenty minutes to get Ira Rosenberg into a state she considered somewhere near passable. Of course she had been working on the fly a little. Trying to remember what would have passed for fashionable in this era wasn’t as much of a problem as she had first feared, mainly because Ira possessed no clothes that could possibly be called fashionable in any era.

      As they reached the door of the bar she took him by the shoulders and turned him towards her.

      “Now do you remember what I told you?” She asked straightening his shirt slightly.

      “Um, I think so” he replied, staring up at the night sky as he strained to remember “be myself, but no too much; pay her some compliments, but not too many and errrm…”

      “… Have fun” she said “or at least try.”

      He threw a brief agonised look at the door and turned back to her “I don’t think I can do this, Rose” he said “I mean what if she’s pretty? What if I stammer? What if I just make a fool of myself like I always do?”

      “You’ll be fine” Rose insisted gently “just go in there and talk to her just like your talking to me now and you’ll do just great”

      Ira turned back to the door and opened it, glancing inside nervously “She’s going to hate me, you know” he complained gloomily.

      Rose looked at the short skinny figure before her with his lank hair, his ill fitting clothes and his shy, worried expression and felt her heart almost burst with a strange almost maternal feeling for this odd little man “Oh no Ira, she won’t hate you. She’s going to love you.” She answered. She watched as he pushed hesitantly into the crowded bar. “I promise you, she’s absolutely going to love you.”


      She found the Doctor around the side of the Bar staring though one of the small windows that revealed brief glances of the bustle within. As she approached him he turned and smiled.

      “Everything go okay?” He asked.

      “Yeah,” she answered “pretty easy really, you?”

      “Well apart from her fancying me, yeah, but I suppose that was inevitable really.”

      “She fancied you?” Rose asked, trying to sound as casual as she could.

      “Well, yeah. I do sometimes have that effect on some women you know” he said, grinning “wasn’t all bad though, meant I was able to find out a bit of useful information.”

      “Oh yeah?”

      “Yeah; seems that Sheila’s message was hand delivered by, and I quote, ‘a funny, middle aged, little man’, who, interestingly enough, had an English accent.”

      “English?” said Rose “so we’re up against some one from back home?”

      “Not necessarily” the Doctor answered “I mean I’ve got an English accent and I’m not exactly local now am I”

      “Well no I suppose not” said Rose with a frown “but in that case does it really help?”

      “Maybe, maybe not.” He replied “ooh, look there they are!””

      Rose followed the Doctor’s pointing finger to where Ira and Sheila stood at the bar, clearly lost in each others eyes.

      “Could have been me you know” he said with a not entirely convincing sigh “if things had only been different.”

      She slapped his arm and laughed merrily “come on then Marty McFly let’s get you out of here before you give in to temptation and really screw the future up.”

      Rose took the Doctors hand and the headed back to the T.A.R.D.I.S, and in the shadows of the nearby trees hate filled eyes watched them go.
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