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    This story is about Faith. It is set during season 3. Hope everyone likes it.

    Faith was siting on her bed listening to some great rock music when she had the sudden urge to slay. She picked up a stake and walked out of her motel room. Faith strolled to the cemetery. Knowing that there was going to be loads of vamps to slay tonight. "Vamps where are you?" Faith asked when she got there. She looked around and didn't see anyone. " Vamps." Then, Faith felt breath on her back. She turned around quickly to see a male vampire. She punched him and then used some of her slayer moves on the vampire. " Bye bye" she said before she staked him. "Hey! You got dust all over my new shirt" she said dusting her shirt off.

    After Faith's good slay she went back to her motel. When she got there she noticed the door was open. "I thought I closed this" she said to herself. She opened her door and looked around lots of stuff was missing "What!" she screamed. "Can't even get a good slay in without someone breaking in and stealing stuff." Faith noticed they didn't take her cds or her cd player so she started to listen to music again.

    The next day she went to the library for a "special" Scooby meeting. "What's the news?" Faith asked as she walked into the library. "Nothing special just some amulet thingy is missing and we have to find it before Lugaria a demon gets it and tries to kill everyone." Buffy told her. "Normal Saturday" Willow said from the table where her and Oz was sitting at. "Where's Xander?" Faith asked. "Oh he's with Cordy" Willow said. "On a date." Faith sat down in front of Willow at the table. "How are you?" Willow asked Faith. " Five by five." Faith replied. Then she moved her attention to Giles "So where do you think this so called amulet is?" Faith asked Giles. "Well, I think it might be in one of the cemeteries." Giles told everyone. "Oh goody" Buffy said.

    After their Scooby meeting the slayers Faith and Buffy went to the cemetery to find the amulet before the demon did. "I wonder where this thing is?" Buffy said to Faith. "I don't know, I guess thats why we are looking for it." Faith replied. They walked around looking every where. "Lets go in there." Faith said pointing to a weird looking crypt. "Ok." Buffy said as they walked up to the dirty crypt. Faith then opened the door to the crypt and some thing flew at her head!

    It was a bat Faith grabbed it and threw it to the ground. "Sorry" she told it. But it was dead. They looked around in the crypt,under rocks,under vases,in vases, then last they looked in the grave. Faith opened the top to the grave. "Hello anybody home?" Faith asked. Around the head of the skeleton was a beautiful necklace. It was the amulet they were looking for. "There you are." Buffy said as she took it off the skeleton. "It's beautiful" Faith said admiring the amulet. Then there was a crash. Faith and Buffy looked around they saw the demon Lugaria coming for the amulet. "Two against one." Faith said. Faith punched it in the face Buffy tripped him. Faith looked at the demon and said "You should have known we would kill you. You are no match for the Slayers." Buffy handed Faith a stake then she staked the demon. "Ok that was easy." Faith told Buffy. "Don't speak too soon" Buffy said staring behind Faith. The demon was still alive!

    "Ok not as easy as I thought" Faith said as she and Buffy faced the demon, with no weapons at all! Faith looked around for a good weapon she thought the grave lid would be a good choice. Faith then picked up the grave lid and hit the demon over the head with it. The demon had horns that curled so they kind of guarded the demons head. Faith and Buffy ran at the demon. Buffy jumped on it and brought it to the ground amulet still in hand. "You are gonna die." Buffy told it. Faith punched the demon over and over again. "!?" Faith asked the demon. Faith's hands were all bloody now. Buffy wrapped the amulet around the demons little neck and strangled it to death. "Ok that was fun...not" Buffy said to Faith. Then, Buffy and Faith walked out of the crypt to go show Giles the amulet.

    When they got to Giles' house they knocked on the door. Then, Giles opened the door for them. "Here's your amulet thing" Faith told Giles as Buffy handed it to Giles."Ok great" Giles said to them. "Hey! We don't get a cookie?" Buffy said to Giles. "You can have tea." Giles said. "I was joking, But I could use some tea" Buffy said as she and Faith sat down on Giles' couch. Giles made some tea for them and gave it to them. "Thanks." Faith said. Faith took a sip of the tea and sat it down on the coffee table. "This demon I- we killed was kind of hard to beat." Faith told Giles "You killed him?" Giles asked. "Uhh yea" Buffy said. "We killed it with the amulet. Choked him with it," Faith said. "Well, the thing is you can't kill Lugaria." Giles told them. "What!" Faith said surprised. "We did." Buffy said. "It's impossible to kill Lugaria." Giles told them. "Nothing's impossible for the Slayers" Faith told them. Then there was a loud crash the door flew off it's henges and hit the floor. Lugaria was alive! Faith sighed. "Lets just sit here and drink tea and maybe it will go away." Faith told Giles and Buffy as she sipped some more tea.

    Giles and Buffy looked at Faith and said "What?" Then, Faith stood up and threw her hot tea on the Demon. "Grr" Lugaria growled. Lugaria picked Faith up and threw her against the wall. "Oh my god." Buffy said as she looked at Faith. "Buffy get Faith and put her in my car. We are going to the library." Buffy went over to Faith and put her arm over her shoulder and dragged her out Giles' back door. Buffy opened the car door and shoved Faith in. "Giles come on!" Buffy screamed. Buffy got in the front. Then Giles came and got in the drivers seat and started the car. Lugaria was behind them running. "He's following us." Buffy said to Giles. "He's wha..." Faith said to them from the backseat. "Faith you need to stay still." Giles told her. "No I-I'm ok now" Faith told him. "We are going to the library to look at some books and find a way to kill this Lugaria demon." Giles said to Faith and Buffy. "I thought t-there was no way to k-kill it?" Faith said. "There has to be a way." Giles said unsurely.

    They all got to the library and barricaded the doors behind them then they sat down at the study table where some books were stacked. Faith picked up a volume and began flipping through the pages looking for any sign of a way to kill Lugaria. "I have to call Willow and Xander." Buffy said. "Why?" Faith asked. "Because we need all the help we can get." Buffy answered her. "Oh ok." Faith replied. Buffy went into Giles' office and picked up the phone and dialed Willow's number first. It ringed for a while and then Willow answered it. "Hello." Willow said. "Hey Willow I need you. Come to the library." Willow didn't ask questions she just said "ok." Buffy hung up then dialed Xander's number. It ringed forever then finally "Hey." It was Xander. "Hello. I need you to come to the library ok. Buffy told him. "Why?" Xander asked. "Because I need you to help with stuff." Buffy said. "Ok I'll be there." Xander said. Buffy walked out of the office and sat down beside Faith and said "Oh my gosh." "What?" Faith asked. Buffy laid her head on Faith's shoulder and asked "Can we do this?" Faith looked at Buffy and smiled then said "There's nothing the Slayers can't do."

    Buffy got up from the table and walked over to the door. She looked out the window and saw Lugaria. He was heading right toward the library! "Faith come here." Buffy said. Faith walked over to Buffy and also looked out the window. "Willow,Xander. How are they going to get here to help when there's Lugaria blocking the halls?" Faith asked Buffy. "I don't know." Buffy replied. They were still looking out the window when they heard Giles say, "Aha." Buffy and Faith walked over to where Giles was sitting and then Faith said, "Aha what?" Faith looked at Giles with a grim face. "I have found out how to kill Lugaria!" Giles sounded like a little kid when he said it. Faith's face tuned bright and she smiled. Then she said "How.. How do we kill him?" Giles looked at her and said "You cannot help with this. The only way to kill Lugaria is by using this incantation." Giles held the book he was reading up so Faith and Buffy could read it. "Willow. We need her!" Faith told them.

    Willow walked the sidewalks to the school. When she got up to the doors she heard a noise from the bushes. Willow walked over to the bushes and then pulled a stake from her backpack. "Hello." she said. "Who's there? Or what's there?" Willow asked into the darkness. Then Willow heard another noise but this time it was coming from behind her. Willow turned around. She thought she was going to see a big,harry and scary Lugaria but instead it was just Xander. "Hey" He said. "Hey. I think we need to go inside." Willow told Xander as she walked up to the doors. Willow and Xander then went inside the school. Willow started walking faster heading toward the library. Xander right behind her. Willow screamed when she bumped into something big,harry and scary. Willow bumped into Lugaria.

    A while later Buffy was worried about Willow and Xander. "Where are they?" She asked out loud. " I don't know." Giles told her. Faith walked over to the door and looked out. "No sign of Lugaria." She said then Faith opened the door and looked around outside in the hall. She gasped and pulled a note off of the door. She ran over to Giles and Buffy and showed it to them. It had a few stands of Willows hair on it and it said: Give the amulet for them. At the grave. "Giles you know a little magick so do the spell. Faith I want you to come with me to the graveyard." Buffy said as she walked out of the library. Faith and Buffy ran down the hall and out the school. Faith looked at the amulet that was in her hand them she put it into her pocket. "Were gonna kill this thing." Faith said with enthusiasm. "Yeah, I hope so." Buffy replied as they walked to the graveyard. Faith and Buffy got to the graveyard and heard screaming from Willow and Xander. Faith and Buffy began to run toward the screaming. They saw Lugaria. Faith ran at Lugaria and kicked him in the chest. Faith just flew from him like he was made from steel. Then Buffy tried and the same thing happened to her. "He's stronger." Faith told Buffy. "How?" Buffy asked Lugaria. "I'm stronger. Because I suck life from the innocents." Faith looked at a tree nearby, Willow and Xander were tied to it. White cloudy stuff hovered over them. It was their life Lugaria was taking from them!

    Buffy hoped Giles was hurrying. Giles was at the library getting ingredients together for the spell he had to do to kill Lugaria. The book was on the table beside the spell stuff. Giles caried a medium sized pot over to the table and began to put ingredients in it. Then he read from the book aloud. "Demon of no death I call upon you, Lugaria. I shall use this spell and my blood to stop your flood of evil." Then Giles took a knife and cut his finger over the pot and let some of his blood flow into the pot.

    Back at the graveyard Faith was talking to Lugaria. "Ok here is your amulet. You let them go and I'll give this to you." Faith said as she walked slowly up to Lugaria with the amulet in hand. Buffy walked over to Willow and Xander while Faith was trying to talk to the demon. "I'm so sorry, I'm so so sorry" Buffy said to them. Buffy tried to untie them but she needed some kind of knife. She didn't bring one with her. She reached in her pocked and brought out a mirror. She broke it on a gravestone. Then she began cutting at the ropes that were around them. Faith was still trying to stall the demon by wagging the amulet in front of Lugaria teasing him. Buffy looked at Faith and then the demon she could tell Faith was pissing him off. Not a good thing to do to a unstoppable demon. Buffy got the ropes cut and freed Willow and Xander. The white cloudy stuff over them went back into them. Lugaria was getting weaker. The spell and the life that he had lost was making him weak. Faith put the amulet away and Buffy went over to the demon and started kicking it and punching him. Faith started fighting Lugaria too.

    Giles was still doing the spell. It was almost finished. He added a few more things to the pot and said one last sentence. "Let this spell bind you to hell Lugaria!"

    Buffy and Faith had the demon down on the ground when he disappeared with a loud bang noise. Almost sounding like a gun shot. "I guess Giles' spell worked." Faith said to Buffy. "I guess so." Buffy replied to Faith. Then, Faith and Buffy walked over to Willow and Xander. "How are you guys?" Faith asked them. "Not so well." Willow said rubbing her head. Xander just moaned. They all started walking from the graveyard. They were going back to the library. "I think this thing is done." Faith told everybody hapily. "Now we can all go home and sleep for about a week and then fight another hairy demon." Xander said. Then they all started laughing.

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    Very good Fan-fic Matt Keep it up.