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Dawn After the Dark

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  • Dawn After the Dark

    Setting: about two years after season eight
    Spoilers: everything is pretty much game
    Rating:R-maybe NC17-things got a bit racy

    Author's Notes: I love feedback! (Please note the pleading tone-the bitter edge of hysteria in my voice.) Also the title is still a working one so if anyone has any suggestions...

    Dawn After the Dark


    Spike stopped his bike at the edge of the gravel lot. Without any conscious thought he chose a spot facing out towards the street. Leave enough places in a hurry and you start to do that: find an escape route as you go in. Spike had left plenty of places with hell on his heels over the last century. The last few years had been no different in that respect; only the type of hell following him and the reasons for said following had changed since he had gotten his soul back.

    He was no Angel, he often thought, staying in a posh place waiting for the fight to come to him. Spike was too restless; he couldn't play the waiting game. He kept his ear to the ground, went where the trouble was and did what he did best: he fought. He fought for the soul he knew he couldn't redeem, he fought for the woman he knew he would never get, and he fought because it was bloody fun. Angel would tell folks that he fought for different reasons, Spike thought, but he was a wanker.

    He pulled the key from the ignition and dropped it in his pocket. He locked his hands behind his back and stretched his shoulders as he got off the bike. He'd been riding since just after dark: a good few hours. He shook off the stiffness as he headed towards the dive the local lowlifes called a bar. He'd been in plenty of places like it over the years.

    Just before he reached the door it opened to reveal a rush of patrons heading out. Spike heard the crashing inside and knew he'd come to right place. Rumor had it something big was going down here, if it was this was the place to find out the who, what and when. He grinned and headed in.
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    "All I ask is that... that you try to see me."

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    Spike surveyed the scene: not exactly what he had been expecting. He stepped back to avoid being hit by a large man (probably vampire, he thought) as he flew across the room to crash into a wall and slide to the floor. Spike turned to see who or what had done the throwing; that's when he saw her. Probably a slayer, he thought, looking her over. He came across one every so often. Usually it was best to stay out of their way. Spike had no intention of leaving just yet.

    She faced away and he took a second to look her over. She's got a bit of style, he thought, appreciating both the tight black leather pants and jacket and the way she wore them. She stepped on a vamp and he dusted. Spike was startled for a second before realizing the trick: wooden high heels. Clever girl, he thought, watching her toss a blade to make short order of the guy on the floor. Oh this one is fun. The girl took three steps and picked up her blade. She slid it into its sheath on her thigh with the ease of someone who had done it many times. She stopped suddenly and turned towards him, battle-ready.

    "Niblet?" Spike eyes widened. Dawn? Shock was not the word for what Spike was feeling; he starred at her incredulously. "What the bloody hell?"

    "Spike!" Dawn came towards him excitedly. "Oh my God, Spike." She hugged him. "What are you doing here?"

    "What am I?" Spike shook his head "What are you?Does your sister know you're playing this, trying to get yourself killed?"

    Dawn laughed softly and shook her head. "Relax Spike; I know how to take care of myself."

    He'd noticed. He'd noticed other things too, for which he was now feeling generally uncomfortable. Dawn was not a little girl anymore. When had that happened? Spike shook his head again. "Not the point, you shouldn't be?aren't you supposed to be at school?" He remembered Buffy telling him how important it was to her that Dawn had a chance to go to college.

    "I am." Dawn shrugged "During the day, at night?"

    "At night you play at being a slayer." Spike said it irritably. He had spent a lot of time trying to keep this girl safe for her to be going out looking for trouble.

    Dawn frowned. "I may not be a slayer, but I'm not helpless." She said it coolly and started towards the door.

    Spike sighed. " Look 'bit, I didn't mean you... obviously you can..." He ran his hand through his hair. " It's a bit of a surprise is all". he finished with a pleading expression.

    Dawn nodded. He was probably taking the news better than Buffy and Xander would if they ever found out. Which could never happen, she thought. "Let's get out of here." She waved her hand to include the room. "This place is a mess." She giggled.

    Spike couldn't help but chuckle, he gestured to the door and followed her out.

    They walked out to the parking lot. Dawn turned to look at Spike over her shoulder. "My place isn't far from here."

    Spike took a quick look around the lot: no cars, just a couple bikes. Probably belonged to the baddies the nibblet took out, he thought nodding. It was hard not to be a little proud. "Good, I'll give you a ride and then we can have ourselves a nice chat about all this."

    "Umm?I don't need a ride Spike."

    "Huh." Spike looked around again; the bar was in the middle of nowhere. Where was the kid living?

    "Spike." Dawn glanced meaningfully at a motorcycle in the lot and started towards it.

    She means to snag a bike, "Oh no, you need to practice you know? it's not as easy as it looks." He called out.

    Dawn climbed on to the bike and pulled a key out of her pocket. "Are you coming?"

    "Oh right, it's yours. I knew that." He muttered to himself as she started her engine and pulled on to the road.
    Spike jumped on his bike and hurried to catch up.
    "All I ask is that... that you try to see me."


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      It was hers, she thought, well pretty much. It was like a joint custody thing. Last year Buffy and Xander had actually given her a nice reliable little car. It really hadn't fit her needs, so she'd made a deal with a friend. His father had given him a bike that he hated, something about messing up his hair, and she had a car she didn't want to drive but needed to keep for when her sister visited. So they swapped and swapped back whenever necessary.

      She pulled into the lot next to her building. It was late but there were still several open spots. Spike pulled in beside her. She smiled to herself; he'd caught up quickly though she'd never slowed down. It was good to see him again, weird, but good. He looked the same, she thought, of course, she knew he would, but it was still sort of startling. She had grown up, everyone else she knew looked older but he still looked?well, good. He looked good, she acknowledged, he always looked good. She remembered the crush she had on him as a kid; she used to wander down to his crypt all the time. She shook her head; looking at him tonight she couldn't really blame herself. She realized he was starring and got off the bike. "Oh, umm?it's right up here." She blushed and looked away. "I'm on the second floor." She headed towards the outside stairs.

      Spike watched her walk up the stairs for a moment before following. He remembered his earlier thoughts, his general appreciation prior to recognition, and blushed as well. Not good Spike, not good.

      Dawn walked into her apartment, leaving the door open behind her, and began shedding her gear. "Spike?" She turned to see Spike still standing in her doorway. He held up a hand to touch the invisible barrier preventing him from joining her and shrugged. "Even with the soul?" Dawn asked quietly.

      Spike nodded, yeah it was just one of the daily reminders of what he really was.

      "Come in Spike."

      He walked in and looked around. It didn't appear she had any flatmates to worry about.

      Dawn watched his survey. "Looking for anyone in particular?" She asked.

      "Overprotective boyfriend?"

      She laughed. "Nope, just me."

      He nodded. "Good, then you can explain this whole dark hunter bit you've got going." He raised an eyebrow questioningly.

      "Spike?" Dawn turned and began walking away.

      He caught her arm. "Sit." He gestured towards a table.

      Dawn yanked her arm back but followed his directions.

      Spike softened his expression. "What happened?"

      Dawn maintained her silence.

      "Look, I just remember how important it was to Buffy that you had a chance at a normal life..."

      Dawn stood up, and began pacing. "A chance, you make it sound like I was supposed to have a choice. No, they all just want me to live the life they think they wish they had. Normal!" She shook her head in frustration. "They don't even know what that means. I do; it means boring and helpless. Why would I want that? No one ever asked me? Oh good, Dawn doesn't have any power, she can just go be normal. Have you met ?normal' people?"

      Spike stood up. He assumed that the "they" she kept referencing was her sister and her friends and he knew that they didn't want Dawn to be helpless, just safe. He couldn't blame them; he felt the same way. Not that he intended to share that with the little bit just now.

      "Look I tried, ok. I tried to be the quiet college girl like everyone wanted. I tried to be normal. But you know what? Normal sucks. Do you know what normal people do when a group of vamps come into your bio class and lock the door behind them? They scream."

      Spike nodded, he was beginning to see where this was going.

      "That's right, they scream and they cry and they do nothing. They wait for someone else to save them. I'm not normal, Spike. I'm not." She finally finished. She looked at him, forcing herself to breath slowly, and silently challenged him to tell her she was wrong.

      He didn't. Spike walked over to the couch and sat down. "I'm sorry," he whispered. He was sorry, sorry that she was stuck in a world with monsters like him. He gestured to the spot next to him.

      Dawn hesitated for a second before joining him on the couch. She allowed him to pull her into his arms before she began crying. She hadn't let herself cry, not since?but now it was as though a dam had been broken; there was no holding back the tears.

      "That's it little bit; let it out." Spike murmured as he rubbed the back of her head. This part was familiar; Dawn had raged before dissolving into tears many times the summer they spent without Buffy. He knew it was best to just let her get them out.

      Dawn sniffled and took a deep breath. "I'm not little anymore."

      "Well you're not big."
      She laughed and removed herself to her own cushion.

      Spike brushed the hair from her face before taking his hand back. "When?"

      "About ten months ago. Six of them, just came in and?" She shook her head. "They got almost everybody." She left out the rest of the story. She didn't tell him about waiting and planning her own attack or how she had wiped out the entire nest in a matter of moments. She didn't tell him how she had watched them burn or about throwing up afterwards. She didn't tell him that the screams from her own attack blended with the screams from theirs in her nightmares. "I think that I never really thought about all those people who just didn't know. You know? I never really thought about what they do, how they react when they find out."

      "Makes sense, you never really had the chance to not know about the monsters." He looked sorry when he said it and looked away.

      Dawn shook her head. "Yeah. I was lucky."

      "Yeah, it wasn't?" Spike looked up surprised. "You were what?"

      "Lucky, lucky that I had Buffy and Xander and Willow and Tara and?and you. I was lucky to know the truth. Otherwise I would just be dead."

      He hadn't seen that coming. "Right"

      "Look, I was never meant to be normal. I mean I didn't even actually exist for the first fourteen years of my life, my sister's a slayer." She smiled, laughed softly and looked at him straight on. "How many teenage girls hang out in a vampire's crypt because it's the safest place for them?"

      Spike smiled. "All right, ordinary was a bit out of the question. But do you have to go searching out fights at sodding hellholes like you did tonight?"

      "I was there for information, something big is happening here. I'm not sure what yet, but I intend to find out." When she said it all the playfulness of moments before left her face. The hunter was back.

      "Is that so? and did you get any info?" He asked carefully.

      He was hiding something, Dawn realized. "Yeah, I did. Spike what exactly are you doing here?"

      "Hmm?What?" Spike looked around as though he was distracted.

      "You know what's happening; that's why you're here." Dawn nodded; surprised she hadn't realized it sooner. She'd been so distracted by the fact that he was here she hadn't stopped to wonder why.

      "What?I can't stop by for a little visit? See how?"

      "Spike" She said it warningly. "You didn't even recognize me. You are in town for the same reason I was in that bar, something is happening here."

      "Yeah, there is" He said grudgingly before looking up to meet her eyes. "But you will leave the handling it to me."

      "Not gonna happen. I'm in this. If you want to help: fine, otherwise stay out of my way."

      The kid sounded just like her sister, Spike thought with a groan. "Look bit, I get that you have some fight in you. It makes sense. But if my sources are right this is big, and I am not going to let you?"

      Dawn actually laughed, though her reaction could have just as easily been a groan of frustration. "It's not for you to decide to let me or not let me do anything. I'm 21 years old Spike, not 15." She stopped laughing and met his gaze straight on. "You are not my babysitter."

      "I know your big girl now and all, but I promised?"

      Dawn interrupted him before he got any further. "Spike, Buffy's happy. I'm sorry, but?you need to move on." She actually was sorry and looked it. Forgetting her anger for a moment, she reached out and touched his hand.

      Spike was silent a moment. He clenched his jaw and shook his head before continuing. "Not what this is about. It's not about her." He reached out and took her chin, forcing her eyes to his. "Keeping you safe, not seeing you hurt or dead, yeah ?I want that for your sister, but I bloody well want it for me too."

      "I know." Dawn looked away, suddenly feeling exactly how tired she was. It had been a long day and a long night even before Spike showed up. Now that they'd added the inevitable trip down memory lane, she was simply worn out. "Spike, I'm beat and I have class in a few hours, I have to get some sleep. Could we?"

      "Yeah, yeah of course. I'll umm take off, find someplace for the night and check in tomorrow." He started towards the door.

      "Spike" Dawn shook her head. "Crash on the couch. With the blinds shut you should be fine. There's a blanket in that closet." She pointed to a door. "Help yourself to anything in the kitchen. I should be back from class by noon." Dawn opened the door to her room and stopped. She turned. "Oh and Spike."

      "It really is good to see you."

      "It's good to see you too niblet."
      "All I ask is that... that you try to see me."


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        Dawn shifted her bags to her other arm and pulled her keys out of her jacket pocket. Before she could put the key in the lock, her door opened to reveal Spike.

        "Your TV doesn't get Passions."

        "Is that even still on the air?"

        Spike shook his head and sighed. He didn't like waking up trapped and there had been no way out of Dawn's place that didn't involve smoke and possible flames.

        Dawn put her bags down on the table and turned back to Spike. "I figured you would be hungry, so I stopped at the butcher shop. They've gotten a lot weirder about selling pig's blood." She shrugged and pulled out a bag.

        Spike took it, brushing aside feelings of embarrassment with his standard bravado. "Was feelin' a bit peckish, thanks."

        Dawn carried the other items into the kitchen and put them away. She pulled out a soda and came back out.

        She lost the leather look for day time, Spike noticed. Dawn had dressed simply for class: jeans and a snug black tee-shirt. She was wearing her clever boots though. She was tall, he'd remembered that, but with the boots she was nearly his height. Strange seeing the kid eye to eye, he thought. Strange too that, as tall as she was, she still looked so fragile. It was an illusion, he realized after witnessing her in action the night before, an illusion brought on by the impossibly small waist and delicate features. An illusion that he acknowledged was probably also helped along by his own memories of a helpless little girl tied up and bleeding.

        Dawn leaned against the side of the couch and took a couple sips from the can. He was just starring at her, she thought, like she was something confusing that he needed time to process. Well he would have to process later, she decided, she wanted information. "So what do you know?"

        "What?" Spike was startled out of his thoughts. "What was that bit?"

        "About what's going down, what do you know?" Dawn asked, impatience growing.

        "I think it would be best if you just left this to me."

        "Arghh." Dawn groaned in frustration and reached into her pocket. She closed her eyes for a second. When she opened them her face vamped: bumps, yellow eyes, fangs.

        Spike stepped back startled. "Bloody hell" He shook his head. "What the bleedin'?" Suddenly he reached towards her face. "It's a bloody glamour is it." He touched her forehead, and nodded. "a good one at that."

        Dawn relaxed and let go off the crystal in her pocket. "I'm still working on it, but it'll do the trick if I need it."

        He nodded. "With the youngsters sure, but the dangerous ones will realize the scent is all off." He pointed to her pocket. "And you were draining your energy even with the trinket in your hand."

        "A couple of minutes should give me plenty of time."

        "Time for what exactly?"

        "To kill them." She said it firmly, and Spike knew better than to argue with that tone of voice.

        "So you're playing with magics?"

        "No. I can make a couple of charms and I'm working on the glamour, but I stay away from the big stuff."

        "What kind of charms?"

        "Lights, noise: distractions mainly."

        Spike nodded. "Clever" She prepared, he decided, couldn't say she was running in blindly. He still didn't feel good about letting her fight though. He held up the bag in his hand and gestured towards the kitchen. "I'm gonna.." He needed a minute to think and warming up a mug of blood was as good an excuse as he was likely to find.

        Dawn nodded. He's impressed, she thought with a smile. She was surprised to discover that a part of her still wanted to impress Spike with how cool she was. She shook her head and laughed quietly to herself.

        A knock at the door, interrupted her thoughts. She walked over to answer it. A quick peek out the peep hole had her groaning. Chad, her lab partner, had an unfortunate tendency to drop by unnecessarily. He knocked again. She sighed and opened the door.
        "Chad, now is not really a great time?"

        He ignored her completely. "I found a couple of interesting articles and knew you would want to read them before class. The first one is from a case over at Southwestern State, their using a new medium to grow?"


        Chad looked up startled.

        Dawn softened her tone. "I really appreciate it, but now is really not a good time."

        On cue, Spike came back in from the kitchen carrying a warm mug. "Hello mate." He looked from Chad to Dawn. "Didn't know you were expected quests niblit." Getting his soul back had really done nothing to stop Spike from enjoying the opportunity to intimidate people when they first met.

        Chad's eyes widened. "Oh,?I'll just?I mean?"

        Dawn smiled and took the papers from his hands. "Thanks. I really appreciate the articles, but?" She glanced meaningfully at Spike and back at Chad. "I'm really in the middle of something right now. Why don't we chat in a few days? Ok?" She shooed him out the door.

        "Right ok, I'll see you in class!" Chad piped up hopefully.

        "Yeah, ummhmm." Dawn nodded and shut the door. She turned around and rolled her eyes. She held up the papers. "He thought I might want extra homework."

        Spike grinned and nodded.

        "He did."

        He raised his eyebrow and tilted his head towards her. "Boy likes you and you know it. It's why you had to play the whole soulful glances bit." Spike had enjoyed watching Dawn use him to get rid of the unwanted suitor. Besides, the boy was clearly not good enough for her.

        Dawn blushed and looked away. It was time to refocus. "Look, before I dusted that vamp last night I got a name out of him, or at least I think it was a name: Casarino. She looked at him searching for a reaction. Would the name mean anything to him?

        "Yeah, that would fit." He said it more to himself than to her and nodded.

        "Fit what?" Dawn waited a second "Spike, it fit's what?"

        "My source had it that a couple a bosses were planning some big meeting." He looked up. "These are guys that can't stand each other, haven't been in the same place in decades."


        "Vamps living out some Piece of the Action game."

        "Piece of the?are you talking about a vampire mob?" Dawn looked bewildered. Normal killing and crime wasn't enough, vampires had organized crime too?

        Spike shrugged. "Back in the hey day, some guys thought getting vamped would give ?em an advantage against the other bosses. Now it's a thing. With the getups and the guns, It's ridiculous if you ask me; bunch of pansies living in the past. You gotta change with the times ya know, like I do."

        Dawn resisted the temptation to comment on Spike's 1970's punk look.

        Spike shook his head in disgust and continued, "Anyway, it's dumb but dangerous. The vamps in charge of this thing wouldn't have hesitated to kill you over spilt gin before they were changed, you can only imagine how charming they are now."

        "So why are they coming here?"

        "Don't know, best I can tell this area never really belonged to any of the bosses. I guess that makes it?"

        "Neutral territory" Dawn finished. "A meeting place."


        "But you don't know why they're meeting?"


        "But it couldn't be good, like a birthday party or something?" She gave him a hopeful look.

        "If these guys are getting along enough to even meet there's got to be something really good in it for all of them, and that couldn't be good for us."
        "All I ask is that... that you try to see me."


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          "Well you're not wearing that."

          Dawn looked at him disbelievingly, "What exactly is wrong with what I'm wearing." She had the leather back on: tight black pants, a tank top and a jacket. To top it all off she had on the boots and low slung belt holding a pouch full of charms and a blade. "This is what I always wear when I'm going to deal with vamps."

          "Exactly. Look pet, if you want to come with me you need to look like you're just some bird I got tagging along, some bit a fluff for later right. This whole video game superwoman bit is too memorable. You can't risk being recognized as the one that took out their men a few nights back."

          "I can handle myself."

          "Sure, but if you want to keep breathin' you won't be handlin' yourself any more than you have to." Spike blushed and stammered that had not come out right at all. "that is?I mean fight when have too, not when you don't right."

          Dawn sighed. "Fine" She disappeared back into her room.

          Spike was still not pleased about bringing her along, but she had made it quite clear she would get into something if he refused. So they were going together to check out the underground casino he'd found out about while she was off at class. He was wishing that he had a better plan than go and hope to learn something when she came back out.

          She'd changed, he thought, and that was the understatement of the decade. Her short blue dress displayed her no longer teenaged curves to perfection. She'd also done something with her hair and put on a touch of make-up, Spike noticed while trying to think of an appropriately nonchalant response. He realized then that he was starring and quickly turned away.

          "Right, let's off then." He said without looking back.

          Dawn grinned before following him out the door.
          "All I ask is that... that you try to see me."


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            Dawn took a look around as she followed Spike into the club. It was a bit like walking into an old movie. Music she couldn't classify as other than old filled the dimly lit room. There were a few people in modern clothes, but for the most part it looked like a Godfather themed costume party: lots of suits, hats and suspenders. Also lots of smoking, she noticed with a grimace. She quickly reapplied her fake smile; Spike had told her to try and look dumb and happy. He had also said that she should leave the talking to him. While she had no intention of following his advice on the second part, playing Spike's ditzy date seemed like a good disguise. She tightened her hold on his arm when she saw someone heading their way.

            "Spike?You got business here?"

            Spike gave the vampire a grin. "Was lookin' for a bit a pleasure actually. Me and the bird here, we thought we'd try our luck." He nodded in the direction of the blackjack table.

            The vamp gave them both a once over. Dawn gave him what she hoped was a vacant smile.

            "I got no beef with you, but some of the guys?" He shrugged.

            Spike chuckled. "Some of the guys owe me a few quid."

            Dawn watched the other vampire grin and chuckle too. He relaxed and took a step to the side allowing her and Spike access to the room.

            "Maybe you'll join us for a private game later on?"

            "Could be"

            "Oh, if you want a drink, talk to Darcy."

            "Thanks." Spike gave him his most devilish grin "But I brought my own." He brought Dawn's wrist to his lips and kissed her pulse.

            Dawn fought to keep the startle off her face. The vamp was grinning at them; she guessed that meant they had passed inspection. She reminded her flip-flopping stomach that the kiss was part of the act. They headed toward the blackjack table.
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            "All I ask is that... that you try to see me."


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              Spike put some cash down and the dealer gave him a couple of cards; he glanced at them. "Hit me."

              Dawn was startled by the quickness of his decision, but it was apparently the right one because a moment later the dealer was handing him his winnings. He continued playing and Dawn tried not to look too interested as she scanned the room.

              Spike caught her starring at a guy across the room. "Looking for a drink, luv? I'm sure Bernie here can call over one of the girls."

              The aforementioned Bernie signaled a girl with tray.

              The girl took a look at Spike and grinned before sliding over to cozy up next to him. "What can I do for you?"

              She'd asked it all breathy, Dawn had to struggle not to barf. I mean really, she thought, slutty much?

              Spike gave her an appreciative grin before answering. "Bring me a cola for the girl?" He handed her some cash. "Thanks, luv."

              He is seriously enjoying this too much, Dawn thought as he turned back to the game. The girl pouted but went to get the soda.

              "Cola?" A nicely dressed guy at the table gave Dawn a quizzical look-over. "You picking ?em young these days?"

              For a second it looked to Dawn like Spike didn't have a response, but he recovered quickly.

              "I prefer to keep ?em alert." Spike flashed the guy a smile with fang. "More fun later."

              The table chuckled agreeably. The girl returned with her drink. Dawn pretended to be very interested in its contents and tried not to think about what these vamps though was going to her happen later. She suppressed a shiver and took Spike's arm again.

              Spike tried to focus on the game and the conversations around him. At a table to his left a couple of Casarino's lugs were getting a bit too drunk and loose with their words. He'd caught a couple of bits that sounded important, but they talked damn funny and he kept being distracting by his own guilt over allowing Dawn to tag along. The kid didn't belong here; he certainly didn't like her seeing him like this, knowing what kind of man he had been. She probably wouldn't even want to speak to him after this, he thought. He looked at his cards.

              "I'll stand"

              He beat the dealer again.

              "Lucky tonight Spike."

              The man who spoke did not sound like he was congratulating him. A couple of other guys mumbled as well; it didn't serve to do too well at these games. Spike made sure to lose the next couple of hands. Normally he'd have enjoyed the resulting fight, but tonight he had bigger fights in mind.

              Spike noticed a guy headed towards them. Well, towards Dawn anyway.

              "I don't believe I've had the pleasure." He reached for Dawn's hand.

              She tried to pull it away but he caught it too quickly. His tone had been friendly but the grip on her wrist gave a different message.

              He pulled her hand to his lips.

              Spike stood and moved himself between Dawn and her "suitor". He spoke slowly. "If you've a mind to keep them, you'll keep your hands to yourself."

              The guy was all smiles; he put his hands up in mock surrender. "I was just looking for a taste, didn't think you'd mind sharing a bit."

              Spike grabbed the guy by the shirt and pulled him close to his face. "I don't like to share; you'd do best to remember that." He shoved him away hard enough to leave the guy stumbling.

              A few of the others grumbled about Spike's actions. He took hold of Dawn's arm and collected his cash from the table.

              "Spike." Dawn said it questioningly, as he pulled her away from the table.

              "I think we've had enough fun here."


              "Don't worry pet, I've got more fun planned for later." He pulled her towards the door.

              She waited until they were outside. "Spike don't you think you overreacted a little? I mean the guy barely?"

              "If you knew what that guy wanted to do to you, you wouldn't?"

              Dawn interrupted before he could finish. "You mean kill me, probably slowly and painfully. Yeah I get it; basically everyone in there would have liked to kill me."

              Spike shook his head and sighed.

              Dawn continued, "I'm done being the victim Spike. You don't need to protect me."

              "Yeah well, it was as good an excuse as any to get out of there."

              "Right, but we needed to stay in there. Remember we need information?"

              Spike grinned. "I got it." He walked away nonchalantly.

              "What?" Dawn chased him towards his bike. "How?What did you find out?"
              "All I ask is that... that you try to see me."


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                Spike made her wait until they got back to her apartment before sharing what he'd heard.

                Dawn's jaw dropped. "They've got a slayer working for them?"

                "Probably not too hard, there's so many of ?em now and not all of them take to the calling so well, you know." Spike shrugged. "Also they have a lot of cash, right? Speaks to some folks."

                "So the slayer is giving them info and they are going to work together to take out the Squadron in San Diego." Dawn shook her head, this was bigger than she had ever imagined. Spike said these guys had hundreds of vamps working for them and plenty of demons hired for security as well. The San Diego Squadron was pretty small, Dawn remembered, if they had insider information and could catch the girls by surprise they could really do some damage. "We have to call them, give them a heads up."

                "No good, I don't know the name of the girl they got working for them. By the time they figure it out?" Spike shook his head. No, he was going to deal with this himself.

                "Okay, so what do we do?"

                "You stay home; I'll pay them a surprise visit Thursday."

                Dawn ignored the first part. "Thursday is the big meeting, so we have two days to get ready" she nodded "yeah we can do this."


                "Look all we have to do is come up with a way to keep the all in there until daylight."

                "Yeah?then what?"

                "Then I blow the place up."

                "Right" Spike starred at her.

                "Any that don't die from the explosion should be burnt to a crisp by the light of day." Dawn said it all matter-of-factly, like she was explaining how to use the microwave or which shampoo she preferred.

                Spike continued to stare at her. Finally he asked "You make bombs now?"

                "Little ones, it will only blow the club. So," she shrugged "nice and safe."

                "Right" he couldn't help himself "sounds like fun."
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                "All I ask is that... that you try to see me."


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                  He'd settled down on Dawn's couch again, but he wasn't ready to sleep. He had too many thoughts, too many memories, to let him sleep easily these days. So he was wide awake when she yelled.

                  He was in her room in a second; battle-ready he surveyed the scene. No one, there was nothing there. Dawn was asleep and alone. He shook his head and started back out of the room. She screamed again.

                  "No, oh God no, Sandy look?.no?" Dawn whimpered and tossed in her sleep.

                  A nightmare, Spike realized, she was having a nightmare. Made sense, he supposed, after everything she'd seen. He walked over towards the bed. "Dawn" He said her name quietly; he didn't want to startle her. The girl probably keeps a stake under her pillow, he thought with a wry smile. "Dawn it's a dream, just a dream, little bit." He sat cautiously at the edge of the bed and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. "It's alright now, you're safe now."

                  Dawn woke up panting and shaking. "Spike" She looked at him with surprise for a moment before climbing onto his lap. "It was?"

                  "A dream, it's okay now." He held her against his chest. She was still shaking, he noticed, it must have been a doozey. He understood that, he'd been woken by memories of his own on several occasions. Of course in his memories he was not the victim. He squeezed her tighter. "I got you bit."

                  "You got me." Dawn said it sleepily and snuggled closer. In a moment she was sleeping again.

                  Holding her on his lap, Spike tugged a blanket over her and scooted towards the center of the bed. He leaned back, placed his head against the headboard and closed his eyes.
                  "All I ask is that... that you try to see me."


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                    It was daylight before Dawn woke to find herself curled up on his lap. She quickly remembered her dream last night. Yeah way to go, she thought, that'll convince him to stop treating you like a kid. She shook off the embarrassment and studied the man in her bed. He'd stayed, she thought, slept sitting up just to make her feel better. He was a good man, though she knew he still didn't know it. She leaned forward and kissed him softly.

                    He stirred, made a little noise of general contentment, but didn't wake up.
                    Dawn smiled and leaned forward to kiss him again.

                    His eyes opened and widened as he realized what had just happened. He jumped, banging his head against the wall and knocking Dawn off his lap. "What" He looked at her confused, rubbing his hand over his head. "Why" He paced her room.

                    Dawn giggled. "It was just a kiss Spike. You know people do that when they like each other." She stood up and took a step towards him. "You do like me don't you Spike?"

                    Oh my god. This cannot be happening. No he must now be having some sort of nightmare of his own. He tried not to notice how short Dawn's pajamas were. Damn she had legs, he thought before once again reminding himself that he wasn't looking. "This isn't?I can't?you are?I?" He stammered for a moment before heading out the door. He made it into the living room before realizing that he couldn't go any further. He was trapped; it was full light outside. Though right then, a little smoke and flame was looking like a reasonable option.

                    She followed him into the room. He was cute all awkward and rambling, she thought. "Spike, I'm not a kid anymore. It's not like I've never?" She shrugged.

                    Not something he wanted to think about. "Look you were upset; you're just confused right now?it's natural to ?but? " he trailed off and looked away.

                    "Spike" she paused until he looked back at her. "I'm not confused, I know it's natural and I don't want you because I'm upset."

                    She wanted him?
                    "We can't"

                    "Why not?" She crossed her arms, tilted her head, raised an eyebrow and waited for a response.

                    He recognized the stubborn Summers' stance. He even realized that she'd probably picked up the eyebrow bit from him. "Look your sister would?"

                    "Buffy, it always comes back to Buffy. You are actually still waiting for her?" She shook her head in disgust and frustration.

                    "Not what I meant" and it wasn't he realized, in all of this he hadn't actually thought about that. "Soul or no, I touch you, your sister will kill me."

                    "That is the lamest excuse I have ever heard."

                    She turned and went to throw on some clothes; she was going to be late to class if she didn't leave soon and she couldn't afford to skip any more. She got dressed grabbed a bottle of soda from the kitchen and shrugged her backpack over one shoulder. She left without saying another word.
                    "All I ask is that... that you try to see me."


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                      Spike heard her coming up the stairs and tried for a casual pose. Maybe she wouldn't want to talk about it either, he thought. Right, like he could be so lucky.

                      "Hey, so I had an idea: maybe I can get the name of that traitor slayer if I went in with the glamour. You know pretend like I need a job. They should totally believe you turned me."

                      What? "I don't think that's?"

                      "We can chat about it later, I need to get showered and changed." She headed toward the bathroom. "I told Chad we could work on our project this afternoon."

                      Spike was feeling pretty lucky until Dawn emerged from her room twenty minutes later wearing a backless halter top and a mini skirt.

                      "Oh, is that how we're playing then?"

                      "Playing what Spike?" Dawn looked at him innocently.

                      "Don't think you're the first girl in the past century to come up with the ?I'll just show him what he's missing' revenge plan." He shook his head. "You're wearing a postage stamp as a skirt."

                      "And are you missing something Spike?"

                      "Fishing for compliments bit? You know you're gorgeous. I'm sure every guy in town wants?"

                      "I didn't ask about every guy in town, I asked about you and what you want. When you figure it out let me know. But don't expect me to sit here waiting until you do" With that she headed back out.

                      As she walked over to the campus, Dawn pulled a sweater out of her backpack. She actually felt a little too trampy for a study session, but she wasn't going to let him know that. She could tell he wanted her; it was obvious, wasn't it? Or maybe he was only being nice to her because she was Buffy's kid sister, she thought bitterly. But she knew that wasn't the case, he had always been there for her even when Buffy was gone. He'd played at being her big brother, but he wasn't. He just needed a little reminding of that fact, she thought with a grin. Well she could arrange that.

                      Trapped, he was basically trapped in her apartment again. Spike paced the floor. How long was she going to spend working with this kid anyway? They had work to do, or had she forgotten all about that? He was being immature; he knew it, but he wallowed anyway. Why was it he was always getting punished for doing the right thing? It's not like the right thing wasn't hard enough anyway or something.
                      "All I ask is that... that you try to see me."


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                        Spike watched Dawn add the final touches to the spell that would keep the bomb from going off until they wanted it to.

                        "Where'd you learn to do this again?"

                        "It's just a tweaked protection spell, Willow showed me how years ago."

                        "I meant the bomb, pet."

                        "Oh, the directions were online."

                        "Right" Somehow that didn't make him feel better.

                        Things had remained a bit strained between them over the past two days but they had gotten everything ready. He was going to get the bomb in and get out (before it went off hopefully). Once day came, Dawn would cast the spell to set off the bomb. The tricky part was keeping them all in there until daylight. Where was a vengeance demon when you needed one? But he would think of something. He was quick on his feet. They were waiting until the last minute, just before daybreak so he wouldn't have to stall them long.

                        "All set." Dawn turned to him. "Are you ready?"

                        "Guess so." Spike looked down at his clothes. They'd decided he should go in disguise and try to blend in. Dawn had managed to find him a 1920's style pinstripe suit complete with fedora hat. He felt ridiculous. "Ready as I can be."

                        Dawn gave him a considering look. "I think the hat's kind of sexy."

                        "Yeah" He pulled it down and to the side and shot her a flirtatious look.

                        "Oh yeah."

                        "All right, let's on with it shall we?"
                        "All I ask is that... that you try to see me."


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                          Spike took the explosive and slid it in his pocket. He was going in. Dawn was waiting around the corner in a coffee shop. They had a car parked close by filled with blankets for him to hide under after he came out. The plan was to cut things close. He wouldn't have a chance to get any further before daybreak.

                          He walked over to the door. It was heavily guarded of course. Well here goes nothing, he thought.

                          "Baxter sent me over, said he didn't needed another friend on the inside."

                          The vamp looked him over. "When'd he say that?"

                          Spike gave him an impatient look. He'd found that if you act like you outrank someone they usually treat you like you do. "He said that not fifteen minutes ago when he called me. Do you want to go check or do you want to let me do my job?"

                          The security vamp glanced at his partner, but didn't say anything. If he asked his opinion it would be like saying he was in charge; he couldn't afford to lose face.

                          "Yeah all right" He turned and called over to other guy. "He's a friend."

                          Spike walked in. All right step one: get in, check. Next he had to find a spot to stash the bomb.

                          A guy walked up to him almost immediately. "Hey, do I know you?"

                          Spike noted the accent and took a chance this guy was not from the states. "I don't think so. I'm one of Casarino's boys."

                          "Oh yeah"


                          "What do you?uhh, handle for Casarino?"

                          "A little of this and little of that, you know how it is." Oh shit, he is totally not buying it, Spike thought; he's probably Casarino's second hand.

                          But the vamp nodded, "Yeah a little of this a little of that" he laughed like Spike had something really funny.

                          Maybe his English isn't too good Spike thought as he nodded and chuckled with the guy.

                          As he made his way towards the back room he noticed that most of the guys were clearly separating themselves, standing to the sides in their little groups. It made sense, these guys hate each other and they weren't here to mingle. It gave him an idea.

                          Spike quickly choose a spot and hid the bomb in a drawer. Then he made his way over to one the groups. "Can you believe the nerve of these guys?"

                          "Can you believe these guys coming here and talking ?bout the boss like that? Saying he's a rube, and all?"

                          Spike proceeded to visit each group with a similar tale. Within a few minutes every guy in the place was glaring at each other. A moment later the riot broke out. Spike smiled as he headed out the door, well that ought to keep them busy for a bit. The security men headed in to find out what the fuss was all about as he headed out.

                          Dawn watched him leave and get into the car from the corner. She was supposed to be at the coffee shop, but she wanted to see him leave with her own eyes before she set off the bomb. She kept watch on the club for a few more minute and glanced over her shoulder at the rising sun. It was time. A few chanted words and the sky was lit up. They'd done it.

                          She ran over to the car and drove home.
                          "All I ask is that... that you try to see me."


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                            Dawn ran up and unlocked her door. Spike came rushing in behind her. He dropped the smoking blankets to the floor and they stomped out any flames. Dawn shut the door.

                            "We did it."

                            ?Yeah" he nodded.

                            Dawn grinned widely for a moment, and then stopped. Her face went white. "Spike there weren't any?that is?I never thought?"

                            "No humans Dawn, I checked: mostly vamps, a couple of demons, no humans."

                            "Oh thank God. I never even thought of?"

                            "It's okay Dawn, I did."

                            She nodded, but it wasn't really okay. She couldn't let herself forget about the innocents out there. The sick feeling in her stomach made her sure she wouldn't get so caught up again.

                            "So the slayer wasn't there. We need to call and let someone know."

                            "We've already heard."

                            Spike and Dawn turned to discover Willow standing there.

                            "How the hell?" Spike took a step back in shock.

                            "Willow doesn't so much need doors anymore." Dawn explained. She turned back to Willow. "Though knocking is generally considered polite."

                            "Yeah and manners are big on your minds today what with the blowing stuff up."

                            "You heard about that already?"

                            "A couple of our people saw it just before you pulled it off. I tried to get out here quicker, but? well things are always a bit crazy."

                            "So, if you already knew she'd pull it off, why are you here?" Spike put the hat on the table and gave Willow a questioning glance.

                            Willow ignored his question. "Dawnie, what were you thinking? Why didn't you just call us? You could have gotten yourself killed."

                            Dawn slumped on the couch.

                            "Whoa there Red, in case you've forgotten, the little bit here managed to take down the fanged mob today. Give her a little credit. She's not a kid anymore."

                            Dawn looked up shocked while Spike came to her defense.

                            Willow turned to look at him quizzically. She studied him for a moment, her eyes widening in surprise. Well this would certainly be interesting. "You're right." She turned back towards Dawn. "It was amazing Dawnie, crazy, but amazing." She came over and sat next to her, they hugged.

                            "Does Buffy know?"

                            "Some I'll fill her in on the important bits, or you can"

                            Dawn shrugged; somehow she didn't think that was going to be a fun conversation. "Whatever."

                            Willow laughed. "Maybe I can ease the way a little with some prep work."

                            Dawn nodded.

                            "I can't stay right now Dawnie, but I'll be back for a real visit soon okay?"

                            "Yeah, that would be nice"

                            As Willow stood up she reached into Spike's head. "Should I tell Buffy that you'll be keeping an eye on Dawn?"

                            Spike responded in his head. "Yeah, I'll be here. The bit and I, we work, that is we uhh make a good team or something." Oh bugger this; he hated this psychic talking bit.

                            "Yeah I'm seeing that." Willow grinned and vanished.
                            "All I ask is that... that you try to see me."


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                              Spike took a sip of his drink and watched Dawn dance with yet another little boy. After they'd crashed for most of the day, Dawn had woken up antsy.

                              "Let's celebrate" She'd said "I want to go dancing." She'd demonstrated by wiggling her hips and bouncing around.

                              So here they were, Dawn had been a relentless force on the dance floor for a couple of hours and Spike had enjoyed more than a couple strong drinks while watching.

                              Dawn made her way back over to their table and took a couple sips of her pretty pink drink. She loved the ones that came with umbrellas. She placed it back on the table and grabbed Spike's hand. "Come dance."

                              "I'm good here."

                              "It's just dancing Spike. Come on." She gave his hand another tug and he stood up.

                              What the hell, he followed her out onto the dance floor. They were only there for a second when the upbeat song that allowed for silly friendly dancing changed to something slow and sexy.

                              Spike thought of leaving for a second, but it was too late. Dawn was already moving towards him, slowly swinging her hips to the beat. She ran her hand suggestively down his chest and whispered teasingly "Dancing usually involves moving." She took his hand and pulled his arm over her shoulder as she turned to face away. Dawn slid her body down his and back up. She began to pull away, meaning to turn around, but his hands on her hips stopped her. She gasped.

                              He pulled her up tight against him, so their legs intertwined and her back pressed tightly against his chest. He began to sway in time with the music, pulling her body back and forth with his.

                              Spike pushed her away with a quick shove from the hands at her hips. Spinning her around, he pulled her back up against him so they stood chest to chest, eye to eye.

                              His eyes, darkened with desire, met hers straight on. For a moment she was actually scared. This was a Spike she had never seen. He pulled her closer so her hips pressed firmly against his and led her with a hand at the small of her back. Their hips circled with the music.

                              Dawn pulled away and took a couple of steps backward making him follow her lead for time. She grinned and turned away, leaving him to catch up. She spun around as he did, so they once again met eye to eye.

                              But Spike took over again all too quickly and he knew how to tease as well. "Like to get chased do you? How do feel about getting caught?"

                              Dawn's mouth went dry. Caught by you? She felt her knees weaken. So that's what that was like, she thought wryly, she'd always wondered.

                              Spike listened to her heart race and watched her flush. He'd be damned for this for sure. He pulled her close and quickly brought his mouth down to hers. He kissed her firmly, possessively, right there in the middle of the dance floor. He let everyone know that no matter how many little boys she'd danced with that evening, she'd been dancing for him.

                              Dawn pulled away. "Home" she commanded breathlessly "now.

                              He couldn't remember coming up the stairs or coming into her room. The ride home, her body snug against his on his bike, that he remembered, but getting here exactly, that was a blur. Yet here they were. He tried for a moment to clear his head. "Maybe we should?"

                              "Spike" Dawn took a step closer.


                              She placed her hand on his chest and shoved so he sat down on the edge of her bed. "Sometimes I like to do the catching." She sat on his lap, wrapping her legs around his waist. Dawn kissed him hard.

                              When she pulled away for air he let out a deep throaty chuckle. "Is that so? And what do you plan to do once you've done the catching?"

                              "The taming."

                              Holy shit, where had she come up with that? Spike nearly choked. He shifted but couldn't alleviate the uncomfortable tightness of his pants.

                              Dawn watched his predicament and giggled. She reached down, pulled her dress off over head and watched the desire swirl in his eyes. Power, that's what it was, more than she had ever felt before. The feeling swelled and filled her. The smallest of movements would cause a reaction. He wanted her.

                              He watched her: captivated by her every move, entranced by every inch of her smooth skin, bewildered by the whole of her. She was incredible and she wanted him.

                              She stood up, took off her bra and panties, sat back down on his lap and started to unbuckle his belt.

                              Spike yanked off his shirt before reaching down to help with his zipper.

                              "No boxers, naughty Spike."

                              "Never really saw the point." He gasped as she took him in her hand.

                              As she continued to caress him, he kissed his way across her shoulder and up her neck. "Do you really want to talk about who's been naughty little bit?" He bit her earlobe lightly and enjoyed the way his words made her squirm on his thighs. He caught her by the hips, lifted her, and pulled her closer. He held her there, millimeters from satisfaction and whispered in her ear once more. "Last chance bit, are you?"

                              "Yours, make me yours."

                              He was going to ask if she was sure. Her answer was better. Her words washed over him as he pushed into her. She was his.

                              Dawn pushed him so he was lying back and positioned herself so that she could decide the tempo. She decided on slow.

                              He kept his grip firm on her hips but let her slide up and down as torturously slow as she wanted.

                              She leaned down and bit his nipple. At his moan, she laughed softly. "Maybe I'd better kiss it and make it better." She brought her lips down and gave his chest a soft kiss before once again biting just a little too hard.

                              He moaned and rolled them over so that she was beneath him on the bed. He began moving himself in and out a bit faster. "Let's see how you like it, shall we?" He tried to give her a menacing look, but she giggled. He pinned her arms to the bed and kissed his way down her neck to her breasts. He gave them a dozen little kisses and more than a few nips before settling on her nipple. When he did, she came: hard.

                              "Spike, Oh my God, Spike." She yelled out and strained against his hands.

                              He kept her arms pinned above her head and watched her for a second before joining. A few hard thrusts and he spilled himself into her. She was his. He rolled onto his back and pulled her into his arms. She snuggled there against his chest all warm and soft and his. He couldn't really believe it; no one was ever his, not really his.
                              "All I ask is that... that you try to see me."


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                                Dawn stood looking at her body still next to Spike all curled up on the bed. What the hell? Am I dead? Oh my God! I?how could I?

                                "You're not dead. We just pulled you into a place that is, shall we say, slightly out of tune with your dimension."

                                Dawn turned to look at the man who had answered her unspoken question. Well she supposed he was a man; he looked a bit like a gargoyle statue that had come to life. She took a step back.

                                "Who are you? Why?"

                                "Whoa its alright, I'm Skip and I'm just a messenger for the Powers"

                                "The Powers" Dawn asked, considering whether she should be running or yelling or something else entirely. She looked around; it really looked like they were standing in her room.

                                "The Powers that Be" He said it like she should know who he was talking about.

                                She shook her head. "Never heard of them"

                                Skip shrugged. "Well we've been watching you."

                                Dawn's eyes widened, she glanced back at the bed. "Watching us have?"

                                "No, well yes, but we always watch that type of thing. I mean we've been watching you. You've joined the fight."

                                "What fight?"

                                "The fight between the forces of good and those for evil" Again Skip said it like she shouldn't need to ask.

                                "Oh" Dawn nodded. "Haven't I been in that for awhile?"

                                "I guess the powers think you've become a bigger player, or more to the point that you could be. I'm here to offer you something."

                                Dawn looked suspicious.
                                "I can give you power: speed, better reflexes, a bit more control with the magics. It wouldn't make you," he paused "you wouldn't be as strong as your sister probably, but it would give you an edge."

                                "Why, why would you give me that."

                                "Like I said, The Powers have been watching; they think you could be important. The question is: do you want to be? Do you want to be in this, really in it? And are you willing to make the kinds of sacrifices, accept the changes needed to play your role?"

                                Did she want to be important? Dawn's mind reeled; she'd spent her entire life in her sister's shadow. "What, what changes and sacrifices are you talking about exactly?"

                                "You're practical" Skip nodded "I like that. For me to give you the kind of powers that would help you, I would have to alter your current, that is, well to be blunt I'd have to make you more demon."

                                "More demon, are you saying I'm a demon now" Dawn looked at him bewildered.

                                "No, poor choice of words there: sorry. You're human. I would have to change that, make you part demon."

                                "You want to make me part demon." Dawn said it slowly and starred at him in shock.

                                "Hey, you don't have to say it like that. I'm a demon you know and I'm pretty great. I mean seriously, considering the company you keep, I thought you'd be a bit more open-minded." He gestured toward the bed.

                                Dawn blushed. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean?I'm just a bit thrown by all of this."

                                Skip nodded, but he still looked a bit hurt. "I'm getting pretty good at it you know. I could probably avoid most of the side affects you'd rather not have."

                                "Side affects?"

                                "Yeah like you don't have to have scales or horns or whatnot, I mean if this is how you want to look?" Skip shrugged; she was a bit bland by his standards. "But I do have to tell you there will be some side affects, we can't completely pick and choose which traits we would get. There may be some that you don't like so much, but you would definitely be more powerful.

                                "But I'd be a demon?"

                                "Part demon"

                                "Right. So less me, more something else?"

                                "Isn't that something you want?"

                                Dawn looked down. Was it? Hadn't she always wanted to be?well special, or more important?

                                "No, thank you, but no."

                                "Really" Skip looked surprised.


                                "Can I ask why, is it the side affects thing?"

                                "No, not really. I mean possible horns, not really my cup of tea, but that's not why I can't do it. I have to win this, fight this fight, as me. You know, I think that I have to be me, just plain old me, to do what I am supposed to do. Does that make sense?"

                                Skip nodded. "I think I follow." He smiled. "It has to be your decision and I am not going to pressure you, but I am going to leave you my card. I'm going to put it on the desk. If you reconsider, call." He walked over and placed the card on the top of her biology text. Skip walked back and shook her hand. "It's been a pleasure meeting you Dawn Summers."

                                Dawn awoke, abruptly sitting up. Spike stirred next to her and opened his eyes.

                                "Everything all right niblit?"

                                She looked down at him and smiled. He looks so nervous, she thought. "It's fine, I just had a weird dream or something I guess."

                                Spike sat up and pulled her closer. "Another nightmare?"

                                "No, It was just?" she looked at her desk. There was his card. "weird." Dawn looked back at Spike. "Everything's good, really good."

                                The End
                                "All I ask is that... that you try to see me."