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    (A season 7 poem)

    Is there anything you don't know everything about?
    You say, and I say something glib
    Because I can't begin to list
    The things I should but have not understood
    And you, my black lacuna, top my list
    My greatest failure and my blindest spot
    The second child my watching eyes forgot

    I left you worse equipped than her
    At least the slayer knew that it was dark
    But you, the one eyed boasting queen
    You knew your way
    You'd marked your path.

    Then, with a harsh metallic crack
    You were a monster in a girlskin suit
    I'll never tell you how it felt to see
    You as a stalking nightmare
    Bearing down on me
    With darkness pouring from your eyes
    Black iceberg tip of what was underneath

    I saw you coming long before
    But I stepped back and shrugged it off
    There's no excuse
    I've nothing I can say
    Except ? don't wonder why I'm playing Dumbledore
    I'm merely ?hardly - evening the score.

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --