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  • slayerisland

    Sawyer returned from the marshal's tent and sighed when Jack ran up to him, yelling.

    ""What did you do?" Jack said, furious.

    "What had to be done, what you couldn't" Sawyer simply replied lighting a cigarette.

    "I could have..." he started but was cut of by the southern accent.

    "Could have what? Fixed him? There was nothing to put back together doc, and you know it" the southern said walking away

    Jack stood there knowing the redneck was right, no matter how much he hated that thought.

    Later, Sawyer sat on the beach when a blond woman joined him. He glanced over but then turned his attention back on his book.

    "Hey" the young woman greeted.

    "Hey there princes" the man responded but didn't look up from his book. He was not in the mood for chit-chat.

    "Heard about the marshal" the girl said undeterred eying the man beside her.

    "And?" Sawyer sighed looking up now "what about it?"

    "Just what everybody is talking about" the blond shrugged "what you reading?" she asked.

    Sawyer frowned but then just held the cover of the book for her to read the title.

    "Interesting?" she asked trying to make conversation.

    "S'alright" his southern accent came as he turned his attention back to the book.

    The woman sat a while in silence but then realised something.

    "I'm Buffy" she introduced herself.

    "Sawyer" the guy simply replied without looking up from his book.

    Eventually the blond gave up and rose to her feet going to the rest of the survivors.

    That night Sawyer couldn't sleep and so he sat at the fire staring of into the now black ocean. This was just his luck, stuck on an island with this bunch of losers, with nothing to do. The blond shook his head as he lit a cigarette getting out the weathered piece of paper giving a long once-over deep in thought.

    Buffy couldn't sleep as well... she wasn't used to be able to do so she crawled out of her tent and went to sit by the fire as well frowning slightly as she saw the redneck already sitting there holding a piece of paper. But as soon as he heard her he put it away and raised an eyebrow.

    "Ain't it past you're bedtime princes?" he asked.

    "Very funny... " Buffy smirked no amused

    (soooo sorry... but I'm in school now and have to go... I'll try and continue later today though... ooh and yeah, I know in the show Sawyer didn't actually kill the Marshall... but I just thought I'd do it different in my story, that's, after all, where fan fiction was for right? anyway... pleas let me know what you think so far!!!)
    hiding, scared
    why won't it let go?
    What did I do?
    Will it ever end?
    Ever get better?

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    Sawyer just gave the young girl a grin.

    "That's me sweetness" he said as he laid back on his arms looking up at the nights.

    Buffy sat down staring of into the flames of the fire. Both lost in their own thoughts.


    Buffy walked up to the school immediately surrounded by a bunch of girls.

    "Where were you last night?" Trisha asked "Tyler asked about you" she added smiling at the blond girl "I thought you were gonna wait for him yesterday"

    "Something came up" Buffy shrugged "he can grovel some other time" she stated confidently as the girls headed into the school towards their first class. Buffy sighed slightly as she sat down, how on earth was she going to manage this un top of everything else? Her parents were fighting enough as it was....

    After school she headed towards Merricks house. The elder man had been expecting her.

    "Hello" his engulfs accent greeted the teen as he opened the door.

    "Hey..." Buffy greeted unenthusiastically stepping inside "I can't do this" she the said "it's just too much..."

    "Buffy, you're the only one Buffy, you're the chosen one, you cannot just turn your back on this" the watcher replied

    "Then choose someone else... I don't want to be chosen..." the blond stubbornly stood her ground.

    Merrich sighed, he didn't really want to put this girl through this, she was only 14 for crying out loud, but she was the world's only hope.

    "You know that can't be done" he patiently told her.

    Buffy just sighed nodded.

    "I know.. I just..." she said "alright... let's do this" she then said...
    hiding, scared
    why won't it let go?
    What did I do?
    Will it ever end?
    Ever get better?