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'Who's Who Anymore?' BTVS Fan Fiction Pilot, Prt 1.

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  • 'Who's Who Anymore?' BTVS Fan Fiction Pilot, Prt 1.

    Title:: Who's Who Anymore?
    Based On:: Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Joss Whedon Production).
    Content:: Can be viewed by all ages.
    Pairings:: Non, this is not based on love/relationships, only friends.
    Demons?:: Vampires.
    Chapters:: So Far 1.

    Buffy Summers swung a flying kick towards a huge vampire, it growled as her boot hit its cheek, the impact breaking his jaw, he fell to the floor clutching his mouth screaming in pain, Buffy pulled a large stake from the back of her jeans stabbing him in the heart, his ashes exploded, covering her boots and pants.
    "Argh, I need to make sure Im clear of the ash next time". Buffy moaned to herself brushing the brown content of the once solid vampire, from her dark blue jeans. Buffy turned her head glancing down the cemetery towards the exit, no activity seemed to be taking place, so she began strolling further into the cemetery, glancing left and right keeping her eye on any movement. She tucked the stake into her jacket pocket, letting her hands flex a little before brushing her air with her fingers, tying it up, she tied a scrunchie round her hair keeping it off her face and neck. She felt so much better letting the cool air coat her neck.
    "Here vampire's, vampire's". Buffy cooed, smiling slightly at what she just said. As if on cue a grave burst open, a pair of thin hands where waving around, grabbing grass trying to pull itself up. Buffy ran round the rising vampires grave stone to create a suprise for when it rised. Slowly a women, in her forties rose from the ground, her face fully vamped out, her eyes glowing a dark amber, Buffy didnt let her move, she jumped pressing one foot on the gravestone giving her extra air, she grabbed the vamp pulling her down to the ground. The vampire hissed her teeth biting at Buffy as they brawled on the ground. Good idea Buffy, get your new jacket dirty. Buffy cursed to herself.
    Buffy, punched the vampire in the face causing her to roll away covering her nose. Buffy flipped to her feet, standing in a fighting pose, her fists clenched together.
    The female vamp slowly rose to her feet, a concerned look haunted her face, Buffy liked it, she liked how the undead feared here now and again, it was once of the advantages towards freshly made vamps.
    The woman raised her fists also, clenching them in fighting position. She ran at Buffy her arms out-stretched ready to grab at Buffy. Buffy countered these by nocking each arm to the side, pulling her knee up it connected with the vamp's gut, winding her slightly, she fell to the floor for a second before swinging round on her hands using her legs to trip Buffy to the ground.
    She climbed on top of Buffy pinning her arms down, the vamp used her body weight to keep Buffy helpless, leaning down outstretching her mouth the teeth nearing towards Buffy's neck. Buffy head butted the vamp, nocking a few teeth out the vampire rolled off Buffy jumping to her feet her mouth bleeding from the attack.
    Buffy pulled out the stake from her pocket, she was fed up of this thing now, she swung a few kicks at her, the vamp dodged one but wasnt expecting the other, Buffys leg slammed into the vamp's ribs, tumbling to the floor the vamp lay there for atleast a second, but Buffy was already there, peircing the vampires heart with the wooden stake.
    The vampires eyes grew wide before exploding into a pile of dust. Buffy stood pretty pleased with herlf she again tooked away the take in her jacket pocket, walking outwards to the exit of the cememtery, a small spring in her step.

    Buffy, Willow Rosenberg and Xander Harris, climbed the steps to Sunnydale High. "So how was the slaying last night"? Willow asked Buffy keeping her voice down so passing students couldnt hear.
    "Good, I killed two went to hell with a broken jaw, the other a few teeth missing, I wonder if they have dentists down there". Buffy gave a slgiht laugh sitting down on a stond wall, resting her red handbag next to her, Willow sat next to her playing with her bag strap.
    "So Buff, got any plans tonight how about we all score at the Bronze"? Xander offered placing on foot on the wall, leaning on his leg.
    "Nah, I think Im gonna hit the cemeteries again tonight..see if any activity picks up". Buffy smiled sliding on some large framed sunglasses. Willow looked round watching students walking past, all wearing their own style of clothing she gave a small smile to herself seeing that everyon just doesnt copy everyone else, they are all different.Cordelia and her group stalked the steps their heels clacking on the floor as if in rythem with each other, they all wore a small skirt, simple top, with a sweater wrapped round their necks, all wearing different colours, Cordelia wore shades of green, they walked past the three friends glancing over at them then back at each other laughing.

    The day went in fast, before Willow knew it she was on her way home, walking down her street she smiled at a neighbor moaing the lawn. She walked on further, her house in sight she sped up her pace, swinging her hair from side to side, letting it brush her cheeks. She unlocked her front door, walking into a silent house.
    "Hello...Mom....Dad"? Willow called. No one was home yet, she slid her backpack off her shoulders carrying it through into the living room, she lay it on the couch walking back into the hall she noticed a note taped to the inside of the door. She pulled it gently from the door; ' Won't be back until late, dinner in fridge '.
    Willow scrunched up the note into a ball, walking through into the kitchen she dumped the paper in the trashcan, opening the fridge pulling out a soda. She un-capped it taking a sip. Bamm.
    The front door had slammed, Willow carefully walked into the hall glancing at the front door, it was shut. Its as if someone opened it and shut it again. Willow stared at the door walking slowly towards it, her hand outstretched to reach for the door nob, she tripped falling to the floor, soda spraying everywhere, she pushed herself to her knee's glancing round to see what she had fallen over. It was her school backpack, she raised her eye brows, staring at the blue bag.
    Didnt I put that on the couch? Willow thought to herself slowly raising from the floor, she stood the empty can on the side table, galncing down at her bag she picked it up, walking through into the living room, she was just about to throw it onto the couch when she saw, her bag sitting there. She glanced at the bag she was holding then at the one on the couch.
    "What the.."? Before Willow could finish someone hit Willow over the head with something heavy, Willow fell to the floor her vision fading out, to only catch a glimpse of a pair of feet, walking closer to her.

    To Be Continued...

    I just wrote this quickly, Ive been out of writing Buffy fan fiction as of late so, thats why its weird...if it is weird or that its just me being wary on your thoughs.

    I'd like some feedback please, maybe even some sujestions.


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