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Demon Slayer 1.05 The Reaper Within

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  • Demon Slayer 1.05 The Reaper Within

    The Demon Slayer
    Epsiode: 1.05 "The Reaper Within"


    The sun slowly rises over East Wick the camera moves over Willis Crest Street. We see little kids running up and down the street with Halloween costumes on. "Bad Dream" By: Keane begins to play.

    CUT TO:


    Why do I have to fly
    over every town up and down the line?
    I'll die in the clouds above
    and you that I defend, I do not love.

    Camera pans in on two figures lying side by side. We get closer we realize its Noah and Casey, we see movement from Casey. Her eye's open and she slowly sits up into a sitting position. She looks up at the morning sky dazed and confused.

    I wake up, it's a bad dream,
    No one on my side,
    I was fighting
    But I just feel too tired
    to be fighting,
    guess I'm not the fighting kind.

    She notices Noah lying next to her. Casey begins to shake him until he awakens. She helps him to his feet.

    Where will I meet my fate?
    Baby I'm a man, I was born to hate.
    And when will I meet my end?
    In a better time you could be my friend.

    Camera pans out as they brace each other and make their way out of the woods.

    I wake up, it's a bad dream,
    No one on my side,
    I was fighting
    But I just feel too tired
    to be fighting.

    CUT TO:


    Steven is lying face down on the cold, wet grass, he's unconscious. His head lifts up from the ground and he looks around with confusion. Steven slowly stands to his feet holding the back of his head. He touches his face. Dried blood is stained on his skin.

    I wake up, it's a bad dream,
    No one on my side,
    I was fighting
    But I just feel too tired
    to be fighting,
    guess I'm not the fighting kind.
    Song slowly fades.

    CUT TO:

    INT - CAVE - DAY

    Alicia is standing on a rock wearing a black sweater, black mini skirts with black stockings and black stiletto boots. She looks over something with glee. She has a big smile on her face. The camera whirls around to see the bringers making weapons and the vampires transporting dead male corpses to different piles.

    ALICIA: Everything is going great.

    Camera whirls back around facing Alicia, standing behind her is Willow (The First)

    THE FIRST/ WILLOW: Yes. In deed and by the way you did a great job last night.

    ALICIA: (smile) Thanks boss but I feel you want me to do something else.

    THE FIRST: You're clever and also right.

    ALICIA: You want me to get the book of Camarin.

    THE FIRST: (pouty face) Yes, I'm disappointed in those darn Calarkin demons. They failed wishes.

    ALICIA: Well I won't, I'll make sure I'll get you that book back.

    THE FIRST: Good because we need to started with the rituals soon and get my army up and moving.

    ALICIA: Your? There is no I in team. Let me rephrase that for you because I think you where mistaken. Our army.

    THE FIRST: Alicia you have great presence and you know you're a great ally, better then that Preacher Man.

    ALICIA: Well you know what they say?

    THE FIRST: No I don't.

    Alicia tilted her head to the side.

    ALICIA: Neither do I, I just always wanted to say that.

    Alicia flips her long blond hair and walks off.

    ALICIA: (call out) I'll get you and your little book too. Oh, yeah happy Halloween.

    THE FIRST/ WILLOW: Halloween, I love this holiday. All the little sneaker doodles you want.




    Theme Song: "Helena" by My Chemical Romance

    Ryan Merriman - Steven Grohtes
    Emily VanCamp - Rebecca Adams
    Sean Faris - Noah King
    Danneel Harris - Stacie King
    Alexis Bledel - Casey Odelia
    Katie Cassidy - Minxie Reuben
    And Morgan Freeman as Fredeth Jackson

    Ernest Waddell - Marty Jackson
    Cameron Richardson - Alicia Lennon
    Mr. Collingsworth - Mathew Fox
    Annette O'Toole - Karen King/ The First
    Alyson Hannigan - Willow/ The First






    DISCLAIMER: This is a spin-off of the Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy televisions series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I do not make many money off of this Fan-Fic, it's for fun. DS is also affiliated with Riley The Series by BlasterBoy (Ben) and Produced by Different Dimensions INC.
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    ACT I


    Steven enters with a blank face. He notices Stacie, Minxie, Rebecca and Marty are sitting around the living room. Minxie is crying and her head is buried in Marty's chest. Rebecca runs over to Steven throwing her arms around his neck giving him a hug. Steven doesn't respond. She breaks away from him.

    REBECCA: Are you okay?

    STEVEN: What happened?

    Stacie gets up from the couch and walks towards Steven.

    STACIE: Willow's dead. She died yesterday. Her heart stopped from the stress on her brain.

    Steven's face remains blank with no expression.

    Rebecca grabs Steven's face.

    REBECCA: What wrong with you?

    STEVEN: Kyle's dead too.

    REBECCA: (sympathetic) Oh my god! Are you okay?

    Minxie's face comes up from Marty's chest and she stands to her feet.

    MINXIE: (crying) What the hell happened?

    STEVEN: Bringers.

    STACIE: (holding back tears) Oh no.

    Fredeth enters the living room. He notices the quiet room filled with sorrow.

    FREDETH: (to Steven) You heard? Yah know about Willow.

    STEVEN: Yes and Kyle's dead too.

    FREDETH: (shock) What!? How did that happen?

    STEVEN: He decided to get all big and brave. A bringer killed him, knocked me out and took him.

    FREDETH: (remorse) I'm so sorry.

    STEVEN: (brushing it off) I'm cool. So what's the other news?

    FREDETH: Well we have nothing on the book. It's encrypted with langue possibly. It's going to take months for us to find out what it says.

    STEVEN: Do we have months?

    FREDETH: Not at all.

    STEVEN: Have you heard back from Casey and Noah.

    FREDETH: No and I'm getting worried.

    STEVEN: So we have nothing.

    MINXIE: Not exactly, I found some info on the girl that hit me. Well her name is Alicia Lennon, she's college student at Slater University in California ---

    REBECCA: If she's from California why in the hell is she here in East Wick?

    MINXIE: That's the part I don't know. I know she went missing a couple of months ago and never was seen again until now.

    FREDETH: Interesting, Can you investigate that more?

    MINXIE: Yes, but I also had another idea.

    FREDETH: What is that.

    MINXIE: I think you should look at the sickle more closely. I remember when I was in Willow's office I was holding it and I'm pretty sure I saw symbols engraved on the handle. Maybe those mean something.

    FREDETH: Ill check into it.

    MINXIE: Also I figured since Willow found the sickle in Rome maybe we can send a team aka some of us there to check it out. I can call the Council to help us out.

    FREDETH: Minxie, I like you, you are a hard worker. I actually like those ideas. Call the Council and tell me what they say.

    MINXIE: Will do, but first I have to go to my hotel room and bathe but I'll be back.

    FREDETH: (chuckle) Okay.

    STEVEN: I have to go work.

    STACIE: Work? When did you start work?

    STEVEN: Today's my first day.

    STACIE: Where at?

    STEVEN: The morgue.

    STACIE: (creeps out) Oh.

    FREDETH: Everybody go home and get refreshed and meet back up here later.

    The front door opens, Casey and Noah limp in.

    NOAH: Happy Halloween.

    We can tell they're both hurt. Stacie runs over to her brother and helps him to the couch. Marty helps Casey to the recliner.

    MARTY: What happened to you two?

    NOAH: Minxie, we met with your blonde friend.

    STACIE: Did she do this to you?

    NOAH: Yeah she did. She knocked us both out with one hit then we woke up in the woods.

    MARTY: (baffled) So this one girl knocked you both out?

    CASEY: Yeah, with no problem. We didn't leave one scratch one her.

    FREDETH: Do you think she might be a slayer.

    CASEY: No, this girl was stronger than a slayer. I can take a slayer. This girl knocked me out in a second.

    STEVEN: Where was she at?

    CASEY: That's the big issue we have to tell you. We followed some bringers through the woods and to a quarry where they entered a cave opening. We went into the cave and we found something.

    STEVEN: What?

    CASEY: An arsenal, bringers building swords, knives, weapons. Then there were the vampires. (pauses, takes a breath) They were carrying dead bodies, dead bodies of young males. I think they were Demon Slayers. All the Demon Slayer that went missing.

    FREDETH: Are you positive that's what you saw?

    NOAH: Yes, it was hundreds of dead Demon Slayers. They had them in a pile. I think they have something to do with them. The thing is we can't go back with out a fight. It's too many Bringers and vamps. Also super bitch could be there.

    FREDETH: This is a problem, a big problem. But I think you people need to rest. Get my son to- (to Steven) Steven are you okay? We can talk.

    STEVEN: No, I don't want to talk.

    Steven leaves and exit's the apartment.

    CASEY: What's wrong with him and where is Kyle?

    REBECCA: Kyle's dead and was taken by bringers.

    Casey's mouth drops and she places her hand over her mouth in shock. Her lips begin to quiver.

    CASEY: What?

    MINXIE: (hurt) Willow's dead too. Her heart failed.

    More shock and hurt comes over Casey's face.

    CASEY: (crying) I know I didn't know them very well but they didn't deserve this.

    Noah gets up from the couch and makes his way over to Casey, squeezes in next to her in the recliner and holds her.

    REBECCA: Well I have to go open Grinds. I'll stop by later.

    FREDETH: Okay Rebecca.

    Rebecca leaves.

    STACIE: I'm gonna go take a shower. Everyone okay?

    No response.

    Stacie turns and leaves the living room.

    MINXIE: Well I'm outy.

    Minxie grabs her coat and leaves the apartment.

    Fredeth stares at Noah and Casey with hurt and pain in his eyes. He turns and exits the room gesturing Marty to follow him.

    CUT TO:


    Steven is standing over a dead corpse that is lying on an examining table. It appears Steven is sewing the body up. Mr. Collingsworth steps out from his office holding a clip board in his hands.


    STEVEN: Yes, Mr. Collingsworth.

    MR. COLLINGSWORTH: I have to head to a crime scene do you think you can handle it here?

    STEVEN: Yeah, Mr. Collingsworth I got it.

    MR. COLLINGSWORTH: Good, in about a half an hour more bodies will be arriving. A car accident this morning killed a whole family.

    STEVEN: Okay, I can handle it. I have it all under control.

    MR. COLLINGSWORTH: Great Steven, I'll be back in about two hours.

    Mr. Collingsworth exit's the morgue.
    Steven then covers the body up with the white sheet. He picks up a clip-board and checks something off.

    STEVEN: One down, twelve more to go.

    WOMAN'S VOICE O/S: Steven Grohtes.

    Steven looks up to see Alicia standing across from the examining table.

    STEVEN: Yes, may I help you? Did you come to identify a body?

    ALICIA: (evil grin) Yes I did.

    CUT TO:


    We see a steamy mirror in the reflection we see a figure of a young woman through the plastic shower curtain taking a shower. The camera whirls around to see the figure of the girl taking her hair down.

    Cut to:


    Stacie puts her head under the shower- head, wetting her hair. She has her eyes closed and you can tell she is enjoying every minute of it. The shower curtain suddenly opens and Marty is revealed, only with a towel around his waist. Stacie opens her eyes and wipes the water from them.

    STACIE: Marty.

    MARTY: Yep me. Do you want some company?

    STACIE: (smiling) You betcha.

    Marty takes the towel off and lets it drop to the floor. He climbs into the shower shutting the curtain behind him.


    Through the curtain we see the two figures come together Stacie wraps her arms around Marty's neck with a kiss.

    CUT TO:


    Steven walks around the examining table up to Alicia.

    STEVEN: (looking down at the clip - board) What's the victim's name? I have to make sure it's the person before I take you in the basement to the freezer room to identify the body. So the name please?

    ALICIA: Steven Grohtes.

    Steven's looks up at the Alicia and narrows his eyes.

    STEVEN: Excuse me.

    ALICIA: The body I'm looking for is Steven Grohtes.

    Alicia takes a step forward towards Steven. He takes a step back.

    STEVEN: Alicia?

    ALICIA: (smile) How do you know my name?

    Steven drops the clip - board and goes into a fighting stance.

    ALICIA: Steven, hold your horses I'm not here to fight. If I was your sorry butt would already be sprawled across this floor.

    Steven doesn't come out the fighting stance.

    ALICIA: I just want to talk.

    STEVEN: Talk about what?

    ALICIA: I don't know, umm the book of Camarin. (pause) I want to spark a deal with you.

    STEVEN: No thanks, I don't spark deals with evil bitches.

    Alicia places her hand over her heart and has a painful expression on her face.

    ALICIA: (sarcastic) Oh, that hurt.

    Alicia begins to circle Steven slowly with her hands behind her back. Steven follows her every move.

    ALICIA: All I want is the book of Camarin.

    STEVEN: No! I'm not going to give you nothing. If I give you that book everything for my team is over.

    ALICIA: (stern) Mr. Grohtes, if you don't give me that book your whole team will end up dead.

    STEVEN: Was that a threat?

    ALICIA: Yes it was. If you don't give me that book I'm gonna have to take it from you and it won't be pretty.

    STEVEN: Alicia, just shut the hell up. You talk to damn much, I'd rather you kill me than hear another annoying remark.

    Alicia's head tilts to the side and she has a grin on her face.

    ALICIA: (sarcastic) Oh my god, Steven Grohtes has a pare. When I arrived in this world I was told you were a bit of a pansy.

    STEVEN: Arrived into this word? What are you?

    ALICIA: (laughing) Wouldn't you like to know. (pause) Well this visit was useless, looks like I have to get my very expensive manicured nails dirty.

    Alicia spins and heads towards the door. She turns around briefly.

    ALICIA: I'll be paying your team a visit.

    She proceeds out the exit.

    Steven relaxes and sighs in relief.

    STEVEN: Thank god we didn't fight.


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      ACT II


      We see Fredeth sitting at his desk studying the beautiful blue sickle that is lying across the top of the desk. Fredeth is looking very closely at the handle of the sickle and vigorously writing something down on notebook paper.

      Cut to note book paper.

      On the note book paper we see numbers of symbols. Camera pulls away from the paper. Fredeth is still jotting down more symbols. The door opens and Minxie walks in looking refreshed.

      MINXE: Fredeth, I have some info on the trip to Rome.

      Fredeth doesn't look up.

      FREDETH: Okay I'll be out there soon.

      MINXIE: Okay.

      She leaves.

      CUT TO:


      Minxie enters to Casey sitting on the couch drinking mug coffee. Noah enters behind Minxie and heads over to the couch, sitting next to Casey.

      CASEY: (laughing) This coffee sucks Noah, where's Rebecca when you need her.

      NOAH: Sorry, I thought you liked black coffee.

      CASEY: Yeah, I do but this has chunks in it.

      NOAH: (laughs) Sorry.

      Noah takes the mug from Casey's hand.

      NOAH: I'll make you some more.

      Casey rubs Noah's for arm.

      CASEY: No thanks.

      Noah gets up and heads back to the kitchen. Minxie gives Casey a smile.

      MINXIE: (smirk) Was Noah being nice?

      CASEY: Yeah, I guess.

      MINXIE: Is something going on with you two?

      CASEY: (coy smile) I don't know yet.

      Noah enters again handing Casey bottled water.

      CASEY: (to Noah) That's more like it.

      Noah flops down next to Casey again.

      MINXIE: (to Casey; mouths) I'll talk you later.

      Casey nods with a smile.

      NOAH: (to Minxie) So what did Fredeth say?

      MINXIE: He should be out soon, he's still looking at the sickle.

      The front door opens and in steps Rebecca holding a tray of coffee.

      REBECCA: Hi guys.

      CASEY: (excited) Coffee girl!

      Casey throws the water bottle to Noah and quickly shoots to her feet.

      CASEY: (to Rebecca) You brought coffee!

      REBECCA: Yes and yours is the upper right one. Black right?

      CASEY: Yes.

      Casey takes her coffee and takes a sip.

      CASEY: (moans) Yum.

      Casey walks back to her seat on the couch.

      REBECCA: (to Minxie) Want one?

      MINXE: Yes I would love some.

      Rebecca hands Minxie a coffee.

      MINXIE: Thanks.

      Rebecca turns to Noah.

      REBECCA: You want.

      NOAH: No thanks, not my thing. Now if you brought a Heineken that would be a different story.

      REBECCA: Okay.

      Rebecca sits the coffee tray on the coffee table.

      REBECCA: So, anything new?

      MINXIE: Yeah I got some from the council but we're waiting on everyone to show so I can share it.

      Rebecca nods.

      REBECCA: Have you heard anything from Steven?

      MINXIE: No, sorry.

      CASEY: He should be here soon.

      Everyone's head turn as they hear laughter coming from the back rooms. Stacie and Marty appears around the counter holding hands.

      NOAH: You guys seem pretty close.

      Stacie and Marty quickly let go of each other's hands.

      STACIE: Hey, everybody.

      MARTY: Hey.

      NOAH: You guys back to your old habits I see.

      Stacie throws an angered look at Noah.

      MARTY: (ignoring Noah) So any news?

      MINXIE: Waiting on your dad and ---

      Steven storms through the door.

      MINXIE: And him.

      STEVEN: Guys that girl Alicia paid me a visit at the morgue.

      All the attention is on Steven now.

      MINXIE: What did she say? Did she punch you?

      Fredeth then walks in holding the sickle and the peace of paper.

      STEVEN: All she said is that she wanted the book of Camarin. She tried to make a bet but I told her to go screw herself. Then she said she'll stop by sometime today and get it.

      REBECCA: She didn't touch you?

      STEVEN: No.

      Steven then realizes Rebecca is there.

      STEVEN: Hey.

      He gives her a warm hug.

      REBECCA: (smiling) Hi.

      FREDETH: (worried) And she said she's stopping by?

      STEVEN: Yeah, she was pretty clear on that.

      STACIE: Fred, what are we gonna do? This bitch is crazy, she knocked out a slayer.

      FREDETH: (stressed tone) I know Stacie. (to Minxie) And what did you find out, Minxie?

      MINXIE: Well the Council agrees on the mission to Rome but it's on one condition.

      FREDETH: What?

      MINXIE: Out of your two slayers only one is prohibited to go and that is Casey. They don't want any of the Demon Slayers out of their counties.

      STEVEN: That's stupid.

      Noah snickers.

      MINXIE: The Council wants to know more about their generation. There will be a jet to pick us up at the airport tonight then take us to England to the Watcher's Council. From there we go to Rome. So it's up to you Fredeth. Who you want to go and who stays?

      FREDETH: Okay, that's good thank you, Minxie.

      MINXIE: No Problem.

      MARTY: So what did you find out about on the Sickle?

      FREDETH: Like Minxie said there're symbols arched in on the handle. I don't know what they mean but we'll figure that out. In the mean time we have to keep this book safe so... Marty, can you do some kind of protection spell over the book?

      MARTY: Yeah I just need supplies.

      FREDETH: I'll give you some money and you can stop by Well Magic. Get everything you need and come straight back here.

      Marty nods

      MARTY: Will do.

      FREDETH: Rebecca, can you get back on the book of Camarin and do some more de - cryption?

      REBECCA: Yeah.

      Rebecca heads into the dining room.

      FREDETH: I'm going to finish copying these symbols.

      NOAH: And me?

      FREDETH: When the sun sets you and Casey go patrolling.

      STEVEN: What about me.

      FREDETH: No? you stay here. It's to risky to have you out.

      STEVEN: What that's not fair, I can't leave the country and now I can't leave an apartment!

      FREDETH: Sorry.

      NOAH: Fredeth, it's Halloween vampires big night inn.

      FREDETH: I have a feeling the vampires don't care about that tradition anymore. The First has all the vampires under its wing. So I guarantee vampires and bringers will be out.

      NOAH: Gotcha.

      FREDETH: Well I'm going to finish these symbols. Any one needs me I'll be in my office.

      Fredeth leaves the living room.

      Steven looks over at Noah who is holding laughing.

      NOAH: (to Steven) Sucks to be you.

      Steven rolls his eyes and storms off in anger.

      CUT TO:


      We see Noah's green jeep pull up in front of the shop. Stacie and Marty climb out. Little kids dressed in costumes quickly run in front of them. We can still see that the front window is gone.

      CUT TO:


      Stacie and Marty enter the small but nice shop. Stacie looks around the place, Halloween decorations are everywhere. Pumpkins are sitting on the check out counter, fake bats and spider webs hanging from the ceiling.

      STACIE: I love it here. Except it always smells like weed and the Halloween decoration puts a twist on it.

      Marty snickers, a lady walks from behind the counter with a big smile on her face. Her long dark brown hair flows behind her. She approaches them.

      LADY: Welcome to Well Magic and happy Halloween. Can I help you at all today?

      MARTY: Yes actually, I'm looking for a number of items.

      LADY: Okay.

      MARTY: Do you have harmony root??

      Marty's voice trails off as he walks away with the lady. Stacie walks over to the book shelf and begins looking at them. She walks along the book shelf then finds a book that she is interested in.

      STACIE: (excited) Hmm, interesting. Love spells.

      Stacie pulls the books from the shelf and begins to flip through the pages.

      WOMANS VOICE: No love in your life? I'm pretty sure that big, tall, black man would love to twist and rub that kink.

      STACIE: (brings the book down from her face.) Excuse m ---

      Stacie jumps back, Willow is standing in front of her.

      STACIE: What the hell? You're de---

      WILLOW: (evil smirk) Dead? No that was just a little white lie. Why do you believe what people tell you? Do I look remotely dead to you?

      STACIE: (stern) No, but looks can be deceiving.

      Willow steps towards Stacie.

      WILLOW: (giggle) And your absolutely right. Looks can be deceiving.

      STACIE: (angered) Then take off that mask, bitch!

      WILLOW: Mmm, what foul language you use. What did your mother teach you about that mouth of yours?

      Willow places her hand on her mouth and her eyes grow large.

      WILLOW: (sarcastically) Oops, my bad. She's dead right?

      Stacie's jaw tightens.

      WILLOW: It's a shame really. The things she taught you all goes down the drain once her heart stops beating. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      Stacie's fist balls up with rage.

      WILLOW: Now we all know what's going to happen if you punch me, right? (pause) You're just going to get a fist full of air.

      STACIE: (to self) The First.

      WILLOW: Ding, ding, ding! You got it, hun.

      Stacie steps back.

      WILLOW/THE FIRST: You look a little scared.

      STACIE: (holding back fear) What do you want?

      THE FIRST: Nothing really, just stopping by to say hi. Also to tell you that this world is mine. You guys can plan how to take me down all you want; but the fact of the matter is you will crumble beneath me. Come on! You guys are so pathetic! The slayer couldn't even take me down. Now what does that say? You guys are nothing, vermin, can't you see that? Well I'm done for today. (pauses) Its kind of a ritual I do. Yah know, taunt someone in the "in crowd" and give them the 411 about me. Oh wait! One thing.

      STACIE: (cert) What?

      THE FIRST: (big smile) How do you like my costume?

      The first transforms into a beautiful red head woman.

      STACIE: (holding back tears) Mom.

      THE FIRST: Happy Halloween.

      The First teleports out.

      Stacie sighs in relief as she holds her chest tears fill her eyes. A hand lands on her shoulder.

      STACIE: (screams) AHHHHH!!!!!!!!

      Stacie turns around swinging her arm, punching Marty in the face.

      MARTY: (yells) OUCH!

      STACIE: (surprised) Oh!

      Stacie quickly grabs Marty's face.

      MARTY: (holding jaw) What was that for?

      STACIE: (apologetic) Marty, I'm so sorry.

      She gives him a quick peck on the lips.

      STACIE: Are you okay?

      MARTY: Stace, what's wrong with you?

      STACIE: Somebody or something paid me a visit.


      East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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        ACT III


        Rebecca is sitting at the dining room table flipping through the book of Camarin. Fredeth is sitting across from her studying the symbols he wrote down on the note book paper. He looks up at Rebecca.

        FREDETH: Anything?

        REBECCA: Nothing, just more languages that I don't know. Fredeth, I'm sorry to say but it seems like this book is useless.

        FREDETH: (sighs) Yeah I know, but if The First wants this book then it has to be important or valuable in some way.

        REBECCA: Yeah, I guess your right.

        Steven comes from the kitchen. He is holding a can of pop. He plops down next to Rebecca, he looks angry.

        REBECCA: Hi.

        She leans over and gives him a kiss.

        STEVEN: (sad) Hi.

        REBECCA: What's wrong?

        STEVEN: I can't go out and slay with the others.

        REBECCA: (giggles) I'm sorry.

        STEVEN: Its no fair I have to stay in this stuffy apartment.

        REBECCA: They probably won't get a lot of slay in tonight, anyways it's Halloween.

        Steven lets out an unhappy groan

        REBECCA: Wanna help me?

        STEVEN: No thank you. Spanish wasn't my subject.

        Rebecca places her hand over Steven's hand.

        REBECCA: (whisper) Do you want to talk about Kyle and Dink.

        STEVEN: (snaps) No!

        Steven pulls his hand away from Rebecca's.

        STEVEN: I'm going to go train.

        Steven gets up and exits.

        Rebecca sighs and places her hand over her forehead.

        REBECCA: Wow.

        Noah and Casey enter the dining room.

        NOAH: We're out for the slayage.

        FREDETH: Okay be careful.

        CASEY: We will (to Rebecca) Bye.

        Rebecca gives her a half smile.

        Casey and Noah leaves.

        REBECCA: (to Fredeth) How are the symbols going?

        FREDETH: Well I'm done writing them down, can you go get me the red book on the second shelf in my office?

        REBECCA: Yep.

        Rebecca gets up from her seat and heads to Fredeth's office.

        CUT TO:


        Stacie is in the driver seat starring at the road. Marty's in the passenger seat asleep. We see that Stacie has tears filling her eyes.

        FLASH BACK TO:

        INT - WELL MAGIC - DAY

        THE FIRST: (big smile) How do you like my costume?

        The first transforms into a beautiful red head woman.

        STACIE: (holding back tears) Mom.



        Stacie wipes her tears and clears her throat.

        STACIE: (to self) Clear it from your mind let it all drain out.

        Suddenly a figure runs across the road. Stacie slams on the breaks, Marty jumps out of his sleep. The jeep slides to a stop.

        MARTY: (yells) What's wrong?!

        STACIE: Something just ran in front of the car.

        MARTY: (worried; cautious) Stace, stay in the car and let's go. Now!

        The passenger door swings open and Alicia is revealed.

        ALICIA: Can I borrow him?

        Alicia sucker punches Marty knocking him out cold.

        STACIE: (scream) Ah!!!!!!

        Alicia snatches Marty out of the car

        ALICIA: (evil grin) Grave Yard twelve tonight.

        She is gone within seconds.

        STACIE: (screams) Marty!

        Stacie quickly leans over the passenger seat shutting the passenger door. She flops back into the driver seat, now crying. Stacie pulls the gear into drive and takes off.

        CUT TO:


        Casey smashes into a head stone shattering it. Casey stumbles to her feet as a vampire rushes at her. He throws a punch but Casey catches his arm and flips the vampire over her shoulder as she pulls out a stake.

        CASEY: Noah, stake!

        Camera pans out to Noah taking on a vampire. Noah punches the vampire to the ground then pulls a stake from his pocket and throws it to her.

        NOAH: What happened to yours?

        Casey catches it as she spins and stakes her vampire in the chest, dust.

        CASEY: Broke it.

        The vampire Noah is fighting gets up to his feet and snarls at him.

        NOAH: (taunting) Come on!

        Noah steps forward into a spin kick, kicking the vamp across the face. The vampire goes down to his knees. Noah pulls the vampire to his feet and elbows him across the face. The vamp stumbles back into a bench.

        NOAH: (to Casey) Casey, the stake.

        Casey whips the stake, it cuts through the air then impales the vampire in the chest, dust.

        Noah turns to Casey.

        NOAH: Thanks but I could have done it.

        CASEY: Sorry, I had an open shot. It's getting really bad Noah, we slayed ten vamps and five bringers tonight.

        NOAH: Yeah I know. This battles gonna be bad, huh?

        CASEY: I think so, I'm actually getting scared, I keep telling myself that it won't get too bad but it is. People are dying and evil is everywhere and we can't do crap about it. And plus it's Halloween, they're breaking the rules.

        NOAH: They don't care anymore it's like a free for all. (pause) Casey, we might not be able to stop it but we can and will fight it. Plus you have me and I will protect you.

        Noah puts on an arrogant smile as he drapes his arm over her shoulder.

        CASEY: Nice try.

        Casey pushes him away and walks off leaving him behind.

        NOAH: (calling out; laughing) Not nice.

        END OF ACT III
        East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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          ACT IV


          Steven is practicing on one of the practicing dummies. Minxie is sitting across the room on the weapons chest with her legs crossed. She has a laptop sitting on her lap typing away. Steven stops punching the dummy and looks over at Minxie.

          STEVEN: What are you doing?

          MINXIE: Looking up more information on that bitch that punched me.

          STEVEN: Alicia?

          MINXIE: Yeah. That bitch!

          STEVEN: Yeah, she is scary, hot but scary. It's all in her eyes.

          MINXIE: I don't really know what she looks like but I got a good look at her fist!

          Steven lets out a giggle.

          MINXIE: What's so damn funny?

          Smile leaves his face.

          STEVEN: Nothing.

          MINXIE: (changing subjects) So what's up with you and Rebecca?

          Steven walks towards Minxie as he takes the protective pads off his hands. He takes a seat next to Minxie on the bench.

          STEVEN: I don't really know. I know that I like her.

          MINXIE: Well to me it seems like you guys are more than friends.

          STEVEN: We kind of are? Like dating.

          MINXIE: (excited) Really! Oh I'm so happy for you two.

          Steven laughs.

          STEVEN: Yeah, I really like Rebecca. Like really.

          MINXIE: That's good. (awkward pause) So this Dink and Kyle thing, wanna talk about it?

          STEVEN: Not really.

          MINXIE: Why not?

          STEVEN: Because I don't.

          MINXIE: I'm pretty sure it would be nice to get your feeling out.

          STEVEN: (stands to his feet) My feelings out about what? They're dead and I'm not. They died under my protection and I let them down.

          MINIXE: Hold on Steven, don't blame your self for their deaths.

          Minxie stands to her feet as she places the laptop on the weapon's trunk.

          STEVEN: Well it is my fault, they came here for protection they didn't have the skill that I did and now they're dead. Gone!

          MINXIE: The last thing you want is that on your conscience. Your mind has to be free of that before you even think about fighting The First. The First will use your weaknesses against you and you don't want that. So snap out of it.

          STEVEN: (holding back tears) I just feel like I let them down. They were my brothers and I let them down.

          Minxie leans in closer to him and gives him a warm hug.

          MINXIE: It's okay, they don't blame you.

          Suddenly a blood curdling scream rips through the apartment. Steven and Minxie jump back from each other.

          STEVEN: What was that?

          MINXIE: I don't know but it came from the living room.

          Steven and Minxie run out from the training room.

          CUT TO:


          Steven and Minxie spills into the room as Fredeth is holding a frantic screaming Stacie by her shoulders.

          MINXIE: What's wrong with her?

          STACIE: (screaming; crying) She took him! Oh my god, she took him!

          FREDETH: (yells) Stacie, settle down! Who took who?

          STACIE: (crying) She took him! She took him!

          FREDETH: (yells) Who?!

          REBECCA: Where's Marty?

          Stacie lets out another loud moan.

          FREDETH: (worried) Alicia?

          STACIE: Yes.

          FREDETH: Alicia took Marty?

          STACIE: YES!

          Fredeth helps her over the couch.

          FREDETH: What happened?

          STACIE: (crying hysterically) We were coming back from Well Magic when Alicia ran in front of the car. Then she ripped open the door and took him! Then she told me to meet her at the grave yard at twelve.

          Fredeth's face quickly contorts into anger. He stands to his feet and rushes over to the closet. Fredeth opens it and pulls out a sword. Then he heads towards the front door. Rebecca quickly runs across the room slips in front of Fredeth, blocking the door.

          REBECCA: Fredeth, what are you doing?

          FREDETH: (angered) Rebecca, move!

          REBECCA: No, you're going to get yourself killed. I haven't met Alicia personally but she took out a slayer and punched Minxie through a window. I'm pretty sure you won't last one second with her. You need everybody.

          STEVEN: She has a point Fredeth, maybe this is exactly what she wants. Using Marty as leverage to get the book.

          Fredeth turns towards Steven.

          FREDETH: But he's my son, god damn it!

          STEVEN: I know that! I'm not saying we shouldn't go after him, I'm saying we should think before we do something stupid.

          MINXIE: And I highly doubt that she would hurt him if she wants that book so bad.

          Fredeth takes in a breath, absorbing all his anger as he clenches the sword tighter.

          FREDETH: Then we'll meet.

          STACIE: Then we have to wait for Casey and Noah.

          REBECCA: I'll call them and tell them to make and U-y back to the grave yard and we'll meet them their.

          STACIE: Why are we doing this? She will kill us all after she gets the book.

          FREDETH: Because, if we don't go to her, she'll come to us.

          CUT TO:

          EXT - GRAVE AYRD - NIGHT
          We see Casey, Minxie, Noah, Stacie, Fredeth, Rebecca, and Steven are standing side by side. Camera pans down at Steven's hand and he is holding the sickle in his hand.

          STEVEN: I feel so powerful with this in my hand.

          REBECCA: Where is she?

          MINXIE: What time is it?

          Stacie looks at her watch.

          STACIE: Twelve on the dot.

          Fredeth has his game face on. The camera pans down to his hand which is clutching the Book of Camarin.

          MINXIE: So are we actually going to give her the book? That's like giving her all the power.

          STACE: We have no other choice, they have Marty.

          MINXIE: I know that.

          CASEY: (staring at something.) Guys, she's here.

          The camera spins around to Alicia standing a few feet away from the group. She holding up a unconscious Marty by his collar. His feet are barely touching the ground.

          ALICIA: Hi guys.

          She waves with her free hand.

          ALICIA: So, I guess we're here for some business.

          Alicia drops Marty's body to the ground. Fredeth clenches his jaw and steps forward but Stacie puts her hand over his chest holding him back.

          CASEY: Enough with the small talk. Let's trade.

          ALICIA: Didn't I knock you out?

          Casey ignores her.

          ALICIA: Okay I see the silent treatment. So let's go. Give me the book and I'll give you your son.

          Alicia pulls Marty back up off of the ground.

          ALICIA: Let's meet at the center.

          Alicia begins to walk forward as she drags along Marty. Fredeth begins to walk forward holding the book in his hand.

          STACIE: (whisper; whisper) Be careful, Fred.

          They slowly walk towards each other, with each step Fredeth's anger grows and Alicia has a big smile on her face. They stop as they come face to face.

          ALICIA: Here's your son.

          Alicia drops Marty to the ground at Fredeth's feet. Alicia snatches the book from Fredeth's hand.

          ALICIA: Thanks but this book is a little useless.

          Alicia swings the book hitting Fredeth across the face. Fredeth falls to the ground.

          NOAH: Fredeth!

          Noah charges at Alicia. Alicia whips the book at Noah and it flies through the air then hits Noah in the head. He falls to the ground holding his head. Alicia steps over Fredeth and Marty's body and walks towards the group. Her eyes quickly turn a dark blood red.

          STEVEN: Guys get ready.

          Casey pulls out two daggers from her hips and spins them in-between her fingers as she approaches Alicia.

          ALICIA: (irritated) You again, oh god this will be a fun two seconds.

          Casey swings the daggers at Alicia but Alicia dodges the blades. Casey extends her leg kicking Alicia across the face. Alicia falls to her knees as she grabs her face in pain. Alicia looks back up at Casey. Her hair is over her face.

          ALICIA: Nice kick.

          Alicia jumps to her feet as she punches Casey across the face. Casey stumbles back, she comes to a stop and shakes her head. Alicia spins on her leg and tornado kicks Casey across the face. Casey hit's the floor and is out cold. Alicia looks up at the others. She proceeds to approach the rest. Minxie steps in Alicia's path.

          MINXE: (to Alicia) You stop here!

          ALICIA: Move!

          Alicia throws Minxie out of her path and she approaches Steven.

          ALICIA: (to Steven; points to sickle) I want that.

          REBECCA: (to Steven) Steven, get out of here, she wants the sickle.

          Rebecca steps in front of Steven as a fire ball generates from her palm and hovers over her hand.

          Alicia keeps walking but her face turns confused.

          ALICIA: What the hell?

          Rebecca throws the fire ball and it whizzes through the air at Alicia. Alicia leaps in the air spinning into a back flip as the fire ball flies under Alicia. She lands to the ground and quickly proceeds to walk towards them.

          ALICIA: (to Rebecca) Baby, I don't know what the hell that was but it was cute.

          Rebecca generates another fire ball. Alicia finally reaches Rebecca and throws a punch to her face. Rebecca hits the ground.

          STEVEN: (angered) Hey!

          Cut to:

          Stacie kneels down by Noah.

          STACIE: Get her, Noe.

          Cut to:

          Steven swings the sickle and Alicia jumps back as the blade comes inches away from her face. Steven swings again but Alicia catches the blade.

          STEVEN: Get off you bitch!

          Steven kicks Alicia in the abdomen. She flies back landing on the ground. Steven stands over Alicia.

          STEVEN: Taste metal, bitch!

          He swings down the sickle. Alicia rolls away from the incoming blade. The blade imbeds the earth, Alicia hops to her feet.

          ALICIA: Whoa, you got me a little dizzy there.

          Alicia lifts her leg and kicks at Steven. Steven catches her leg as he spins and elbows Alicia in the face. Alicia hits the ground.

          Cut to:

          Stacie helps Noah to his feet as they watch Alicia and Steven's fight.

          Alicia jumps to her feet and begins punching at Steven vigorously. Steven is dodging every punch. With every miss Alicia grows more angry. Steven swings the sickle and it rips through Alicia top, slicing her abdomen. Alicia gasp for air as she holds her stomach and stumbles back trying to keep her balance.

          ALICIA: (smirk) Wow, you're powerful. Master did tell me you guys would be.

          STEVEN: (beat) You guys?

          ALICIA: You don't catch on do you? We don't need the book, the book is worthless. Our planned worked. You brought what we needed.

          Her eyes narrow to the beautiful sickle that is gleaming in the moon light.

          ALICIA: The power isn't in the book, it's in the sickle.

          Steven looks down at the sickle as his expression grows into worry.

          ALICIA: And I'm going to get it.

          Steven turns to run but Alicia turns him around extending her arm hitting Steven in the face. Steven flies back landing on a bench. Alicia approaches him and pulls the sickle from his hand.

          ALICIA: That was easy, you put up a good fight.

          We see in the distance behind Alicia. Casey's figure stands from the ground and she charges at Alicia.

          ALICIA: (studying the sickle) This is beautiful work.

          She flips the sickle around in her hand.

          ALICIA: Mine now.

          Steven stands to his feet.

          STEVEN: You're a bi---

          Alicia hits Steven across the face with the back of the sickle's black. As Casey gets closer, suddenly black wings expands violently from Alicia's back. They smack Casey in the chest throwing her several feet back. Steven stands to his feet and stumbles back in amazement.

          STEVEN: What the hell?!

          Casey stands to her feet holding her chest in pain, Minxie runs to Casey's side

          MINXIE: What is she?

          CASEY: (pain; coughs) I don't know.

          Alicia yells as her body begins to contort into another figure. Her legs and arms grow large and muscular. He face contorts into a dog like figure. Her clothes rips off the body and drop to the ground.

          Cut to: Steven's face which is filled with shock and disbelief. The camera cuts back to Alicia who is now a large black creature with wings. She lets out a powerful growl as she narrows her blood red eyes to Steven.

          ALICIA: (monstrous voice) How'd you like them, apples?

          Alicia's wings begin to flap as her body begins to lift in the air and she flies off into the pitch black sky. Minxie, Casey, Noah, Rebecca and Stacie make their way over to Steven, their faces still in shock and looking up at the sky.

          STEVEN: (baffled) Did you see that?

          STACIE: Yes! What the hell is she?

          Steven comes back to reality as he shakes away the confusion.

          STEVEN: Marty?

          MINXIE: He's fine.

          They look over to see Fredeth helping Marty off the ground.

          Steven looks back at his friends

          STEVEN: We have a problem.

          MINXIE: The sickle, she needed the sickle.

          STEVEN: Yeah.

          CASEY: So, the book was a ploy to get our focus off of the sickle?

          STEVEN: Exactly.

          NOAH: And your dumb ass gave her exactly what she wanted.

          MINXIE: (to Noah) It's not his fault. We all didn't know it was the sickle.

          REBECCA: So now what do we do?

          STEVEN: I don't know.

          Casey lets out a stressful sigh as she slaps her hand over her forehead.

          CASEY: We're screwed.

          Camera begins to move back slowly, leaving the group in the Grave Yard. "Colorblind" By: Counting Crows begins to play. We here instrumental music begins to play.

          I am color...blind
          Coffee black and egg white
          Pull me out from inside
          I am ready, I am ready
          I am ready
          I am .

          As we look down at the group they all head over to Fredeth and Marty looking disappointed.

          Stuttered shook and uptight
          Pull me out from inside
          I am ready, I am ready
          I am ready
          I am...fine.

          Camera fades to black.

          END OF ACT IV

          END OF EPISODE
          East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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