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RESULTS -- Challenge #2 "Makin' Up is Hard to Do"

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  • RESULTS -- Challenge #2 "Makin' Up is Hard to Do"

    First, I'd like to thank all the participants -- the results were everything I could have hoped for and more when I thought up the challenge. I wish I had something other than rep to offer as reward, but at least you can all get that. That, and the thrill of having won a Fic Challenge!

    First Place

    "The Past is a Foreign Country" by Wolfie Gilmore

    I really enjoyed the very interesting choice of relationship to repair, especially since the relationship always existed on the edge of the story. Giles and Spike are voiced perfectly, and I like that there's no false sense of contrition to Giles attitude toward Spike. I also like the choice of setting, apart from other characters and after some amount of time. I also enjoyed getting hints and details of off-scren events (like "Not Fade Away") that didn't distract from the story. Well done, Wolfie.

    Second Place

    "Born in a Basement, Died in a Basement" by Veverka

    Just a brilliant story, and the pairing I most hoped to see when I wrote the challenge. I loved Faith showing regret and contrition without quite ever managing to say that she was sorry. Her tears were an amazing thing to depict, though. I also thought it was an excellent choice to have Xander more uncomfortable with it than anything else. Another story where the voice of both characters is just perfect.

    Third Place

    "Getting Your Final Affairs in Order" by Dorian's Kitten

    This one was just surprising and fun. The surprise is, of course, what felt like a misdirect from a Willow and Dawn apology to a Dawn and Spike one; covering both but not belaboring either one. You have a real skill for writing Dawn anyway, and it shone here -- she just has the right attitude, and brought exactly what I would believe that she brought to the gang the night before the battle. Absolutely believable and could have been dropped into the episode without a problem.


    Alphabetical by Author

    "Teachings" by Pandora's Box -- The dialogue is very tight, and very cathartic since I know this is a relationship that was left still very up in the air in "Chosen" and appears to still be pretty up in the air in some ways. It was nice to see Giles show a bit more humility in general in a Season 7 context.

    "The Hardest Word" by Tangent -- another take on Faith and Xander, and a very strong one. Actually dares to have Faith say the very word 'sorry', and does it almost coyly. I also liked the idea that, after time and reflection, Faith actually feels bad not only about "Consequences", but about "The Zeppo", too. Both of the stories that let these two characters interact remind me of why it's probably my second favorite 'ship.

    "The Way We Used to Be" by Yosso -- Spike and Dawn again, and much more direct. I really loved the ferocity from Dawn, that it was consistent with "Beneath You" and established that she didn't just forget about it. Her not giving Spike the chance to actually offer an apology before accepting it is also pretty well in character.

    All of these were really good. Several of these "won" the Challenge while I went through this in my head. Thanks again for the participation, and I look forward not only to competing with you in future challenges, but seeing what you can come up with for the next challenge I issue.
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    Congrats fellow challenge takers! Thanks Dan for a great challenge, and the hints of what characters needed some help making up!

    Now: Don't forgot, there's three or so weeks to get the next challenge in... woot! The link is in my sig, in case you need a bit of direction...


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      Ta very much Dan

      And thanks for giving us so many prompts, it was a great help.

      Now, onto the next

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        Thanks for the Challenge, very good idea, and congratulations to the winners


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          Thanks Dan-for the challenge and the feedback. It was fun!
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            Thanks Dan for the great challenge and the useful feedback! Well done to all the winners and participants