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The Wanton Folly of me Mum

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  • The Wanton Folly of me Mum

    A performance piece by William the Bloody (awful poet). As first (and last) performed in LA, after five pints, three shots and a bag of pork scratchings.

    The alley lights were dim
    My eyes were wet
    Spurned by my lady-love
    I could not forget
    Her scornful lips
    Her harsh regard
    I thought my lot in life was cruel and hard

    But then a girl with shining eyes
    Accosted me beneath a lamp
    She whispered pretty flatteries
    Then with her feral teeth did clamp
    My maid-like neck
    I was her bride
    And in a dirty alleyway I died

    Awaking, all the world was new
    A fresh thrill filled my veins
    But one thing from my old life still
    Did tug like Zeus at my fate's twisted skeins
    My mother
    Oh my mother dear
    To leave her dying, of that I would not hear

    So I went to my old hearth and home
    I took my love so free
    She was not pleased when I explained
    I wished to make my mum like me
    But I insisted
    Bit my mother's neck
    To save her from her body's mortal wreck

    Alas! Her waking did not match
    My dream of what would be
    Her eyes were full of hate and scorn
    And thus she spake to me:
    "My son you are a parasite
    That slithered from my womb."
    At that I wished that I was truly dead and peaceful in my tomb.

    But worse was yet to come to me
    She clasped me in her arms
    And coaxed me with her harlot's voice
    "Come, Son, enjoy my charms!"
    I cried in horror
    How could this be?
    That my mother wished to rut with me?

    And so I staked my wicked mare
    Although I loved her so
    It was not her, I told myself
    And yet I felt laid low
    My new dead love
    Did comfort me
    As softly as she could
    But never would I know again
    The love of someone good.

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --