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Drabble: Confusion

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  • Drabble: Confusion

    Title: Confusion
    Wordcount: 100
    Summary: Willow helps Anya moving out of Xander's apartment.
    Setting: Possibly two days after the wedding

    Willow didn't know what to think.

    She usually disliked the idea of Xander and Anya. She worried that one day Anya would hurt him, considering her past of man hurting.

    But at the wedding night Anya looked sad. It made her think of hating Xander. Could she really hate Xander? He must have a good explanation for what he did. She hoped he was okay, wherever he was.

    She quietly helped a sobbing Anya clear out her stuff from Xander's apartment. She held her hand sympathetically.

    "I'm really sorry, Anya."

    She got more sobs and wished she hadn't said anything.
    Made by Trickyboxes
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