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Cold Shower (a retcon Dawn drabble)

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  • Cold Shower (a retcon Dawn drabble)

    Disclaimer: None of the characters involved belong to me. They are Joss's. Just ask him.

    Setting: Pre-BtVS

    Rating: PG

    Dawn really, really needed to pee. Plus her hair and her teeth needed brushing and she could do with a shower. Through the door, Dawn could hear her sister singing. She started pounding on the wood. "Buffy! I have to get ready, too! Buffyyy!"

    Joyce walked up. Her mother sighed and said patiently, "Dawn, your sister's older and she needs more time to get ready. You'll understand when you're her age."

    A brief bit of Buffy's song drifted out. "I don't want...anybody else! When I think about you..."

    Joyce banged on the door. "Buffy! You've been in there long enough!"
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