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Challenge #2-"Teachings"_Buffy/Giles

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  • Challenge #2-"Teachings"_Buffy/Giles

    Challenge #2-"Teachings"_Buffy/Giles

    Rating: I'm french so I don't know what those codes mean, but there's nothing sexual or violent in it.
    Setting: During "End Of Days" after Buffy brought back the axe and before she went to the mausoleum.
    Explanations: I always been really frustrated that after "Lies my parents told me" argument and "Empty Places" fight, Giles being a huge part of it, we never seen a make-up scene between them on screen, except the Chosen ref_GILES_If you want my opinion. BUFFY_Really do._nothing explicit, so I created a makin-up moment during End Of Days because it had to be after Touched and too many things happened in Chosen, End Of Days being pretty slow...
    Thanks: Thanks Veverka for what you know

    Buffy is sitting on the bench of her backyard, during the afternoon. Giles comes and joins Buffy.

    BUFFY: Any lead on the axe?

    GILES (sitting): Nothing conclusive.

    BUFFY: Is that an English way to say no?

    GILES (smiling):...



    BUFFY (harshly): Rupert!

    GILES (trying diplomacy): I can understand your anger...

    BUFFY (angry): My anger? My anger for what? Your attempt to kill Spike or the "Buffy sucks" intervention.

    GILES: I never used that expression.

    BUFFY: Whatever.

    GILES: I find you a little unfair.

    BUFFY: Me? Unfair?

    GILES: We all expressed our fears...

    BUFFY: Your fears? If someone should know about fear it's me, believe me, I've been through fear more times than I can count, God I even killed...well, stepped on...a Fear Demon. Believe me, back there, it wasn't about fear. Well, maybe fear for the others but not you. We've been through a lot together and I've never seen you afraid of anything...

    GILES: Except the other night...

    BUFFY: What were you so afraid of?

    GILES: Losing you.

    BUFFY (touched): ...

    GILES (about to hold her hand):...

    BUFFY (getting up) If what you're saying is true...

    GILES: If?!

    BUFFY: If what you're saying is true, do you really think organizing that mutiny would have solved the problem?


    BUFFY: God, and what about killing Spike?

    GILES: I still think it was the right think to do.

    BUFFY: God, how can you say that?! He's the strongest warrior we have.

    GILES: I know bu...

    BUFFY: Have you seen all the episodes? Because this thing we have to fight, stepping on it won't be enough...well, won't even be possible in fact...

    GILES: Spike was a danger to everyone.

    BUFFY (sitting): You lied to me...Again!

    GILES: He was a danger to you even, maybe still is, who knows-

    BUFFY (whispering): I love him.

    GILES: -knows what he could...Excuse me?

    BUFFY: I love him.

    GILES: Dear Lord!


    GILES (cleaning his glasses):...Are you sure?

    BUFFY: What kind of question is that?

    GILES: I'm sorry.

    BUFFY:...What I need is support.

    GILES: I'm not positive that Spike is...

    BUFFY: I wasn't talking about him...

    GILES (touched):...Buffy.

    BUFFY (about to cry): Do you think it's easy for me...Do you think it's easy to lead a bunch of helpless girls to their certain death and not be able to do anything to stop that? To... to protect my friends, like I wasn't able to protect my mom, being scared to death every second that I could lose my sister...I need all the family I have right now...and that includes you.


    BUFFY: You're more than a father to me, you know that?

    GILES (holding her hand): I know.

    BUFFY: I was wrong, I can't do this without you, I need you to help me, to support believe in me.

    GILES: Spike said one true thing. You've surpassed me, Buffy, I do think I've taught you everything I can that you needed to know. You are on your own. You have to be.

    BUFFY: I don't want to be.

    GILES: Buffy, you're the only one who can defeat the First's army, unless you have a surprisingly good idea.

    BUFFY: You know what? Maybe I will...