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    Okay, our "old" Spuffy Fanfic Recommendations thread seems to not have survived the upgrade. My heart breaks to think about all the wonderful recommendations we have shared in the thread and are now gone.
    But let's not dwell in the past but look forward to the future instead. Please share your Spuffy fanfic recommendations here from now on!

    Update: The "old" Spuffy fanfics recommendations thread is now back. Click on the link below and it will take you to 25 pages full with recs for happy, dark angsty, plotty, hilariously funny, and smutty Spuffy stories.

    Spuffy Fanfic Recommendations - BuffyForums

    Recent and future Spuffy fanfic recommendations will continue to take place in this new thread.

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    Can no one get into the old thread?


    • Stoney
      Stoney commented
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      I can't, it fails every time I try.

    • Summers_Anne
      Summers_Anne commented
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      It is still working for me, every time . And now I can use 'comment' also.

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    I could get into it fine until half an hour ago. Then I decided to post something in the thread just to see if that works for me too and now I can't get in anymore.

    I should have done a quick copy and paste of our almost 500 posts in the old thread before I killed off the thread



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      Just wrote a reply with a link, but it went all weird.

      I'd like to recommend Heliotrope by Gwyneth Rhys, and I would add a link, but as I say . . . it went all weird


      • Stoney
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        Did you use the link button on your posting box options? (I've put the link in below).

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      Heliotrope by Gwyneth Rhys on EF


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        Flow - is it this thread you thought you'd broken?


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          Nah, I created this one as a substitute.

          Last edited by flow; 04-02-20, 03:38 PM.


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            Stoney commented
            Yesterday, 09:51 PM
            Did you use the link button on your posting box options? (I've put the link in below).
            Yes I used the link, and it did link to something, but not what I wanted it to link to.

            It was probably me doing something wrong, so I'll keep trying and I'm sure it'll work eventually


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              Summers_Anne if you are able to get into the old Spuffy Fanfic Recommendations still it would be great if you could copy some of the recs. I can't see an easy option for copying the post contents though other than copy and pasting into a document, so I appreciate that might just not be practical to do.

              Shall I merge these non-rec specific posts? We don't want to fill the first page of the new thread with forum/housekeeping frustrations rather than fic recs.


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                I can access the old thread. Here's the list from Flow's original post:

                Originally posted by flow View Post
                This is the thread, where we decide, which story we are going to discuss next in the FanFiction discussion forum.

                If you want to suggest a story, please be so kind as to give us the title, the name of the writer, a link to the fic, the word count or number of chapters and a short summary.

                We have already picked our next two stories. They are
                Journeys: A Promise To A Lady by Mary and Journeys Part Two: Awakenings by Mary
                We have yet to decide on the dates for the discussions of Journeys.

                I already have a suggestion for June (?). This story was originally suggested by bespangled in another thread. It is A Long Day`s Journey by anaross.

                Summary: Spike's return, seen through the eyes of Angel and his friends. Oh. And he's not allowed to see Buffy. Post Chosen.

                181k words and you can find it here:


                This is just a suggestion. If you have other fics, you would like to read, please go ahead and we will decide together, which one to pick.


                List of discussion threads

                A Better Man by Sunalso 13th April 2018
                Adieu, A Dew, I Do by Lizerrrbeathan 20th April 2018
                Journeys: A Promise To A Lady, by Mary 4th of May 2018
                Journeys: Awakenings, by Mary 11th of May 2018
                The Other Side Of Midnight by Holly 25th May 2018
                Wooded Path by Linnae13 1st June 2018
                Seven short fics within two weeks from 15th June 2018
                Long day`s Journey by anaross 13th July 2018
                Reflections by MsClawdia 20th July 2018
                Walking Midnight by aadler starting 1st August 2018
                Ahead of her Time by haylecc 3rd August 2018
                Colors by anaross starting 17th August 2018
                sex, lies and sonograms by Sabershadowkat starting 31th August 2018
                Debriefing Dana/Slayers memories by Hello_Spikey starting 21st September 2018
                Turn and Face the Strain series by Quinara
                - Part I The More Things Stay the Same starting 5th October 2018
                - Part II As Good as a Rest starting 12th October 2018
                - Part II Turn and Face the Strain starting 19th October 2018
                Whose Torment is this, Anyway? by Rebcake starting 2nd November 2018
                Life Harsh/Life Hard by Soulburnt starting whenever you are ready
                Home is where they Have to Let You In by slaymesoftly starting 9th November 2018
                Super Food World by Valerie X starting 23rd of November 2018
                Christmas Rage by TheEnemyOfReality starting 7th of December 2018
                The Mangy Lion by Puddinhead starting 14th of December 2018
                Marking Time by annapurna_2 starting 22nd of December 2018
                Siren Song by Morgana starting 18th of January 2019
                Bitty Buffy and Mr Gordo Make an Impression by HCB starting 15th March 2019
                Do you Believe? by Rebcake starting 29th March 2019
                Mortal Enemies by Laure Alexander starting 5th April 2019
                Fin Amour by Angearia starting 12th April 2019
                Are We Just Friends?/Just A Summer Romance by slaymesoftly starting 26th of April 2019
                Hunger by sunalso starting 3rd of May 2019
                Strip Snap by Lilachigh 70 k starting 24th of May 2019
                Ties That Bind by rainsrabble starting 12th of July 2019
                Autumn's Advancing by Cosmic Tuesdays 12k words starting 26th of July 2019
                Fixing The Factors by ImmortallySpuffy 113k starting 9th of August 2019
                Green Smoke And Empty Mirrors by apprenticebard 42k starting 30th August 2019
                The Ethnocentrism of Vampthropology by Touchstoneaf 46k words starting 13th September 2019
                Paper Promise by Jess Marie 31k starting 11th of October 2019
                A Ghost Of A Chance by sabershadowkat 26k starting 18th of October 2019
                Six Foot Deep by Kita 15k starting 25th of October 2019
                Lost In Time by seductiveembrace 170k, starting 15th Novenber 2019
                Can I Rest Now by Eve 8k, starting 22nd November 2019
                Let Nothing You Dismay by Constance 20k starting 6th December 2019
                Merry Christmas Spike by Dutchbuffy 42k words, starting 20th December 2019

                Reserve pool

                Demons I Have Known by gwennie
                Etched in Stone by Flowerofthewolf
                Frontierland by Gort
                Dreamer by Gort
                Always come back to you by Baphrosia
                Echoes by Holly
                Blood Of the Sire by BuffymeetsSpike
                Beloved in Blood by Holly
                Prophecy And Warmth by TheBear
                What If I Loved You? by slaymesoftly
                Prologue To Life/I know You by slaymesoftly
                Not a One Night Stand by slaymesoftly
                Buffy, Season Noir by Anna S.
                The Chiaroscuro series by Miss Murchinson 285k words
                Offers You Can't Refuse by sweetprincipale 256k words
                Origins by niamh 131k words

                Pending suggestions

                Best Laid Plans by LavenderBixby 102k
                Si Primo Venit by KittenOfDoomage 133k
                Scars by JamesMFan 69k
                Carnivorous Carnival by Bewildered
                A New Dawn by kally77 42k on AO3
                Affinity by Ginmar 45 chapters on AllAboutSpike
                That I May Cease To be by cousinjean on All About Spike 18k
                Clearance by Treacle Antlers 17k on
                And Here We Go Round Again by Megan 122k
                Betrayed, Forgotten, Abandoned by Loup Noir 159k
                The Cyrano Factor by medievalchic 81k
                Love and Blackmail by Lirazel 15k
                Last edited by Emmie; 30-01-20, 03:21 AM.

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                  Thanks for trying to help Emmie, but unfortunately that is a different thread. Those are the suggestions from the discussion subform for the reading group. The fanfic recs were a general recommendation thread in the main section. If you scroll down to the topics (threads) on the main fanfic forum page the thread many of us can't open now is the second in the list, under this thread. It's called Spuffy Fanfic Recommendations and was started by SpuffyGlitz on the 6th Apr 2018.


                  • Summers_Anne
                    Summers_Anne commented
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                    I have copied and saved the thread now by the way , it was quite easy, but i dont know how to upload it.

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                  Copy of what I said in the glitching thread.

                  Originally posted by flow View Post
                  Has anyone read Crossing Into Unchipped Territory by dutchbuffy? I've seen it recommended elsewhere (not on BB) but I wanted to know what people here think about it before I give it a try. Dutchbuffy's stories can be rather angsty and dark.

                  I read it a few years ago. It was fun as far as I remember, though the sequel got seriously squicky. My notes about Crossing say, "Buffy lands in an alternate dimension and meets an unchipped Spike, and it's all plot twists and trope subversion from there. *sighs happily*
                  The sequel also subverts tropes, mostly the trope that pregnant people can't have horrible, grotesque adventures.


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                    Okay, so it seems to not be that angsty. I will definitely give it a try then.

                    For now, I have started Midway of Speech and Thought by TheHouskeeper on Elysian Fields. It's a post Chosen story and I really like the authors writing style. I can't say much more for now because I have only read the first chapter so far.



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                      I can't remember if we had discussed this before. I would say that I found Crossing Into Unchipped Territory interesting, but I disliked the sequel immensely (for character issues).


                      • Double Dutchess
                        Double Dutchess commented
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                        I liked both, but you need a strong stomach for the sequel.

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                      Summers_Anne commented: I have copied and saved the thread now by the way, it was quite easy, but i don't know how to upload it.
                      Ah that's fantastic, thank you! If you saved it in Word then it might be worth just reducing it down to a straight list of fics and it could then just be added as a post perhaps. I don't mind looking at doing that but it might need fitting in over a few days. We'll see what flow thinks as she's the master of the rec thread.


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                        I'd like to recommend


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                          The above is what happens when I try to link something. I'm trying to link the EF version of Healing by Kimi, and it comes up with that ^^^ every time. Not sure how to fix it. Anyone have any clues?


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                            Summer, Anne: It's awesome that you copied our old thread. Thank you so much! I don't exactly know how to upload it here now. Is it just one document? Then I would simply post it here but you might have to break into several posts if ist is too long. If each of the old posts has been saved separately it could still be the easiest way to copy and paste as many of them as possible into one post here. You will probably end up with more than one post because of the number of posts that were in the old thread.

                            Priceless: Your link works fine for me. it's just labeled oddly but it leads to Kimi's story on EF.



                            • Priceless
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                              What's all the Joomla and SisterSolstace all about? I don't like it

                            • Stoney
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                              Reducing the text by just pulling out the actual fics included might make the reload of them easier and less likely to just recreate a 'large' thread that might then be trouble in opening. Maybe.

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                            Originally posted by Priceless View Post
                            The above is what happens when I try to link something. I'm trying to link the EF version of Healing by Kimi, and it comes up with that ^^^ every time. Not sure how to fix it. Anyone have any clues?
                            I've edited the link in your post to provide the fic details. I don't know if you would get the same options by going into edit on your post, but I was able to delete the first line of text in the link and retype. I don't know what the sistersolstace thing is all about but joomla seems to be some sort of antispam thing (yeah I'm terrible on the tech). I don't really know what the benefit is but it seems like the kind of thing that is intended to be.

                            You can delete the text 'Joomla!' too but that just really made me laugh when I saw it, like it was what you say in celebration of providing a link, so I didn't.

                            Alternatively, use the link button in the smaller icons beneath the large link and it just functions as a standard link.


                            • Priceless
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                              Joomla!!! Which is now the new word for hooray

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                            When I try to upload it, it says
                            "Upload failed due to your upload quota. This file will require 1,017.8 KB but you only have 48.8 KB of 48.8 KB remaining."