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  • Do people still...

    ...make fanart?!

    All this quarantine time is giving me the urge to create fanart and textures again... I've even been seriously thinking of creating a new fanart site again.

    But do people still create fanart? And if so, where are people posting it? Tumblr? DeviantArt?

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    great to see you here! I am not doing fanart myself (I am a moron on art) but we do have challenges from time to time in the fanart section. We also currently are desperately looking for people who would like to create a banner for our new forum styles. Maybe you could volunteer on the new forum banner thread? That would be awesome!


    Banner by Brendan


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      I dont do fanart either, but very much enjoy seeing it! There should be more Agents of Shield fan art in the world.


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        I'm still in the process of learning to draw digitally. So there is a lot of time spend on that, but I rarely finish and post what I draw.
        But pretty much everything I make, I still post here.


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          I'm still learning the basics really and pieces take me so long to do, but I do still enjoy exploring fanart and trying to find time to complete the occasional challenges we have now. I think I'd do more if the challenges still ran regularly, but I'm glad to have odd ones crop up now and then and am glad there are still some fan artists around on the board. I don't really produce anything outside of the challenges, although I keep telling myself to just get the tablet out I have and try to figure out how to use it!!


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            If I go by tuimblr I would say you're not the only one rediscovering that interest. Since I am utterly without talent and tech savvy, I reblog and admire.
            Can we agree that the writers made everyone do and say everything with a thought to getting good ratings and being renewed. This includes everything we love as well as everything we hate.


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              Hey everyone!! It's great to be back!!

              Hmm.... Maybe I'll get back into it. I definitely won't have the time to be as active in the community as I was before, but it is something I miss.


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                It'd be great to get more fanart back, even if it is a bit ad hoc. And there are always the new banners for the site to consider joining in with.