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Looking for a new place to showcase my art!

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  • Looking for a new place to showcase my art!

    I feel like I'm getting more and more into fanart, having more ideas and actually executing them for once.

    I'm thinking about opening up a blog or something. I don't want to build a website again because that is TOO much commitment, but I think it would be nice if my art had a home. Somewhere I could post my art and thoughts. LJ used to be a go-to but I feel like it's dead and no one really uses that anymore.

    I really want a place that will get me going creatively.

    Any recommendations?

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    LJ is still quite active, but perhaps for fanarts Tumblr is more suitable.


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      I second the Tumblr recommendation, the only 'problem' Tumblr has is that the focus lays on max 500x700 pixels. You can post bigger stuff but they will resize it to a tumbnail. So if you make wallpapers it's a good idea to make a tumblr-sized preview with a link to the original wallpaper. But if you don't mind that it's a great platform because it's very active and they have a reblog function which gives people the chance to share art made by others without reposting/art theft. So it's fun for collecting inspirational stuff you see on that site and when people reblog your work, more people will see it and more people will find out about you and your fanart.

      And there is DeviantArt of course, which is a nice platform for art as well but beware of the strict rules (mostly for resources though... a lot of DA members who make resources have a lot of conditions for the use of their stocks and textures).


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        I thought about tumblr, too. Wondered if there are other options. Thank you, you guys. LJ is not an option because I did that for a while and you really need a large group of people that follow you to get a satisfying reaction to your work.

        Click for art and tomfooleries