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    Just thought I'd drop a quick note on to prompt thought again towards the community interaction side of things on here. The month theme didn't really seem to hit off and I personally thought it might have been greatly because it wasn't encouraging interaction just posting individual thoughts. Of course the limited number of people may be the thing but until we try other ideas it is hard to say. Is it worth just trying other things and seeing how they do rather than polling/wondering deeply about what to try? Why don't we just try a continuous chat thread where people are encouraged to come on and post pictures/images/resources that they have seen, share random thoughts/frustrations/ideas and we can just comment on what someone has put on or add something else. It could just be an entirely open/informal chat area with a fanart focus. I appreciate such a wide scope could equally get a tumbleweed response but it might work like associated thoughts and roll from one thing to another pretty naturally. Might be worth a try?


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      I'm fine with trying that one out. ^^ Does anyone has a fun title for such a chat thread?


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        OK, I have been trying to think of something for ages and have gone through a whole bunch of awful options and have currently got a reduced list of probably not great options - "Once More With Layering - ArtChat", "From the Rabbit Hole - ArtChat" and in a bizarre combination of BtVS and the favoured 1920s global artistic hangout (which apparently included a restaurant called Dingo Bar) - "Dingoes Ate Montparnasse - ArtChat". Or something more normal. I probably should get out now and then.

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        EDIT: similar idea - "Grab a cuppa and join our Babbington's Chat" - which tickled me as another place known for artists meeting up (tea room in Rome in case you haven't heard of it, although might have been primarily writers in the good old days, not sure) but they have the cat logo and obviously in french.... Yeah, I know, I'm going out for a bit!!
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