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  • New here ? Here is your guide to !

    Hey newbie,

    this thread is meant, to help you with your first steps around this board. But before we start - it is great that you have found your way to and we hope to see you around a lot!

    There is already an official welcoming post and another post with rules and guidelines, that you can check out here:

    And here is, what we think, might help you, if you are new here:

    1. Start posting!

    We are excited to hear about your thoughts, opinions and views! Feel free, to join in every discussion or to create your own threads.

    If you want to post something in an existing thread, just type your answer in the blank box underneath the last post of the thread and click the little orange box that says "Post Reply". You'll find it on the right-hand side below the box with your text

    You can quote every previous post by clicking the little word "Quote" that appears at the bottom of the respective post right next to the word "Comment". Your own post will still appear as the newest post in the thread. If you click the word "Comment" instead, your own statement will appear directly within the post you are commenting on. This feature is only intended to be used for short statements and is restricted to 100 letters. Please create a new post for lengthier thoughts and arguments.

    If you want to create a new thread altogether, please go to the most suitable subforum first and click the light blue box labeled "+ New Topic" on the upper left side. Please enter a title for your thread and you can go ahead!

    2. Start Posting by saying "Hello"

    You are welcome to start by creating a thread in the Welcome Forum. Just say Hi and let everyone know, that you are on board! If you feel like it, you could also tell us, how long you have been watching BtVS and/or AtS or which character, season, or episode you like most.

    3. Ask us!

    If you have any questions, no matter if it is about how to navigate this forum, which rules to follow, how to add an avatar, or how to find a certain thread or member, just go ahead and ask.

    You can always post a question on one of the subforums. If it is a technical question, you probably should ask in the subforum Information, FaQs, and Suggestions. If it is a non-technical question, you can either post in the subforum Welcome Posts or in the subforum Miscellaneous Forum.

    You can also post any question in this thread, by typing into the blank box at the bottom and clicking the Post Reply button.

    Last not least, you can contact our admins, mods or members about any questions you have, via Private Message.

    You can find the admins and mods of here:

    4. Private Message

    To send a private message you have to click on the word Messages that you can find in the header on the right side between your profile name and the word Notifications. If you click on Messages a menu will open. Click on "Go To Message Center" since this is the easiest way to send and read private messages.
    In your Message center, you find a button labeled "Compose New" on the left-hand side. If you click on that button space for a new message will open and you start by adding the name of the recipient. The title of your message is next and then the text can be typed in.

    Private Messages can only be read by you and the member, you have posted it to but it is possible to include more than one member in a conversation if you want to do so.

    5. How to browse the forum

    There are several ways, to navigate this forum. The main site of the forum lists all the subforums, where you can find the threads, that belong there thematically. But you can also use either the button New Topics that will appear directly underneath the title Forums (the one in the header) if you click on Forums once. This way you will see every topic that has had new posts since your last visit to the forums (or for the last two weeks approximately). You can also click the button Latest Activity.

    Another option is to subscribe to a thread by clicking the button +Subscribe that will show up on the right-hand side of the top of each thread once you have opened a thread. If you have subscribed to a thread, you will get a notification, as soon, as anyone else has posted in that thread.

    6. Be a friend and join groups

    You can also subscribe to other members by clicking on their user name and choosing "Subscribe". If someone else wants to subscribe to you, you will get a notification and you will be asked, to accept the offer.

    There are also groups. In some of them, you can only post if you are a member. You can find all existing groups by clicking on the button Groups on the header next to the button Forum Leaders.

    7. Avatars, signatures, and banners

    You can upload an avatar picture (maximum size 100 pixels by 100 pixels or 48,8 kb) if you click on your user name at the top right-hand side. You choose My Profile from the menu that will open and click on Edit Avatar on the left-hand side right underneath the space where your Avatar will show up once you have uploaded it. You can upload an image from your computer or enter an URL. You can also choose a signature that will be displayed on the bottom of your posts. Many users love to have banners - pictures or graphics at the bottom of their posts - as well, but you need to have assembled a certain amount of posts before you are eligible for uploading a banner. Therefore start posting already ;-)


    P.S.: I was kindly given permission to post a welcoming thread by Llywela
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    Wow flow. I'm impressed! Thanks...and the ball never crossed the line.


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      Just trying to push this thread up ....



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        Originally posted by flow View Post
        Just trying to push this thread up ....

        I know I moan about this all the time, but if we had a running list of threads, this forum would be so much easier to navigate. I still love this place, but even the best things can be improved