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    What was your favourite epiode of SN and why?

    Since I have seen Season 1 so far, I guess mine would be...the 'Pilot' episode. I quite liked that episode, and for a Pilot, it was good The whole, 'I can never go home' evil hitch hiker ghost was a good first evil bad guy...or in this case, gal.

    I also liked that episode with the people who hunted other people for fun. And that little girl...weird! And the insane asylum one, I thought that was good.

    I also liked 'Bloody Mary'...Bloody Mary...Bloody Mary I've never been able to look in the Bathroom Mirror in the same way . Plus I thought Bloody Mary reminded me of Samara from the Ring. The glass was like the water, the mirror was like the TV, and the way she crawled out of the mirror...and the hair? I was like, OMG! It's The Ring all over again! I half expected the phone to ring!

    But what is you favourite episode/s?

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    I've only seen season one myself and I just love the ep "Faith." I don't know why exactly. There was something really moving about it and something so sad about Dean's guilt over living when he is indirectly responsible for the death of another. And Julie Benz brought such poignancy to her part; it's nice to see her in a role where she isn't a villian or some silly comedienne.
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      I have quite a few, two of which are for reasons that Chris will likely laugh at because of my devotion to a certain badass chick.

      -"Phantom Traveler:" so. Freakin'. Hilarious. Dean's freakout and attempt to convince Amanda not to get on the plane are classic SN scenes for me. And I loved the concept of the storyline and the demon's motives. Truly evil, in my opinion.

      -"Shadow:" Meg. Evil, bitchtastic Meg. She stole the show for me, even when John showed up (which was unexpected for me but was very awesome, indeed). Plus, the action was great and I loved the Daevas (Was that what they were called? The shadow demons?) and it was just awesome.

      -"Salvation:" MEG! Again, she stole the show and all the John vs the "Demon Children" (Meg and the dude whose name escapes me) kicked major booty. The Dean/Sam stuff was also great and I loved how John acted throughout the episode - like a really concerned father, which is something you didn't see very often in earlier episodes.

      Season 2 favorites...

      -"Croatoan:" the action and suspense in this episode is what I really look for in SN. There was actually some "scary" scenes that made me jump - something that rarely happens when I watch SN. There was absolutely no bad part to this episode for me.

      -"Hunted:" the follow-up of sorts to "Croatoan," I fell for Ava instantly. She was the perfect hint of comic relief and pure innocence to the supernatural world. Plus, Gordon returned more sadistic than ever.

      -"Nightshifter:" again, the action and the suspense here makes it perfect. Especially the ending with "Renegade" playing - which just gave me chills. I loved the plot twist towards the end of the episode and was actually sad when the nerdy guy was killed. Plus, I loved Henrickson.

      -"Heart:" even if it was a Sam-centric episode, I still loved it. Emmanuelle Vaugier made this episode perfect. Her performance was thoroughly believable and perfect throughout the entire thing. Plus, I jumped more than once and was on the verge of tears at the end of the episode.

      -"All Hell Breaks Loose Pt. 2:" action, suspense, etc...etc...It's the emobodiment of perfection with only a couple flaws that hold it back. The ending was great. The action was great. Woo Ellen! Woo Bobby! Woo demons, death, and destruction! I loved it all.
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        Hmm let's see:
        Bloody Mary: because of her and that episode,I became more what's the word? Intruiged by her background, her and every other Myth (Hookman, Pale Lady in White etc)

        HellHouse- I liked this episode, those two fake hunters were funny

        Proviance- I don't know why but I liked this episode (I missed it on Tv but watched in on DVD), and that little girl was creepy, especially when she did that head thing, talk about pissed off.

        Bloodlust- Do I honestly even need an explantion for this?

        There was another episode in season 2 that I really liked but I forgot the title of it...

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          Originally posted by Willow's Tara View Post

          HellHouse- I liked this episode, those two fake hunters were funny
          Oh right! I know SN is made by a lot of folks who used to work on The X-Files--and you can totally tell in so many instances--but this episode completely reminded me of one of those comedic XF eps. I seriously felt like Sam and Dean were Mulder and Scully and the Ghost Hunters were some zany UFO nuts they would have run into. Very clever and fun!!
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            Series 1

            Pilot- I loved how unlike most shows like this the brothers were kind of already settled in. it was also good to see Sam before jess died because afterwards for quite a while he was annoying although his behaviour was acceptable annoying to me.

            Phantom traveller- loved how dean freaked out with flying, I also have a fear of flying, and I must look like that on a I don't know this episode just appealed to me.

            Skin- loved this one because we saw dean without his shirt on kind of....

            Hell house- because we saw Sam in just a towel.... Hannah I don't think before that scene he spent 6 hours beating fat into a six-pack shape, like you think... lol.

            Series 2

            I have only seen eps 1-4 and 13-22

            Houses of the holy- loved hoe this episode tested dean and Sam's beliefs in god and angels. And how dean was maybe opening up to the thought that there is good in the world.

            Born under a bad sign- evil Sam was so hot. That snigger he gave after shooting dean

            Tall tales- hilarious episode!!! Laughed nearly all the way through.

            I mean I love them all really but these are some of the ones I enjoyed more that others.
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              I think my favorite episode out of series 1 is...

              ...Hell house- I find this episode so funny how they keep playing pranks on each other, and the other hunters play a good part too. I also liked how in this episode they aren't actually fighting a real ghost and that some times though out the story they aren't really sure what to do. I Just found this episode to be a real breath of fresh air.

              Other episodes I like out of series 1...

              ?Asylum - this episode was good. Some how the asylum reminded me of a hotel that used to be a hospital in my town. Although I have never actually been in the hotel, I would imagine before it got done out that's what it would have looked like in side. Also people say old patients haunt it (CREEPY). But apart from that I just thought it was a good episode. I also liked how Sam opened up a bit about how he really feels about Dean.

              ?Provenance - Again there was some comedy in this episode, which made it funny. But I liked how Sam got a chance to meet some one and opened up a bit more. And I think it was this episode any way Sam says "it's like the Da Vinci Code" and dean says "I am still waiting for the movie on that one." That's was a funny quote.

              ?Scare crow - This episode was great, we saw that although Sam and dean are pretty much opposites they can not work with out each other. Also dean saying "Fugely" that was funny too. I was like way dean watches mean girls.

              I pretty much liked them all there wasn't really one I didn't like.

              I am going to have to get back to you's on series 2 though as I have not seen them all yet. But i am working on it. LOL


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                Well I have to say I adore the Pilot. It was just a classic Supernatural episode and amazing kick-start to the series. It really did set the pace for the rest of the season and packed so much into that one episode: the comedy, the family drama and angst. Overall I just loved that episode and it had me hooked to Supernatural right away. It was awesome.

                After that I would have to say Phantom Traveller, which is odd, since I tend to avoid anything with planes in any kind of trouble lol. (I was in a plane accident, it's a long story) But every time I watch it, I can't help but laugh at Dean, even although my friends call me an unbelievable hypocrit since I act kinda like that too, lol. But I just loved this whole episode. And I loved listening to the commentary that the boys had recorded for it as well, heh.

                And of course, my last pick would probably be Faith, I just adored that episode.

                I would list my season two faves just now, but I think it would be half of the season. Lol. I'd need to actually seriously think about that first.
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                  Originally posted by Ahm Shere View Post

                  I also liked 'Bloody Mary'...Bloody Mary...Bloody Mary I've never been able to look in the Bathroom Mirror in the same way . Plus I thought Bloody Mary reminded me of Samara from the Ring. The glass was like the water, the mirror was like the TV, and the way she crawled out of the mirror...and the hair? I was like, OMG! It's The Ring all over again! I half expected the phone to ring!
                  I thought the same thing about that epsiode! I really loved that one...

                  In season 1 I also really loved the hookman episode - so creepy.

                  I loved Scarecrow - I just found that to be a really good episode for some reason.

                  The S2 episode that was my absolute favorite was the ep where we see the ep from both Dean & Sam's POV...was it called Tall Tales? I can't remember the title, but I remember laughing my ass off at Sam's version with Dean stuffing his face non-stop! That was soooo hysterical!

                  Oh right! I know SN is made by a lot of folks who used to work on The X-Files--and you can totally tell in so many instances
                  I didn't know that, but it makes sense because so many episodes have reminded me of the X-Files... They even did a similar episode with Mulder and Scully each telling the same story from their POV...and it was one of my favorites as very funny!


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                    Well, here's mine. Note, I have not seen AHBL2 or the first half of season 2.

                    Phantom Traveler - Haven't seen it in awhile but how funny! Dean was top notch with his fright of flying! I loved the plane exorcism. I thought it was amazingly well shot and written. All around, awesome episode!

                    Faith - Julie Benz really is the star of this episode! I think the metaphor in this episode was really great, with the paying the price theme. Really great! The demon was creepy, and Dean dieing was also strange and weird. It's nice.

                    Salvation - Part one of an amazing season finale. And I mean, amazing. Meg is.....MEG! MEG IS AWESOME! SO AWESOME! Everything was great, from the colt, to the family just like Winchester's, to John getting captured. I also liked Meg in the teaser, a lot. "And yesterday, I met a man. Ya know, a good man. Then, I walked up to him, and slit his throat and watched him choke on his own blood. Does that make me a bad person?" Omg! Great line!

                    Devil's Trap - Part two! Awesome! Not as good as part one, but still! I thought the first ten minutes were uber intense with the exorcism. The last ten minutes were, again, very intense with the demon possessing John! Great stuff!

                    Some season two favs, but I'm still deciding.

                    In My Time Of Dying - Classic Kripke episode! Awesome! I think Dean being alone was weird, and I never took a second glance at that other girl that was with Dean. I also liked the scene where Sam knew Dean was there. Also, loved John's storyline, getting the demon. And then.....ob:

                    Born Under A Bad Sign - Just watched this again and wow! Jared can act! Bringing up John's death was cool, also. I liked Bobby, again, and how the demon that possessed Meg is back. I too liked how this was all shot and written, too. It was too amazing. I love this.

                    Heart - Okay, sad much? I liked SN's view of werewolves, and how Dean got more character progression and how Sam finally got the girl....for once. But, that didn't go well. The use of song was beautiful in the last scene. Again, Jared showed his acting skills. And Dean's tear was heartbreaking! I just loved this so much.

                    All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1 - I really loved the plot in this one. Bobby coming back was great, and seeing Ava was refreshing. I liked all the deaths in this one And the ending! What a surprise that was spoiled by idiot CW promoters! Great one!

                    So, that's mine for now. After I see the first half of season 2 and the season finale, I'll probably update.
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                      Season One
                      Pilot - I just found this to be an awesome pilot for a show. A lot of shows have really bad pilots, but this one was excellent and made me watch three more hours of the show off the DVD immediately. Plus, I'm a big fan of Jess and her death was so sad.

                      Bloody Mary - The story terrified me when I was younger, so that really made me love this one. It was so well done.

                      Home - I love that they faced their old house and that their mom came back. That whole scene with Mary was great.

                      Benders - This was just freaky in the non supernatural way. Just a bunch of twisted backwoods pyschos made for a great episode. Plus, it was in my home state, so we just got to joke about how we bread psychos. Us and WI.

                      Season Two
                      In My Time of Dying - All the sacrifice and emotions made this episode for me.

                      No Exit - A lot of people don't like Jo, but I love her. I really liked this episode, but I LOVE the line, "You can scream all you want, but there's no way you're getting past that salt!" Fantastic way to beat the bad guy. Plus, the playing of Foreinger's "Cold as Ice" on the ride home was great.

                      Crossroad Blues - I love this legend, so it made the episode for me.

                      Playthings - Shining references - enough said.

                      Tall Tales - For those of you who don't watch the X-Files, this was written EXACTLY like the X-Files episode "Bad Blood" and that fact made this episode just hysterical.

                      Heart - Probably my favorite episode of the whole series so far. I loved Maddie and Sam's tragic short relationship. The acting in this episode was just superb. And as if it wasn't sad enough in the end, how about tossing in "Silent Lucidity" as well?

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                        Season 1

                        Pilot: because it introduced the plot and, let's face it... For a pilot it was pretty darn cool and well made.

                        Bloody Marry: that episode gave me the creeps and it sorta reminded me of Samara from 'The Ring'.

                        Asylum: My opinion is that Asylum was one of the best made episodes and I sorta liked badass Sammy for a change.

                        Nightmare: Sam with premonitions and freaky telekinesis. What more can you ask for. Besides... I may sound like a sadistic witch, but that window beheading that Roger Miller dude was one cool scene.

                        Hell House: That was one funny ep. Loved the beer stuck to the hand deal and the banter between the brothers there.

                        Season 2

                        I liked all of them, but the ones that stood out the most were All hell breaks loose pt. 1 and pt.2. I think that was one of the most complex finales ever. It had everything from angst to Sam ending up on the wrong side of a blade, to Dean going overprotective and making you know what and the whole family reunion while killing the YED. I mean... The plot of that particular finale was very complex, very entertaining and it managed to bring up a lot of emotions from the characters.


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                          I totally forgot.

                          Season 2

                          I adore No Exit. OK, so it's Djo heavy, whatever, but it's a great episode. (Plus, apparantly I look like Alona Tal in this )

                          I like Everybody Loves a Clown too. Guilty again. Jo. But I didn't like this episode because I am scared of clowns. So it's a mixture. (No! I do NOT cry every time Ronald McDonald comes on screen! )

                          And In My Time Of Dying...such a tear jerker, which I think was quite rare in SN. Obviously, I haven't seen the second part of Season 2 I don't know if there are any more tearjerkers...but that will change in...oh...11 days!

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                            There are just too many good eps to

                            i dont think i can say there wasnt ep in either season i really didnt like. They were some bloody,scary eps too.

                            Im really crap with ep names But season two had some brill ones, the one with Sam attacking Jo. And the one with Sam and the Wearwolf lady...brill. I mean ok i love Dean, but Sam just shined in thos eps. I thing ppl just dont give him enough credit.

                            Ok i think im gonna have to re watch Season one again and come up with a
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                              If I would be sent to the proverbial island, desperately clutching 44 episodes of Supernatural to my chest and someone would force me to choose one and one episode only or I would have to go without any, it would be ?What Is and What Should Never Be'. It's an engaging, deeply moving, in depth glimpse into Dean Winchester. There's not a single thing that I don't love about this episode and I adore how by contrasting the ?normal' Winchester environment with this wish-world, every single character trait of Dean was forced to the surface so to speak.

                              The episode made me cry and laugh and ache and even though Dean and the real Sam were separated for most of this episode, WIaWSNB told us every bit as much about what their bond means to Dean (and Sam himself) as episodes do, where they are together. Uhm, there's a reason why I wrote a long essay about this episode, so I better stop here and give some other favourite episodes of mine:

                              Season 1:

                              Phantom Traveller: Unlike many I wasn't drawn into this show by the Pilot (actually I abandoned the show again after the Pilot ) but it was PT that actually made me a fan of the show. Funny and exciting and moving. Dean's fear of flying is too adorable for words, the casefile was intriguing and we get the first sign of Dad. Fantastic episode, I think it's the episode I watched most often so far.

                              Scarecrow: Have to mention this one because it was the episode that turned me from a fan to an obsessed stalker. It takes all the simmering resentments and conflicts between the boys to a climax, resolves them to a degree and results in an re-affirmation of Sam's and Dean's brotherhood. The phone call between the boys and Sam's speech to Dean at the end are two of my favourite SN scenes ever.

                              Shadow: Talking of favourite scenes, the motel room scene between Sam and Dean in Shadow is probably right at the top of those. It's kind of a contra-point to the ones in Scarecrow, as it brings out in the open that the resolve in Scarecrow was partly based on a misunderstanding on both parts. The way Dean's walls come crashing down for a single moment and Sam's reaction to it are heartbreaking, as both boys are right and wrong at the same time. The reunion with John tugs at my heartstrings every time as well, no matter how ambivalent my feelings towards him are (even in this scene I am partly angry at him :lol.) the emotions flowing between these three characters here are palpable, it's practically oozing from the screen.

                              Something Wicked: This episode was for me like a big puzzle piece of Dean's character finally falling into place. In short but extremely memorable impressions it told us so much about the upbringing of the boys and how they became who they are now, that it formed my view on the characters like no other episode in S1, and not only on Dean, but on Sam as well, even if more indirectly so. Plus, seriously creepy episode.

                              Devil's Trap: The season 2 finale may outshine DT for me when it comes to emotional impact, but in terms of build-up and suspense I think Devil's Trap is probably still one of the best episodes of the entire show so far for me. Meg's exorcism, the race for John, the possession, the dramatic climax .. superb! The cliffhanger is probably the meanest thing ever in the history of tv (apart from the B5 S3 finale probably).

                              Season Two:

                              In My Time Of Dying: Looking back on all the drama and emotions of S2, IMTOD is still one of the highpoints in this regard for me. I loved the whole concept of spirit!Dean, his encounter with the Reaper was deeply moving and Sam's despair & determination and John's sacrifice and good-bye words to his son hit all my emo!buttons at once.

                              Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things: <-- this is probably my favourite SN episode title ever! In this episode storyline and character issues are so intricately interwoven and reflected in each other, it's a thing of beauty. I am completely in love with how Dean's admission in the end sheds a completely new light not only on this behaviour in this episode but also on how he acts in 2.02/2.03. I love Sam's never-ending efforts to break through his brother's walls and finally succeeding and left speechless with the impact. Fabulous stuff!

                              Hunted: Hey, revealed secrets, fights, snipers, codewords, explosions, almost hugs, what's not to love? This episode is the parallel to Scarecrow and I love it for the exact same reasons. I am a huge fan of the secrets-storyline, even if it developed somewhat differently than expected later, so I loved how it was revealed, lead to a conflict and separation of the brothers but in the end brought them closer together. "You can't protect me!" "I can try!"

                              Born Under A Bad Sign: I think nobody can deny that BUABS was probably the most nerve-wrecking and eerie S2 episode (if not of the whole show so far). The build-up, the plot twist, the amazing acting, the effects, the emotional impact on the boys and the viewer, damn, this episode blew me away.

                              All Hell Breaks Loose I+II: I just love how 2 seasons of SN come together in this finale, full circle and yet opening up so many interesting new storylines. The emotional impact at least on me was tremendous, I mean, honestly, who would've thought they would do that?! (I know some people here haven't seen the finale yet, so I keep it vague.) Retrospectively it seems so logical, but beforehand I would never have expected that plotpoint around Sam. So, yeah, well done Kripke&Co!

                              Oh, in the end I have to mention 2 episodes that I favor as well and that go together in my mind, Faith & Houses Of The Holy: I don't know many shows at the moment (actually none ) that dare to treat questions of faith, religion, prayer and spiritual issues and manage to treat them with so much care and true to the characters. I love how they present two opposing positions and still reconcile both, treading a delicate path and still pulling it off.

                              Uhm, and if I don't stop, every episode of SN will be on this list sooner or later, because with one possible exception I love them all!


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                                Ah that's right, I remeber what episode it was now, What is and What should never be- I kinda like seeing things in different ways, those What if stories and such.

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