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  • Origins Issue #3

    Well, all I can say is, that this issue really managed to piss me off more than ever. Do these writers pay attention to the actual show .. at all?

    First for the frame story about Dean at age 12 getting ready to run away from Sam and John! We remember that timeline-wise this is after the Shtriga incident. We are supposed to believe that Dean would leave Sam behind, just because John came home injured from a hunt and was angrily yelling at him, making Dean question their lifestyle and forcing John this way to take care of Sam? I'm sorry, but after John's speech to Dean in IMTOD or Dean's monologue at Sam's death bed in AHBL II, about how he always considered Sammy to be his responsibility, this is hardly believable. I mean, I can see Dean throwing a tantrum like any teenager, getting angry with John or frustrated, but actually leaving, thinking it would be better for Sam and him, with his kind of abandonment issues? Uhm, no!

    In the show there is no indication from either Dean or Ellen, that the boys have ever been at the Roadhouse before ELAC. While we can give that Dean might not remember it because he was only four at that time, Ellen surely would, but well, let's say she doesn't mention it. But really, this writers should maybe bother with at least getting the simplest facts right: Firstly, Jo's full name is Joanna Beth and not Josephine and secondly she is definitely not the same age as Dean, but more likely at Sam's age or even younger.

    John's characterisation seems to change from issue to issue as well. In issue #2 John has no problems leaving his kids with a total stranger at the motel at all, but here he has suddenly scruples to leave them at the bar? He agrees to push his injured brother-in-law from a cliff in a car, but has problems shooting at the heeler/shapeshifter, because he thinks it turns him into a killer? Even if I account that to the fact that he was terrified being close-up to the creature at the cabin, he is just a couple of hours later able to shoot the human looking shifter in cold blood. The characterisation is jumpy here and not really believable to me.

    And the last ominous statement of the hunter, meeting Mary? I am not sure I want to know where they are going with this, doing a s?ance? There is no indication that John even had any clue about Mary's spirit still being around. Well ...

    The comic series becomes more and more an annoyance and frustration to me. It is really not difficult to keep track at least with the most basic facts we get in the show about their past and about the characterisation of Dean, Sam and John in their younger versions. Why they don't make any effort to at least try to tie it in with the show is beyond me. After all, the comic is addressed to the fans of the show and they are most likely the first ones to notice if the tone and characterisation of the comic doesn't fit.

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    LOL!!! Well at least we can agree that this just isn't working. It is terribly disappointing how the comic contradicts canon with things that could be so simply checked out such as dates and names. I have to wonder if the comic was even for fans instead of just a way to infiltrate and gain new fans from another type fanbase.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from fans who attend comiccon at the end of the month and get a chance to ask about the comics direction. I don't recall hearing very much positive about the comic and the lack of reviews on the comic makes me believe many are disappointed and biting their tongues.

    Personally this has been the best of them all, which isn't saying very much. I did enjoy having a random monster to fight. Particularly a spring heeled jack which was brought up with the Benders. Though it was a nice twist that it actually wasn't one. But I'm such a sucker for even a tidbit of creature mythology.

    I also enjoyed the end where Dean peeked in journal and began to have an understanding of Dad. However, all of this doesn't mesh well with how I've perceived the show and especially at such a late age. Maybe with much younger Dean this ending would have more emotional impact.

    I'm basically unable to incorporate anything from the comics into what canon of the shows and official website have already created in my mind. Speaking of which, I hope they update the website in anticipation of the next american dvd release. I really love wandering around over there poking at things.

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      There's an interesting interview with Peter Johnson, who creatively oversees the Origins comics, in which he adresses the many fan complaints about the comic and where he tries to explain his reasoning for John not having the Impala in the beginning and apologises for not catching the Jo errors in time before the comic went into press. Though it doesn't change my critic at all and I don't agree with his reasonings, his response is worth reading. He is answering the comments down the page as well.

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        Hm, since 24 hours went by I think I can risk a double post I guess. Mods if this is not okay, just merge the two posts please!

        So, I do find this highly interesting. After all the critic and heartfelt discussions with fans Johnson decided to take back his decision in regard to the Impala and will correct this in the newer editions. They will also correct the other facts that deviate from canon (Jo, timeline problems), bringing the story back on track. See, I love if fan feedback can have such an effect. Here's Johnson's statement in regard to this matter:


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          What does that mean? They're gonna start all over?

          Yeah I wasn't happy with this issue either. Actually, I was turned off early on and haven't finished it yet. And the drawings? Yucko.
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            No, they don't start all over As I understand it, after a certain amount of the comics have been released there will be a collection of all those comics in one single trade paperback, all wrapped up into one storybook, so to speak and they will make the adjustments to the story when that one goes to print. So the issues that have already been released are too late to change, but the comic collection will be.


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              Ah, cuz I was wondering. When do you think this will come out? I wish they'd hire a different artist. Its just so fugly.
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                ROFL I have absolutely no idea! I am totally clueless when it comes to comics, I don't know how many issues they collect in a storybook, so I can't give you any estimation for a release on that altered collection. But if I hear anything definitive in the SN comms I will make sure to let you know!

                Yeah, I hate the artist as well, not only is there no resemblance to any of the characters, also the features are so rough and lacking of details. Especially Sam and Dean look nothing like a toddler and a 4 year old. Although I do have to say that I liked the 2nd part of the first issue with an older Dean and Sam a lot better.