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  • Unreasonable

    the show is a thrill but it also got shit plots for 1 demon arent black haze. apoloclypse come on end of world people never survive this or live to tell story. im a christian there arent such things as creatures or ghosts. people cant risen again that judgement.
    * what real is apolypse God will come wipe mankind
    * spirits are real

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    You're absolutely right. The writers shall burn in hell.

    No, really, are you psycho? It's called fiction for a reason. I live in Italy, so I'm used to christian saying stuff that has no sense, but you really have to start take things less seriously.
    What? You?ve taught a psycho killer demon how to be human by making him watch Sex and the City?

    1.02 Never been kissed OUT NOW/ 1.03 Damned by the bell COMING SOON


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      Okay I really don't see the point of this thread. This is a discussion forum where we interact with other members and you are clearly not interested in doing that. So I'm gonna close this thread now. Please read our posting rules and guidelines and our FAQ.