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  • Anna

    I wanted to see how people reacted to the character, and to a lesser extent the actress who played Anna.

    It's legendary that most fandom find fault with the girls that the Winchesters encounter. Especially those girls with whom they have a romantic encounter. Personally I liked Anna and thought her time with Dean was a good experience for him.

    In addition, I thought Anna was very brave to choose to become human. Whereas it seems plenty of other angels are living in fear or at least with inner conflict. Opposingly, I saw on another board where Anna was perceived as selfish for leaving her post and becoming human. Would you agree?

    Why do you think Anna chose to become human? Was it simply out of desire to become human or was it perhaps she refused to complete one of God's commands because she didn't think it was right? For example, was she perhaps ordered to kill an innocent -- maybe a young psychic child, or worse, a young Sammy?
    Simply didn't like the actress

    Lydia made the punch!

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    I don't know why she disobeyed, but her doubting the angels who claim to have seen God (whoever that is), her (even if very mild) questioning of their (and if he exists, his) actions and motives, her bit of skepticism, and in general the way she behaved towards humans and even towards Ruby make her rather likable to me for now.

    I don't know if she was selfish. That depends on her motives, but then again, most characters show some selfishness. I would still like the character.

    I don't think she's so good (she worked or for "her father" (or at least believed she did), after all), but so far, she's the best of the angels in my view - plus, no character is meant to be perfect I think. I hope not. She's interesting to me.

    As for the arguments about her "leaving her post", what's the problem with that?

    It's not as if she even understood what her post was, other than the fact that she was ordered to fight by some questionable characters. Why should she stay, other than out of fear?

    But she, despite the threats, had the guts to leave it. Selfish or not (it depends on her reasons for leaving that post), I like her. Plus, she's hot.


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      I really enjoyed the character of Anna, and have no problem with the actress that portrays her. She works the role very well. I immediately thought she was an interesting character with being able to hear angels. Whether insane or extremely sensitive, it was really cool that there was just some random girl that knew what was going on and what was coming. It's also very interesting that after all her time of being human it wasn't till Dean was resurrected that she was able to hear them there some bigger connection there?

      When we found out she was an angel, I was a little shocked. I was actually expecting her to have something to do with Lucifer...with the flame red hair, and the whole thing of her father wanting to kill her. I dunno why I thought that, but I did. I really like the whole spin that Supernatural has put on angels. At the beginning of the season I was a bit skeptic, but I really like that angels depicted in this universe are 'warriors of the lord' rather that floating on fluffy clouds and playing harps and all that.

      I also wonder what happened that Anna would ripe out her grace, what she disobeyed, but I kinda think it was more along the lines of having to do something that she found questionable. And I really like her view points and explanations about being an Angel. Not being able to feel emotions...real emotions anyway, obeying without question, having to have faith just as much as humans do in the exsistance of a being that they havent seen.

      I thought her and Dean together was perfect. They could really relate to eachother, and she was the one that got through to Dean for him to be able to tell Sam what really happened to him in hell. FINALLY!

      In the end, I'm glad that Anna was able to get her grace back even though that makes her back into the thing she was trying to escape. I'm hoping that since she did get her grace back and was not killed, that we will be seeing more of her this season. These past two episodes have been two of my favorites this season and I'm very much looking forward to more.


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        I also enjoyed her character. I thought she did a lot with what little time she had in the show and left us with a memorable character. The actress was a great choice, in my opinion, and I really enjoyed her overall story.
        I thought she and Dean were a good match simply based on their whole obeying what their father told them without question.

        ::Shadow of Reflection::


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          I like Anna, I like the story, I like Dean and Anna togheter, but their love scene missed a little chemestry.

          I don't know, it may be just me, but with a guy hot as Dean the action should be a little more passioned.
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