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4.09 I Know What You Did Last Summer

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  • 4.09 I Know What You Did Last Summer

    Ahh, such a hilarious title. I've been giggling about it for weeks. Of course I had hoped we were going to get some reveal on what Dean did last summer. However, it was nice to get a little fill in on what Sam did.

    Apparently, the writers took all the fandom's concerns to heart and threaded the needle to find one of the few possible ways to not make Ruby's existence in human bodies not COMPLETELY creepy. Albeit still creepy. I was twisting in my seat and have never been more relieved than when Dean broke Sam out of his sharing mode. Too much information. Though if someone was going to have demon sex, I'm glad it wasn't Dean.

    And I am glad that Ruby has Sam wrapped around her finger. It makes her seem more dangerous that she's using both her wits and feminine wiles to make him see her way of thinking. I mean, maybe she's good, but at least now, she seems to have some teeth rather than simply be a muzzled lap dog.

    Gah! The ending was almost more than I could handle. Castiel finally shows up...and his plan is to kill the girl. Shouldn't they be out protecting more of the seals?

    I really loved the idea that there are 600 seals, that Lillith only has to break 66. That makes a lot of sense as to why the odds are so not in favor of stopping her.

    Anyway, I hope that next week we get to find out more about Dean's summer. It was very messed up that one demon already has escaped and seems to know Dean rather intimately. Though we've only had flashes of Dean seeing things in hell, I'm terribly afraid awaiting us learning that Dean DID things down there. Things that would stained his psyche far more than just him seeing atrocities.

    On an indulgent note, bonus points for that demon being named Alistair.

    I'm sure there's more stuff I'll want to say later.

    Lydia made the punch!

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    I plan to write more of my thoughts later as I want to I re-watch the episode but wanted to share how funny it was that Ruby took possession of the African American maid! That just cracked me up.
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      After last week's episode was not exactly to my liking (Ben Edlund's sense of humour is not always my cup of tea and seriously, enough with the comedy eps already!!! ), this week's episode completely blew me away. Sera Gamble has done it once again. I'm trying to remember an episode written by her that I didn't like and I'm coming up empty. She just brings the right emotions to these characters we love so much and "I Know What You Did Last Summer" (and let me take a moment to squee over the title! ) proved no different.

      I don't really have time to post a full fledged review so I'm just gonna write up some of my first impressions while watching this fantastic episode.

      First off, I have to say how much I adored those flashbacks. Seeing drunk, desperate, hopeless and suicidal Sam was just heartbreaking and since I'm a lover of angst, those scenes were right up my alley. How Sam tried to bargain with the Crossroads Demon, how much he was drinking to just get through the day, how he willingly went after Lilith without being ready (aka a suicide mission) and even all the despair he poured into the sex with Ruby, was just extremely sad, heartbreaking but also very much in line with what I would have expected Sam to do after Dean's death (apart from the sex with Ruby part). Sam's despair practically oozed off of him and I think Jared did a good job portraying that.

      Secondly, I have to admit that I feel vindicated that Sam and Ruby doing things in the dark turned out to be more than just exorcising demons. I had a feeling from the very first episode of this season that there might be something sexual going on between those two and I'm glad that the writers did not throw all those hints in for nothing but that they actually had a purpose. I applaud the writers for finding such a clever loophole for Ruby so that fans would not start hating Sam. They were very sneaky with this. But I'm glad they did it this way because the thought of Sam being a rapist is just too apalling to consider. Even though the sexual encounter(s ?) between Sam and Ruby was quite wrong, I admit I found it rather hot. I loved how aggressive Ruby was in coming on to Sam, how he tried to resist but couldn't and surrendered himself to her. I also started to like the actress who plays Ruby this season a tiny bit better, maybe because she is no longer so victim-like and seems to be more the Ruby of old. Still, she is no Katie Cassidy.

      I had to laugh at Dean's uncomfortableness when Sam came clean about the sex with Ruby. I get where he is coming from, I just found it funny and kind of adorable. Speaking of adorable Dean, how cute was it when he was all proud when Anna called him The Dean?

      The character of Anna is very interesting and I hope she sticks around, i.e. the angels do not manage to kill her. That was quite a bomb they dropped there at the end! :eek: These angels are starting to be less and less good and trustworthy and I for one am glad about that. I loved when Dean told Anna that she was wrongfully accused of being crazy (in his own Dean-esque way of course) and she said thank you.

      I have the suspicion that next week's episode will be all about Dean's summer, i.e. his time in hell. It worries me that the demon Alistair said that they were tight in hell. It makes me nervous that something might be revealed about what Dean did in hell that might make me think less of him. I hope Kripke & co. won't go there.

      Dean trying to apologise and thank Ruby made me cringe a bit, it seemed so out of character for Dean and was indeed awkward, as he said. On the other hand, I was glad that Dean was able to see beyond the whole demon thing and realise that Ruby really had helped Sam while he was gone. This does not mean that Dean trusts Ruby as much as Sam does (I doubt he ever will) but he seems to be willing to see another side of her and I liked that.

      Okay I have rambled long enough. To summarise, I absolutely loved this episode and the many different emotions it provoked in me and can't wait to see what happens next. Season 4, you rock so hard!


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        Originally posted by Cori View Post
        Season 4, you rock so hard!
        And that's my feelings in a nutshell!

        After last week's episode revealed that Dean remembered everything, I felt good because it seemed clear to me from the start of the season that that was the case. But then I read the posts in here and started wondering why I was so certain when everyone else seemed to think he didn't remember much. So I was happy to find that out because I was starting to think I was feeling something I wasn't supposed to!

        Anyway, another great ep. The Sam and Ruby thing was explained in a great way. I loved the flashbacks; we needed to see that. How this reconnection occurred and why Sam was so trusting of her. And yes, the sex was creepy and oddly hot. But I probably just feel that way cause Sam so seldom gets some. Poor guy. And I think is incredibly interesting that for over a season we still do not know whether we can truly trust Ruby. Now that Dean seems willing to trust her a bit, it makes me nervous... like maybe this is what she has been waiting for...the fact that Dean has been so reluctant to use any of her information or listen to her in anyway up until this point as been kind of comforting.

        I also have been warming to the actress who now plays Ruby. I think perhaps I was a little annoyed by her in the beginning just for the simple fact that she was not Katie Cassidy, 'cause--let's face it--Katie was pretty awesome. And I like having Ruby in the mix. She definitely brings more gray into the black & white.

        And the gotta admit that the writers have done a wonderful job of creating an universe where they can both embrace and rejects stereotypes of all kinds. And what they have done with the seemingly morally ambiguous angels is intriguing. In any other tv show or movies, you are prone to automatically trust angels because they are "good." But in the is relative.

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          Well I can only say that Micha Collins just keeps getting hotter and hotter
          He's so totally my type... damn!!!

          This episode totally rocked! It had a good pace, very good lines and character depth. Like said above, the explanation of how Ruby got this body is tight and acceptable. Sam having sex with her... wrong but explainable and not to forget hot

          But yeah, the revelations of Sam's summer and the emotions that tie with it, it's all making sense.

          I found it a bit weird and really scary that their weapons (Sam's mojo and the knife) had so little effect on Alistair Was this Alistair dude so much stronger then Samhain? Cause that last one Sam was able to defeat. I can understand him not being able to defeat Alistair, but not to do much more then a tickle???

          The guys loosing the knife... after the gun, I guess the writers want to make it as hard for them as possible. Or would that just be to get Sam do work his mojo and turn evil in the end after all???
          I really hope not! The funny thing is that because we all fear it, it's really not to tell weather they will or not. They threw Dean in hell cause we all thought he would be saved. So they can easily do it to Sam, or don't because everyone expects them to


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            I'm really bad at posting thoughts lately - why are there so few hours in the day???!!

            I really didn't like last week's episode. First viewing it was amusing in places, but the more I thought about the concept and execution, the less satisfied I was. This week's offering, on the other hand? Felt like the real Show was back again.

            I loved seeing the boys hustling pool together. I loved that Sam was the one doing the actual hustling, with Dean as his side man ? it is the first time in three and a half seasons that we've either seen or heard of Sam being the one earning their daily bread. Even though he didn't actually close out the game and in fact lost his money, it was clear that before the interruption he was going to clean the guy out. Fabulous!

            I loved that we got to see actual first aid. I did wonder why Sam was stitching himself up rather than popping Dean's shoulder back into place first and then letting him do the stitching, but I can live with it and come up with explanations. I just really loved actually seeing the first aid, rather than just having it implied. I especially loved how matter-of-fact both brothers were about it. There was no whining, no fussing and no stoicism. They just got on with patching themselves up because it needed to be done. Perfick.

            I love that Sam compromised. I can't remember many occasions where Sam has been the one to back down and make the first move. At first, in that very uncomfortable car scene, he was characteristically adamant in his refusal to talk about his summer unless Dean talks about his first. So it felt like a sign of growth and maturity that he later recognised that sometimes you have to give a little even when it is painful to do so. It probably helped that Dean was so non-accusatory, just genuinely wanted to know and understand. And so Sam made his confession without Dean having given up anything first, which felt like something of a first.

            Boy, but that must have been some awkward three-day drive. I'm puzzled, though?was Anna supposed to have been hiding out at that church for three whole days, without having been found? She must be starving! I liked her, what little we got to see of her. I really enjoyed her immense relief when the brothers found her, so delighted that someone believed her and didn't automatically think she is crazy. And I'm intrigued by her psychic powers and hope to learn more next week.

            I was also a little intrigued by Anna's neat little pr?cis of the divide in angelic ranks: some think Dean can help save the world, some don't like Sam at all. That doesn't sound like a united taskforce to me.

            I love that the demon Dean recognised was called Alistair. Hee.

            Judging by the flashbacks, it is now six months since Dean died, which means two months since Dean returned. So, Show is pretty much following Real Time so far this season ? I wonder how hiatus will affect that?

            I really enjoyed the flashbacks of Sam's time alone ? they filled in an awful lot of blanks and explained so very much. They also tied in strongly with a lot of predictions about how the sequence of events might have played out. I was very intrigued by Ruby. When she first got out of hell and jacked the secretary's body, she was very much her old self, abrasive and demanding, goading Sam like old times. But it backfired on her and that's where the change in attitude came in. It was very much a deliberate choice, recognising that if she wanted to get Sam back onside she was going to have to change her tactics. Hence the "socially conscious' body of the unidentified coma girl, a host Sam can't object to.

            I've always believed that Ruby is very clever and manipulative, and that belief was further cemented by this episode ? as a character, she is intriguing, although I would still really love to understand her true ambitions. I think Dean was absolutely spot on when, after hearing the first part of Sam's story, he said she was playing mind games. She manipulated Sam's grief to draw him closer to herself and make him trust her: a very clever, slow long game.

            She plays it very softly softly, expresses sympathy and understanding of his grief, facilitates his self-destruct by seducing him ? there is nothing comforting about that sex scene at all; it is all about hate and rage and self-loathing. And then she strings Sam along further and integrates herself into his life and trust further by always referring back to Dean. Sam even admits in the episode that he started trusting her because she was saying all the things that Dean would have said. That's clever.

            And the very first time Sam exorcised a demon with his mind was to save Ruby.

            It was striking how very quick Sam was to agree to her deliberately tentative suggestion of using his powers. No hesitation at all. He absolutely jumped at the chance, and it couldn't have been more than a few days or maybe a couple of weeks after Dean first died. She'd already offered him the bait, Lilith, and that was all it took to reel him in. But even there she has been very clever, taking it very slowly and therefore maintaining control over Sam and his powers, making sure he remains dependent on her, both emotionally and otherwise.

            Yeah, Ruby's in this for the long haul, and always has been. Dean's return must have been an absolutely enormous spanner in the works for her, but even there she has managed to twist the situation to her advantage, in line with her new tactics. She took a step back, encouraged Sam to do the right thing, remained meek and mild and helpful?and thus completely undermined all Dean's arguments against her. However little he trusts her still, he can't deny that she has been useful and kept Sam alive in his absence. And with Sam so wholeheartedly supportive of her, trusting her so completely, Dean is left in a very awkward position, as we saw with his fumbling apology, which was all about his relief that Sam is still alive and had nothing to do with trusting Ruby.

            And then there was that dramatic cliffhanger ending, with the angels entering the fray, not to help but to complicate the situation even further. I really appreciate the small detail that whenever Castiel enters a scene his eyes immediately search out and lock onto Dean. That's very nicely done.

            How the various parties are likely to react to one another next week? I can't wait to find out!


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              Wow, Sera Gamble once again put the boys (and especially Sam) through the wringer in her script for I Know What You Did Last Summer. The episode is an intense emotional ride and left me hurting badly for Sam, so naturally I loved it. The episode continues the so far exceptionally strong season and I can’t wait for the rest of it to come along!

              It’s a common pattern for Supernatural to build up a conflict for the brothers over the first half of the season and then present a turn in the brother arc around midseason, and the 4.09/4.10 two-parter makes no exception here. Over the first couple of episodes we saw the brothers keeping secrets from each other and trying to readjust to their life together after their life-altering months apart. Finally it seems that they are willing to come clear, allowing the other in emotionally and trying to come to terms with what happened to them, by confiding with their brother. Sam takes the plunge first in I Know What You Did Last Summer and allows Dean (and us) a heartbreaking insight into his frame of mind in the first couple of weeks after his brother’s death.

              Dean: "I’m not trying to pick a fight here. I really want to understand. But I need to know more. I deserve to know more."

              Despite the fact that Sam refuses to open up to Dean in the beginning, rightly pointing out that his brother isn’t willing to share his experiences with him either, it doesn’t take much for Dean to get Sam to talk to him and that shows just how much Sam accepted Dean back in his role as confidant. Sam is bearing his soul and Dean simply listens and accepts Sam’s explanations without reservations. Dean is the last person to be able to pass judgment on bad decision making while grieving and I love their quiet and intense exchange in between the flashbacks, both of them steadily seeking eye contact with the other, Sam for reassurance and Dean to convey understanding.

              I think Dean always knew that his brother loved him, but to hear Sam’s confession that he wasn’t any more able to live without him, than Dean was able to live without Sam, must be overwhelming in its directness. While Dean might have realised at the end of S3 how badly his death will hit Sam, I think he was still convinced that Sam was the stronger person of the two of them and would be able to cope on his own. When Sam admits that Ruby only got through to him because she said all the things Dean would have said, he basically affirms that he was only able to go on living by filling the void Dean left with something, anything that provided a however shallow substitute for his brother and in that sense Ruby actually did save him. The realisation how close he came to coming back from hell, only to find his brother gone, shows in Dean’s quiet acceptance and thoughtful expression.

              On a lighter note, I loved how they broke the serious tone in the brother’s conversation by Dean being grossed out at hearing Sam’s erotic adventures. Too. Much. Information! It’s especially delightful since Dean is usually the one to tease his little brother with details about the 'beautiful natural act' and I adored how Sam got back at him here. Boys!

              Anyway, Sam coming clear is the first step in the right direction for the brothers, allowing them to find a new balance in their relationship, to get past all the lies and deceptions and develop a new trust and understanding with each other. I assume that Dean’s own confession now will follow soon as well, reciprocating his brother’s trust and putting them on even ground.

              Sam: "I don’t want 10 years. I don’t want one year. I don’t want candy. I want to trade places with Dean. Just take me!"

              Before I get to the flashbacks, one word first: Jared! Just wow! He completely owned this episode. His depiction of grieving, self-destructive, suicidal, rock-bottom Sam was powerful, raw and intense, easily his best performance in the show, even topping his possessed!Sam in Born Under A Bad Sign. His weary body language, his unsteady, drunken gait and the raw pain in his expressions and voice, completely sold this broken version of Sam in the immediate aftermath of Dean’s death to me. Kudos to Jared for a superb act.

              The main pull of the episode clearly was the extensive insight into Sam’s time alone for me, encompassing the events of the first 4 weeks after Dean’s death. Sam was every bit as desperate and lost as I imagined him to be, utterly unable to cope with his brother’s loss. Dean was in hell, literally, but Sam was in hell as well. A hell created out of grief, self-loathing and rage. Where Dean’s grief after losing Sam was quiet and inward-looking, Sam’s grief is loud and turning outwards. Both are equally powerful, both equally self-destructive.

              It was to be expected that Sam would try to strike a deal with the crossroads demon first thing. By the way, it’s interesting to know that after Sam killed the last crossroads demon, it was simply replaced, so his rash decision back in Bedtime Stories did indeed accomplish nothing at all. Anyway, drunken, desperate, angry Sam, trying to lay his life down for his brother’s salvation from hell was heart-wrenching to watch. He doesn’t even try to bargain with the demon, if only to be there to see his brother return and make sure he is okay. He just wants to end his misery quickly. He has nothing left to live for.

              As a side note: The demon’s adamant refusal to take a deal was interesting, especially his insistence that the demons are not interested in Sam’s soul and that Dean in hell is exactly what Lilith wants. I wonder if the reason why Lilith so desperately wants Dean in hell is the same reason why the angels want Dean out of it. His potential to prevent the end of the world. It opens the speculation again, what exactly Dean’s role is in the overall scheme of things and if it goes way beyond his connection to Sam.

              In any case, we see Sam at the end of his rope here. In S3 the prospect of losing Dean slowly but surely lead to Sam losing his sense of self, trying to model himself into the type of hardened person he thought he needed to be to survive without Dean, and he only kept it together with his brother's help and the hope to be able to save him. With his brother’s death and the feeling of having failed him, it seems that he lost the last shreds of his identity and self-preservation. Dean has always been Sam’s grounding influence, his humanity if you will, and with losing Dean he had nothing to hold onto and fell completely apart.

              In this context it is interesting to see the difference between Sam in Mystery Spot and Sam in this week’s episode. Sam after Dean’s permanent death in Mystery Spot was scarily focused and shut off from his own emotions, cold and automatic. Sam in I Know What You Did Last Summer on the other hand is an emotional wreck and unable to function. Of course that’s not the Sam we meet in Lazarus Rising. Sam in the season premiere is calm and focused. So, what happened in the 3 months between the flashbacks and the moment Dean returns from hell?

              I think two elements came into play at Sam’s recovery. Firstly, I think it’s fair to say that when he set his mind on hunting down Lilith and take revenge on her, he was able to focus his emotions and find ground again. Secondly, and maybe even more importantly, I think that remembering his promise to Dean to carry on the family business and focusing his energy on saving people, where he couldn’t save his brother, pulled Sam back from the brink as well. I conclude that from the interesting observation that during Sam and Ruby’s early training sessions, Ruby simply kills the possessed victim without hesitation, not caring about the innocent host at all, although it would be perfectly easy to just exorcise him with a ritual. And Sam just stands by without protest, apparently not caring either. That clearly changed later on, maybe not to a small part on account of Sam honouring his promise to Dean to keep on fighting. This point is further emphasized by the fact that Sam doesn't wear Dean's necklace in the flashbacks, but we know that he decided to wear this tangible connection to his brother later on, maybe as a sign that he continued in his brother's spirit.

              Ruby: "Is it because you’re really scared to go there with a demon? Because it’s wrong and bad and we shouldn’t?"

              I have to admit that back in Lazarus Rising, I was repulsed by the thought that Sam and Ruby were intimate with each other, so I was surprised that they not only found a way to make it work for me, without completely assassinating Sam’s character, but also used it as a visualisation of Sam’s need for self-destruction after Dean’s death.

              I am glad that the writers acknowledged the serious issues that would arise out of Sam having sex with a demon who possesses the body of an innocent girl, forcing said girl to helplessly witness the abuse of her body. I am grateful that they went out of their way to get those issues off the table first. Sam’s outright refusal to even tolerate Ruby as long as she inhabited the body of a conscious person, forcing her to leave the body of the secretary and look for an alternative if she wanted Sam to accept her, shows that he at least drew a line at violating an innocent person, despite his overwhelming grief. While the scene in the hospital, with the comatose Jane Doe flatlining and Ruby taking over in the moment of her death, was a tad contrived, it was absolutely necessary to show that scene, in order to rule out any speculation about Ruby simply manipulating Sam into believing her that the body was 'empty'. This turn in Ruby’s story doesn’t make the sex between her and Sam any less painful, but it makes it at least a lot less distasteful than the alternative.

              The scene where Ruby seduces Sam was very intense and raw. Sam’s initial disgusted reaction to Ruby initiating a kiss clearly shows that he knows that everything about having sex with her is wrong, but everything about his life ever since Dean’s death is wrong as well, wrong and numb and cold. Ruby whispering words about warmth and comfort in his ear, teasing him, challenging him, pushes Sam over the edge. When he finally gives in though, the sex isn’t affectionate or life-affirming; it’s Sam hitting rock-bottom, an expression of self-loathing, grief, desperation and rage and I can buy that. I think he hates himself and Ruby in that moment, as there was nothing remotely comforting about the act. The scene was visceral and uncomfortable for me to watch, but I think it was intended to be shocking, intended to show just how much Sam lost himself after Dean’s death.

              Sam: "Ruby came back for me. Whatever you have to say, she saved me. More than that, she got through to me. What she said to me, it’s what you would have said."

              In the end though, it’s not the sex that reconnects Sam with life or makes him trust Ruby. His cold and menacing behaviour towards her when she tries to stop him from going after Lilith, shows that it didn’t deter him from his wish to die or made him care about her. Ruby didn’t save Sam by being Ruby, but by becoming Dean in Sam’s mind. Two times Ruby attempts to get to Sam by trying to manipulate his grief over Dean to her advantage. First she tries the sympathetic route, assuring Sam that she can relate to his loss, because she went through the same once. Sam shuts her down though, doesn’t allow her in, so she turns to sex instead, seeking a physical connection, where Sam doesn't allow an emotional one.

              The second time, she uses Dean’s memory, reminding Sam that Dean died for him to live and wouldn’t want for Sam to self-destruct and that’s what gets through to him in the end. I think in that moment Sam only saw and heard Dean in Ruby’s actions and words and hence allowed her to play substitute. It’s the kicker though that by filling his need for Dean with Ruby, he opened himself up for any kind of manipulation from her side, because, despite all evidence to the contrary, I still believe that Ruby plays a clever game and simply uses Sam for her own goals.

              Ruby: "We can’t bring Dean back, but I can get you something else that you want. Lilith!"

              I agree with Dean’s assessment that Ruby took advantage of Sam’s despair, played mind games with him and used every means at her disposal to push him where she wanted him ever since she made contact with him back in The Magnificent Seven. We are still completely in the dark about her motives for wanting Lilith gone so desperately and it’s clear that she just cares about Sam’s ability to eradicate Lilith. Still, while Ruby suggested in No Rest For The Wicked that she could bring Sam’s powers to full effect roughly within a day, she now suddenly asks for patience and claims that Sam needs to be trained slowly and I wonder about that discrepancy. Sam was more than ready to use his powers as soon as she brought them up, and he would obviously have instantly agreed to flip the switches in his brain at once, if it got him revenge on Lilith. Why not use that and move quickly against Lilith if she wants her dead so badly?

              I guess that either Ruby was lying in No Rest For The Wicked when she claimed she would be able to teach Sam how to defeat Lilith within 30 hours, hoping he would fall for the temptation because of the time pressure and knowing all along that it still wouldn’t save Dean or she is deliberately trying to protract Sam’s development here, for reasons unknown at the moment. In any case, it makes sense that she would need to win Sam’s trust on more than one level, because as soon as Sam is in full control of his powers, he would be independent from her. By only teaching him little steps, she stayed in control of the situation and gave herself enough time to make Sam dependent on her emotionally as well.

              Especially her emotional hold over Sam has been seriously endangered by Dean’s return but she played it intelligently, stepping back, allowing for the brothers to re-bond, avoiding confrontation and hoping her investment paid off and it did. She offered no opening in her behaviour for Dean to build an argument against her and in combination with Sam’s honest conviction of Ruby’s sincerity, Dean is forced to step down and apologize. Although I loved that his awkward apology was all about the realisation of how close he came to losing Sam and not at all about generally trusting Ruby.

              Another very noticeable point in this episode that convinced me that Ruby still plays a double-faced game was the fact that when we first meet Ruby in the body of the secretary, she just displays her old snarky and sassy self that we got to know in S3. Only when Sam kicks her out, she realises that she needs to approach him differently, if she wants to get through to him and when she returns in a 'socially conscious' body, she changed her act to empathic instead of snippy. In any case, I find the way she deals with the brothers this season clever and intriguing and would find it extremely disappointing if she would actually turn out to be what she claims to be, a good demon. It would really be a waste of a potentially complex and layered character. I take a clever, scheming and manipulating demon over a simple do-gooder any day.

              Dean: "You talk to angels?"
              Anna: "Oh, no, no way. They probably don’t even know I exist. I just kind of overhear them."

              The introduction of Anna was another intriguing twist in the story this week and I am very curious to find out what exactly her deal is. She clearly has psychic powers, but for obvious reasons she can’t be one of Azazael’s special kids. She is able to see the true face of demons, an ability only ascribed to people who made a deal and pierce the veil between hell and reality so far. She hears the true voices of angels, which is something that only few chosen humans are able to do, as Castiel admitted to Dean. The sudden emergence of her abilities, connected to the day Dean was resurrected, poses one hell of a mystery at the moment.

              I loved her first encounter with Dean and Sam and her awe at meeting 'The Dean', which Dean totally can’t let slide without a remark. I loved Dean’s gentle behaviour towards her and that she was quickly able to shake off the reverence and naturally react to his light jokes. I really liked the actress too, her somewhat ethereal appearance and the at times aloof bearing, matched her character well.

              It was interesting that Anna mentioned that some angels think Dean will be able to save them and some of them don’t like Sam at all. That further shows a worrying division at the angel front, something that was already demonstrated by the arguments between Castiel and Uriel in It’s The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester. A trend that could easily turn out to be the stumbling block for the angels in the long run, when it comes to the war with the demons, especially if Dean would be chosen to take a leading position. Also, if only some angels perceive Sam as a threat to their plans, it seems that the overall verdict on Sam’s position is still open and by far less certain than Castiel made it sound in In The Beginning.

              Another interesting addition was the demon Alistair. Sam’s inability to even affect him in the slightest with his powers was interesting, especially since we saw him take out the powerful and ancient demon Samhain, albeit with some difficulties. Even the knife didn’t really affect him, leaving the boys outmatched and outgunned, again. Alistair’s white eyes seem to indicate that he is at least at one level with Lilith and that makes me wonder why Lilith is still so afraid of Sam and falls back on trying to set poor traps for Sam instead of confronting him directly, if she is so interested in him. I guess I’ll have to wait for further information on that.

              Anyway, Dean’s reluctant acceptance of Sam using his powers against Alistair further strengthens my impression that slowly but surly he seems to come to terms with Sam’s abilities and is willing to trust his brother for the moment. Dean recognising Alistair from hell and Alistair’s smug attitude towards Dean, seems to lend more troubling evidence to my theory that Dean might have faced more than torture in hell. I am really nervous by now and hope that the writers didn’t put a burden on Dean that’s hard to accept for him (and the audience).

              What else was noteworthy:

              I totally loved that they packed a good deal of fan-service into this episode: I can’t count the amount of fanfics in which the boys patch each other up after a fight or hustle pool in some bar and I have to admit that for two and a half seasons, I really wanted to see this play out in canon. Now I got both and all in one episode, so I was one happy camper today.

              I always figured we would get to see Dean as the one to hustle pool, so I was pleasantly surprised that they went against viewer expectations here and played it with Sam as the active part. Their interaction in this scene was delightful, with Sam as the over-confident drunk and Dean as the concerned brother, together stringing their victim along, silently communicating via looks. It’s nice to see that both boys were trained equally well to pull the scam off and that we see Sam actively involved in securing their income. It also served as a nice contrast to Sam’s disapproving stance back in Bugs, where he scolded Dean for hustling pool and suggested to get day jobs. That Sam is long gone and I love how they manage to emphasise just how much Sam has changed in every little aspect.

              Sam stitching himself up by himself, because his brother was incapacitated with a dislocated shoulder, again evoked memories of Mystery Spot, a parallel that made especially sense in the context of the flashbacks in this episode. Sam popping Dean’s shoulder with the old 'on three' distraction was great and I loved that both of them didn’t downplay the injuries in front of each other but were completely practical about it.

              Oh and last but not least, the award for the most memorable cameo goes to Michelle Hewitt-Williams (and yes, I looked her name up) as maid!Ruby. She just took this small part and rocked it. She was hilarious. I nearly wished they would have kept her. Dean’s dumbfounded expression when she left the room was just priceless as well!

              In conclusion: I Know What You Did Last Summer was an emotional roller coaster, heartbreaking and painful, yet exciting and powerful. It nearly made me forget last week’s dissatisfactory slip and pulled me right back into the story. I strongly assume that the continuation of this two-parter will focus on Dean and what he did over the summer and on the one hand, I can’t hardly wait to see how it plays out, on the other hand though, I am very anxious about what the writers have in store for Dean. To be continued …
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                I was really glad to see them getting back to the main story arc.
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