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The perfect music? (Spoilers...sort of)

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  • The perfect music? (Spoilers...sort of)

    As the end of season 3 came upon us I found myself not only excited to see the finale episode itself (obviously) but hugely looking forward to seeing which track they put with the "Road So Far" teaser.

    In Season 2 "Carry On My Wayward Son" was IMO absolutely perfect - couldn't be bettered - and so I was a tad disppointed that they repeated it this year, as to me, it didn't have the same resonance with Dean this season as it did in S2. I was listening to "Knights of Cydonia" by Muse this morning, and it occurred to me that that would have been much more fitting and a real shame that it wasn't used instead.

    So if you were in charge of the music for Supernatural, and there were no budget constraints, what tracks would you choose to accompany the "Road So Far" teaser, or any other moment in the show. What are your perfect tracks for the show and how do they relate to what's going on in the episode or arc?

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    oh shit....I was just thinking this the other day, and I have the PERFECT SONG:

    Nobody's Fault But Mine by Led...wait for it...Zepplin.

    The lyrics are fairly simple:

    Nobody's fault but mine
    Trying to save my soul tonight
    It's nobody's fault but mine

    Devil he told me to roll
    How to roll the log tonight
    Nobody's fault but mine

    Brother he showed me the gong?
    Brother he showed me the ding dong ding dong
    How to roll, the log tonight
    Oh, it's nobody's fault but mine

    Got a monkey on my back.
    Gonna change my ways tonight
    Nobody's fault but mine

    I will get down rollin' tonight
    Nobody's fault

    But the classic kick-ass rock combined with these lyrics would just rule, and I would totally have a squee moment if this song were used in the road so far teaser...showing how it's nobody's fault but Dean's that he's in hell because he made the deal to save Sammy....could it be any more perfect?
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