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If Supernatural/Buffy was a crossover

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  • If Supernatural/Buffy was a crossover

    I was just thinking about this as I remebered some fanfiction that had Buffy/Supernatural crossovers (Which might be a little hard to explain if they were in the same reality, or aleast explain how Tara/Lenore, Darla/Julie? Harmony/Mercedes's character in SN and Fred/Amy's character in SN are in the same reality).

    So let's say this is set in season 6 of Buffy and season 3 of Supernatural (Either before or after the witch episode).

    My question is would Dean and Sam get along with them? Buffy yes, but Anya who was an vengence demon, Spike with a chip and Willow/Tara the witches, now remeber Dean hates witches (Guessing Sam hates them too but Dean hates them more I think), what would Dean's reaction to Willow/Tara? If he knew they were witches he probably would havce assumed there evil until Buffy convinces them (Or Tara kidnaps Sam and proves to him that they aren't evil, yes Lenore refernce lol).

    Althought it wouldn't make sense unless Dean/Sam were thrown into the Buffy dimension (Otherwise Bloodlust, Fresh Blood, Dead Boy walking? and Faith would have never happened, althought the other three are in the Angelverse currently).

    So what do you think Dean/Sam would do if they met the group.

    OR!, another thought came into my mind, what would they do if they met Doyle/Lorne? Angel/Spike would be easier for them to believe then Doyle/Lorne (Since they are both demons, especiall Lorne).

    So they meet Buffy/Angel/Willow/Tara/Xander/Spike/Dawn/Anya/Fred/Gunn/Giles/Wesley/Fred/Lorne (Doyle would be out of the picture before the majority of these characters appeared)

    So what would the Winchesters do?

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