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Jensen and Jared scammed by "soldier"!

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  • Jensen and Jared scammed by "soldier"!

    Just read this on LJ and IMDB, the soldier who presented the boys with letters and coins from the US military, was a fraud!

    Originally posted by IMDB.COM
    I don't know if this has already been posted over here, but on the Jensen Ackles board, jjagirl posted an expose of the most outrageous trick played on Jared and Jensen.

    You may remember some time back that the boys were presented with letters and coins from the US military. It was a huge honour and both of the guys were emotionally choked.

    Seems it was a fake.

    I know.

    I can't believe it either.

    The, I hesitate to call him this, man who did the presentation is a serial scammer. The whole story is here...

    IF this is true, then this guy has insulted not just Jensen and Jared, but the men and women of the US military and its coalition comrades (such as the men and women of the British forces). I come from a military family. Yes I'm angry for what this idiot did to Jensen and Jared, but I'm even angrier about the belittlement and disregard he has shown towards those who have given their lives or been injured in the line of duty.

    This is how angry I am. Only for REAL.

    The good men and women of are calling for Jensen and Jared to be presented with the REAL coins and letters and one has already said he is having a 'quiet chat' with an ex-fed friend to see if this swine can be brought to book for his actions - not just in this case, but in apparently countless other instances. I just thought you guys should hear about this.
    (I appologise to the mods for the link in the quote, but even if it's to a forum, it needs to be read as it is completely about this case and about how the soldiers are working to remedy what has happened)
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    Wow, I can't believe the amoutn of jerks in this world, and and still can't believe some ass decided to scam celebritirees (I guess they aren't protected from that kind of stuff either), I know someone else who was scammed in rl (Not like this but in a different way). It's pathetic and sad, I hope the person who did it gets what he deserves.

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