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Theories and speculations on Season 3 (SPOILERS!)

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  • Theories and speculations on Season 3 (SPOILERS!)

    I wasn't joking about spoilers. If you don't want to know anything about the big reveals in the first 6 episodes, DO NOT LOOK ANY FURTHER!!

    Trying for one moment to put out of my head the possibility of not having a full season, I thought I'd canvass some ideas about what you think could happen later in the season.

    There have been several interesting points raised in the episodes aired so far:-

    1. Ruby.
    She has been revealed to be a demon and wants to help Sam get Dean out of the deal. What is in it for her? Who is she really? She seems well-known for meddling (see next point), how does she know everything? Is she connected to the YED? What is the knife all about?

    2. The Crossroads demon.
    She doesn't hold the contract for Dean's deal, but her boss does. Killing her doesn't break the contract. Who is the boss? Was she reading Sam right about his feelings on Dean's death? How did she know Ruby? If you summoned her after she was dead, would the boss turn up?

    3. Bela.
    She has some dark secret in her past to do with a family member's death. She is willing to do virtually anything for money. What did Bela do that caused the death of a family member? How does she know about all the supernatural stuff, in the first place? Could this family member be anything to do with the hunting community?

    4. The Yellow Eyed Demon/Azaezal.
    He expected Sam to be the leader of the demon war. Why have the name revealed now? What was his ultimate plan for Sam? Has he made contingency plans in the event of his death?

    5. Mary Winchester.
    All her friends and relatives were killed. She knew YED when he stood over Sam's crib. Why were everyone she knew erased? How did the boys not get to hear of this? What is her connection to YED and therefore consequently the death of John?

    6. Dean's deal.
    The brothers are arguing about it - a lot. How will it bring them together/tear them apart? Will it take both of them to bring an end to the deal, or will Sam do it by himself?

    7. Sam's state of evilness.
    Sam has been shown to be much colder towards the bodies of the people demons possessed. He has a "shoot first, ask questions later" attitude at the moment. Did he "come back wrong", or is the prospect of Dean dying pushing over the edge? How far will he go to get Dean out of the deal? Could he turn darkside, if the right factors come into play?

    Wow, there's a lot of possibilities there! So what's your theories?

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    About the boss of the crossroads demon...

    I've read someone thinking it might be Sam, but that makes absolutely no sense to me. If Sam has a split demon personality or something... maybe, but it doesn't look like that.
    I think it could be Lucifer... Since he was mentioned in Sin City. Although... no one has seen him, and he's like their 'God'... a believe.
    Hmm... Still I think it's someone big, like Azeazel was.

    I bet people will find this out soon, like after IMTOD there were already many theories about the YED being Azeazel, cause of the sign John made for calling him. (or something like that)