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    I'm starting this thread for anyone who was at the recent convention in the UK for Smallville and Supernatural, the guests were:

    Jensen Ackles ~ Dean Winchester/Jason Teague
    Allison Mack ~ Chloe Sullivan
    Justin Hartley ~ Oliver Queen (Green Arrow)
    Alona Tal ~ Jo Harvelle
    Nicki Aycox ~ Meg Masters (Demon!Meg)
    Alan Ritchson ~ Arthur Curry (Aquaman)
    Brooke Nevin ~ Guest Star in "Thirst" SV and "Asylum" SPN

    I figured that anyone with photos, and/or stories may want to post in here. I have a whole bunch of tales to tell but will be back later to do so.

    There's a piccie of Jensen and I uploaded as my current avatar over <--- there; but for the rest of my photos from Asylum check out my site:

    Also... this is a really bad piccie of me as for some reason I'm looking away, but here's a photo of two board members rockin' the joint in coventry, Liz and I:

    For now I am leaving an advert:
    Asylum 2008 will be May 9th-11th next year and is set to be just as awesome an event as this one was. So if you want to go start saving up and get ready for tickets to go on sale! I have already booked my ticket at the last event and can't wait for next year's already!

    This information has been placed on the Asylum 2008 website since I originally posted this on BWF:

    Thank you to everyone who attended Asylum 2007, we are now planning our 2008 show at a new and bigger venue.

    We have taken on board all the comments regarding the organization, layout and various other niggles that happened on the weekend and will ensure that it does not happen again!

    We are starting talks with our guests and hope to be able to announce one or two guests very soon. As soon as that and the venue is confirmed ticket sales will go online and a new telephone number will also be made available.
    So, honestly, save up your money and keep watching here for any info on Asylum 2008 as I get it! :P

    Anyway I'm off for now but will be back later!
    Art by Sayjay at Radiance