I am moving a bunch of my posts over here, so that hopefully we can start getting some conversations going on these forums. So I know a bunch of you guys already commented on this post on BWF, but here it is again, my original post:

Hey guys as some of you may know I am currently at a Veronica Mars event in London; and found out yesterday that Michael Muhney has been in talks with Robert Singer to appear on Supernatural.

During the guest talk we were discussing his death scenes and how he has had two where he died by getting hit on the back of the head by a baseball bat; afterwhich he stated: 'I guess I've got a third one coming, who knows maybe that's how I'll die in Supernatural.'

Michael was of course met by a load of confused faces, at what point he sort of sifted and said. 'Oh, yeah, I might be doing season three.' He continued to explain that he had worked with Bob Singer before and loved his work, and that they had been in talks prior to finding out that SN had been picked up for a third season that Michael may come in and appear in season three of the show.

I asked him later about it and he said he would absolutely love to do it, and hopes that the writer's do get him involved.

So, here's my question to you guys, how would you like to see Michael Muhney brought into Supernatural? As a recurring guest, or a one off guest star? As a bad guy, a hunter, or someone in need of help?

Anyway, I just thought I'd share this little info with you and see what your thoughts were. I loved Michael in VM and if he does get the opportunity to do Supernatural then I'd be ecstatic... but obviously that's for the writers' to decide now, :P