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    Thank goodness I had presence of mind to save my post elsewhere this time. No smiles were saved though. Without further commentary...

    I think I want to cry myself into a beautiful oblivion after the ending. I had no idea it would end up like that. Obviously Madison was a werewolf, and I was quite surprised how we were barely halfway through the episode when they figured it out and then continued to save her so quickly. Damn my horoscope for today was right on about my immersing myself in other people's tragic stories. So here goes my review...

    "I'll just be a bad memory." - Sam

    When Sam said this line early in the episode, I was struck by the simple clarity of how even though their lives are filled with this darkness, each person they interact with has the chance to return to their normal lives. Perhaps even question whether the experience ever even happened. Or maybe forever remember how their life almost changed if the Winchester's had not come. I half knew it would be a lie, of course the girl was a werewolf, but still the "what if" intrigued me. Little did I know how this theme would resonate through the episode and be perfectly captured by the final scene and song. More later...

    Obviously the afterglow makes me want to say this is my favorite SN ep. Probably not, but wow, I have to say it is easily a top one and is quite tightly written. I adored how it started out with Sam and Dean in full hunter form. They finally seem to have moved away from Dad's death and Sam's impending evil turn. Sure Tall Tales and Roadkill were similar, but they were each told in non chronological and embellished or outside storytelling. This was the first MOTW that truly felt they had moved on with life.

    I adored Dean in all his cocky giddyness. From his case of silver bullets, to his assuredness in how to handle the case, to the intrigue of werewolves living double lives. I like Dean more off to the side getting all the fun one-liners, over the top expressions, and generally badassedness. Awww Dean finally made it to a city that probably had hot enough chicks to make going to a strip club worthwhile. In his defense, he was still hot on his mark's trail and had to blend in or he'd look suspicious. But seriously, I find the show is best told with Sam as the main focus as long. As long as Dean is getting some face time, the story does not need to revolve around him. A tasty little bit of Dean can go a long way.

    LOL, I loved that rock paper scissors was the usual method of solving things. I wouldn't have expected anything less (though I was fearful that thumbwar might have reared its ugly head, perhaps another day ). And the game was so awesome! Dean was so animated and Sam totally had his brother figured out. It is interesting that Dean always picked scissors rather than the blunt force of a rock. Maybe we're just supposed to laugh at the irony of it. Either way it was adorable Dean always picked the same thing. I used to do that too, and it always worked. Ahhh, being the eldest.

    I was so glad that the plot moved quickly with them determining she was the werewolf and that maybe there was a way to save her by killing the wolf that bit her. Nice thought, but I'd say they probably needed to go back a wee bit further on the bloodline than her next door neighbor for that to work.

    Dean demanding credit from the hooker was hilarious, but the show couldn't let us linger on that lightheartedness. A human was dead. I think my heart died a little watching Dean after killing Glenn. Both Dean and Sam had been so excited about the hunting of a werewolf. They had forgotten about the human aspect of the creature. That the human was just a poor oblivious victim not an evil creature most of the time. Glenn's death spooked me about how I can get caught up in the thrills of hunting. Seeing Dean mirror my reaction really got to me. I was glad they even gave him the scene following to remark to Sam about how Glenn's unawareness got to him.

    I love that two times in a row, the show has made a big deal about sunrise. Not that it hasn't always been a reoccuring theme found in most episodes, but it has been very subtle and in the background rather than a deadline and factor in the story. Obviously, it's a horror movie theme to just make it to sunrise. However, the idea of sunrise wiping away the bad dreams and nightmares echoes perfectly with the final song on rewatch.

    I thought it a nice touch they had to make it to sunrise rather than moonrise to see if she would turn. Not much of a surprise she made it, they had promised hot Sammy action this episode. Hot it was, though in a different more tender way than I had envisioned. I was once again impressed with how tasteful the sex scene was shot. Sexy but mostly closeups of kissing or innocent places like backs. I was terrified that Madison was going to turn right there or even worse that Sam might turn (Perhaps she bit him and we missed it or hey any bodily fluid swapping might have done it, I am no werewolf expert. In addition, Dean's previous advice in Shadow about biting was also bouncing around my head. ). With all that, Madison seemed doomed so it was a sweet surprised that it ended peaceful for a minute.

    And then it was all ripped away.

    I wanted to cry seeing Sam run to his big brother and beating on the door for his help. Sam seemed so young and lost in that split second scene.

    At this point all the jovialness of the opening scene about encountering werewolves was gone. Dean had been so excited that they knew exactly how to handle this hunt because they knew how to kill one when they really should have been considering how to save one. I am glad that being werewolf wasn't curable. I've always been creeped out by werewolves because it is usually so easy to become one and there is nothing you can do to save yourself as you slowly become more and more wolf and lose your humanity. I always loved the golden tint of werewolves as portrayed by Oz on BTVS but it's not how I've ever imagined them elsewhere. Maybe it would have been possible for her to control it or live with it, but the choice was hers in the end.

    Maybe it would have been easier if Sam hadn't gotten emotionally involved. But even though she had to die, at least Sam gave her one last day of happiness. And isn't that what we all want before we go, one last day to tie up affairs or to live to the fullest? I absolutely believe that Sam's involvement with her is what made her so peaceful and accepting to her fate. And hopefully somewhere within Sam can realize that he made her end just a little bit easier and better transition to whatever's next. As compared to him hunting her down and killing her as the werewolf. (And heaven forbid, her spirit not moving on and lingering around as a ghost.) So at least she got to go out on her own terms without having another innocent person's blood on her.

    With Madison's fate in their hands, all the reoccuring themes of Sam's possible fate got shoved to the forefront, but in truth this was something entirely different. Sam was the one refusing to accept death as salvation while Dean was the one seeing it as the only option.

    Of course, with Sam, hope is the whole point. He has been living with hope otherwise he might have turned the trigger on himself earlier. For him to take that gun meant that all hope was gone. I'm not sure if he really knew what he was asking of Dean before.

    I had laughed both times how Dean asked for credit for saving the girls earlier, unfortunately the final save had to be done by Sam.

    And as powerful as the whole scene was, SN made it real and unbelievably powerful by choosing to use Silent Lucidity by Queensryche here. This would be one of my top five favorite songs. It often makes me cry or lose endless hours laying awake at night, that's just from the music. Actually seeing the lyrics strike meaning had me literally sobbing. Sam and Dean were crying buckets and I had them both beat. I usually only get misty or even shed a few tears at the really emotional SN scenes, but this topped them all. JA and JP were absolutely amazing making this scene so human. ob:

    But the slipping in and out of reality and the seeming waking up from a nightmare of losing your love so perfectly encapsulated this moment. I was utterly impressed that SN chose this song as they have been so heavy on the 70's rock and utterly shutting out 80's rock (and this was actually released in 91). I haven't been this impressed by an episode song since Road to Nowhere in Something Wicked.

    But I have to come back around to Sam's statement, "I'll just be a bad memory," and now see it as this is his bad memory of where it all changed. And instead of just wishing to slip into the innocence of not knowing in Something Wicked, Sam took an irretrievable step into something where innocence doesn't exist and hope doesn't shine so bright. Sam has always relied on his brother and this is one thing he couldn't run to Dean to save him from.

    Guess we're not going to Disneyland?

    Lydia made the punch!